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♪ Gonna tell you da story
Of a reggae shark. There are hundreds of sharks livin' under da sea.
Great whites, hammerheads, and white tip reefs.
But the one shark Discovery always leave out
is the dreadlock Rasta fish I'm talkin' about.
Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark is real.
Reggae Shark! Him got a band with the seals.
Reggae Shark! He don't want to harm ya.
Reggae Shark! He just want your ganja.
Reggae Shark! After dark Reggae Shark come cruisin'.
Some say Reggae Shark's part human.
Him was cursed by an evil Jelly Witch.
Didn't have no reason, she was just a bitch.
Some kids were boatin' and smokin' a spliff.
Reggae Shark swam over to ask for a hit.
The kids start screamin' and one of them drowned.
Now the sheriff and his posse gonna hunt him down.
Reggae Shark got no political agenda.
Reggae Shark! He just wants redemption.
Reggae Shark! And he also wants ganja.
But ya can't light a spliff when you live underwater.
One day a drug boat had to drop its load.
Reggae Shark come along and him eat it whole.
Now he's starving like Marvin, got the munchies.
Then him see the evil sheriff and all his flunkies.
He put his fins in the air and said, "It wasn't me fault!"
But the sheriff said fire and the rifles shot.
But it was just a shark decoy tied to a raft
'cause the Reggae Shark's a master of of da arts and crafts.
Reggae Shark!He jumped on the boat.
And the sheriff fell down his throat.
The townspeople cheered and said, "You brought us peace.
You took a bite of corruption in the town police."
They threw him a huge ticker tape parade
'cause they know that he balances the food chain.
They gave him the key to Kingstontown
You should see the tourism he brings in now.
You've redeemed yourself said the Jelly Witch.
Me can reverse that curse and grant your wish.
Him looked at the witch and he say, "Nay."
'Cause I'm a Reggae Shark and that's the way I'll stay!
Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark!
Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark! Reggae Shark!
They Key of Awesome. ♪
Hey, thanks for watching The Key of Awesome. If you want to see all the other Key of Awesomes,
click in the link in the description. And I want to thank the Reggae Shark for being in this video.
- Thanks for sharing your story.
- And I want to thank The Key of Awesome for having us.

So is there like a channel where they can hear some more of your songs?
Nah, nah, me don't have no channel. There ain't no Internet connection underwater.
But you can buy this here song on iTunes. Other than that if you want to hear my music,
just go down to Jamaica, get in the water, and follow the sound.
You'll hear me giving a free concert for the people—the sea people.


鯊魚 (Reggae Shark)

1017 分類 收藏
吳秀君 發佈於 2017 年 8 月 10 日
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