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- [Dentist] A loose tooth!
I'm so excited.
Are you gonna get it pulled out?
- Awesome!
(jubilant music)
(relaxed music)
- [Jeremy] Are we going
to the dentist today?

- [Isaac] Mm-hmm.
- [Caleb] I've got a mustache.
- [Jeremy] Is that from
brushing your teeth?

(shrieks) You got my foot!
- It unplugged.
- [Jeremy] Did it unplug?
- It unplugged all by itself.
(piano music)
- [Jeremy] So you have
a recital coming up?

- Yup.
- [Jeremy] So we're trying to pick
which one to put in the recital.
- You guys pick.
- [Jeremy] Oh, okay.
So there's that one,
the Minuet in G, right?

- Yup, and Fiesta Espana.
- [Jeremy] Okay.
(piano music)
- [Kendra] Fifth.
- F-I-F-T-H.
- [Kendra] All right, how about frame.
- Frame, F-R-A-M-E, frame.
- [Caleb] Feelin.
- [Isaac] What?
- Feelin.
- Which word do you see?
- Fallen.
- F-A-L-L-E-N, fallen.
- [Kendra] How about folly?
- [Jeremy] You're getting
ready for the spelling bee?

- Yup.
- I'm already ready.
(Jeremy chuckles)
We're headed to the dentist.
- [Jeremy] How are you feeling
about going to the dentist this morning?
- Kinda scared because
I have a loose tooth,

and I kinda feel scared
about him pulling it.

But I think it will be okay.
- I don't have a big loose tooth though.
They're not gonna pull off my loose tooth.
- [Kendra] They're not
gonna pull out your teeth?

- Not all of them.
- [Kendra] And what are you
gonna get at the dentist?

- New toothpaste and a new toothbrush.
- [Kendra] How ar you feeling?
- Awesome!
- [Kendra] Whoa.
Why are you feeling so awesome?
- Because I get my own golden coin,
and I get my own flosser,
and I get a prize,

and I get to watch a show the whole time
even if I have a cavity,
and I even get a beard.

- [Kendra] You get a beard?
- If I want to.
- [Kendra] If you want to?
So do you think you have any cavities?
- For sure not!
I brushed so hard this morning
that I got a beard now with toothpaste.
- [Kendra] Awesome, so
no cavities for you.

- Awesome!
- [Kendra] All right, Mr. Isaac,
how are you feeling this morning?
- Feeling a little bit scared
because I had a small cavity

last time so they needed
to do their shot and drill

on holes, so I'm kind of scared
if it became a big cavity.

- [Kendra] Yeah, do you
have a tooth that's hurting?

Or are they all feeling okay?
- Some of them hurt sometimes,
but I'm expecting either
only one cavity or nothing.

- [Elise] Janae, are you
excited to go to the dentist?

I'm kind of, but I've realized
that I don't get my teeth
brushed, but it'll be fun.

- Well, every six months,
we take all the kids to
the dentist for a checkup.

And it's that time again,
so we're headed in.

Hopefully, there's no cavities
and everything goes smoothly.

(relaxed music)
- [Laura] Mom, what does this say?
- Look, everyone, look what I have.
I have a loose tooth.
- [Woman] We're gonna go out back
and get a new toothbrush, okay?
- Very big choices.
Good choice, Laura.
- [Woman] And bite down.
Good job.
- [Jeremy] So what's an X-ray?
- It's when someone takes
a picture of your teeth.

- [Kendra] Ready for your X-rays?
- Mm-hmm.
- And bite all the way down.
All right, and open.
It's bubblegum, watermelon,
cookie dough, birthday cake,

mint, soda, chocolate, grape,
and I think I got a strawberry.
- Strawberry, that's the one that I know.
I really do.
- [Jeremy] Laura, which
flavor did you get?

- Strawberry pink.
- [Jeremy] The pink kind?
(relaxed music)
- [Woman] All right, and close your lips.
And open so big.
Good job.
- [Jeremy] Isn't that suction thing cool?
- I hope I don't have any cavities.
I'd like
cookie dough.
- [Woman] Cookie dough, okay.
- I've never tried it before.
- Cookie dough.
- [Woman] Cookie dough, all right.
- Hey, that's what Caleb just chose.
Poll question, which
flavor would you choose?

- Dad, are you gonna do it too?
- [Jeremy] My dentist appointment
is in a couple of days.

- Before we know it, this little girl
will be in one of these chairs.
But right now, she doesn't have any teeth.
- [Jeremy] No having fun, Caleb.
- [Woman] Okay, let's rinse that out.
Open really big.
Oh, good job.
Okay, close together,
and open big.
Good job!
(Jeremy laughs)
- [Jeremy] You watching a show?
- [Dentist] A loose tooth!
I'm so excited.
Are you gonna get it pulled out?
- I'm kinda scared.
- [Dentist] Oh, you are?
How come?
- It kinda hurts.
- [Dentist] Well, yeah.
You know what, maybe you should eat
some bananas or an apple.
- This one.
- [Dentist] Okay.
Oh, yeah, I could see it.
- [Jeremy] So did she have any cavities?
- [Dentist] No cavities, woo-hoo!
- [Jeremy] Nailed it!
- [Dentist] Good job!
Are you two?
- Three.
- [Dentist] Three?
I'm not three.
How old do you think I am?
- I don't know.
- [Dentist] A million, billion years old?
Laura, how come you
don't want a loose tooth?

- I don't want any doctor to pull it out.
- [Jeremy] Laura, no cavities.
- Oh.
- [Jeremy] You did good.
- [Dentist] Okay, I need a fist pump.
Good job.
Isaac has no cavities.
We're on a roll.
- [Jeremy] Good job, buddy.
- [Dentist] Pretty awesome for five.
Love it!
- [Jeremy] No cavities, Cub.
- [Dentist] That's awesome, buddy.
- Mom, I got a big ring!
- You got a ring?
Oh, it's so exciting!
- [Jeremy] Bouncy ball.
(Jeremy laughs)
Good job.
- (chuckles) I feel like I'm moving.
- [Jeremy] You are.
- Laura almost hit the alarm button.
Isaac saved us.
- [Jeremy] Super Caleb!
- So we were just at a stoplight,
in the turning lane,
and the cars next to us

turned into the wrong lane of traffic.
They were driving on the
opposite side of the street.

That was scary.
- There was a median.

There's a median in the middle.
So you have to be on the far right side,
and they were going right
into oncoming traffic.

- That was really scary.
Luckily, there was no
traffic coming onto them.

And so by the time they realized it,
they were able to swerve
over, but it's scary.

Be careful when you're driving.
♫ Da, da, da
♫ Da, da, da, da, da
- [Jeremy] Are you dancing with her?
♫ Da, da, da, da, da, da
♫ Da, da, da
♫ Da, da, da, da, da
She seems pretty excited about it.
- [Caleb] She knows karate.
- We are having record highs
today, so we're getting one

of our kids' favorite thing to
play with when it's hot, ice.

(upbeat music)
- Janae and I are taking a quick nap.
- My tummy needs my toothbrush.
- [Jeremy] Your tummy told you
you need to brush your teeth?

Yeah, my tummy tells
me that sometimes too.

What's your new toothbrush like?
- [Laura] It's a new kind of toothbrush.
- [Jeremy] Is everyone
wanting to brush their teeth

with their new toothbrush?
- Hey, we got the same kind.
They have a lot of princesses on it.
- So it's the middle of the day,
and we're brushing out teeth.
- [Jeremy] Oh, yeah.
- This is good.
This is great.
- A new toothbrush and a spicy toothpaste.
- [Jeremy] Spicy toothpaste?
(upbeat music)
(Jeremy laughs)
- [Elise] Get me!
(Elise shrieks)
- Ah, no, no!
You got me!
Hey! (laughs)
So while I'm videoing them,
Laura just keeps coming
over and shooting me.

My shorts are completely wet.
- [Isaac] You do not
(mumbles) your brother!

(upbeat rock music)
- [Kendra] Whoa, what did you guys do?
Did you pour all the water
on this little table?

- [Laura] Yup, and we--
- [Kendra] Awesome.
You guys are wet.
- [Jeremy] You're all wet?
- I'm trying to get dried off.
I was splashing in the water.
- [Jeremy] You ready for dinner, bud?
- I've got muscles!
- [Jeremy] So you're gonna put pants on
or shorts or anything?
- Nope.
- [Jeremy] Just that for dinner?
Okay, we'll see what mom thinks.
(Kendra gasps)
(girls laugh)

- [Kendra] Hi.
Hi, Janae.
She keeps giving me the biggest
grins without the camera on.

And then I turn on the
camera and this is her face.

- [Jeremy] How was dessert?
- Good.
- [Jeremy] Yup.
Did you have a cupcake?
Did you eat any of it?
- [Caleb] Put on lipstick.
- [Jeremy] You putting on some lipstick?
- I don't say a single word.
- [Jeremy] She's not gonna tell us, mom.
We're never gonna know
what color her frosting.

- Purple!
(Jeremy laughs)
- [Jeremy] Did you toot
when you said purple?

Let's go clean up.
- So we've started a
new family read aloud.

We are reading Babe, the Gallant Pig,
and then we're gonna watch the movie.
I've never read the book before.
- We're on chapter five.
- [Jeremy] Do you like the book so far?
- Uh-huh, it's "Keep yelling, young 'un."
- That's the name of the chapter.
Anyway, we're trying to get these kids
calmed down so they can go to sleep.
Good nigh, J House out.
(upbeat music)
- [Laura] Go, mom, run, run, run!
- We're harvesting bunnies
while we're trying to find food to eat.
- [Jeremy] Whoo!
- [Kendra] Uh-oh, she's not dressed.
(kids laugh)
- You're vlogging, mama bear.


五個小孩看牙醫 (5 Kids at the DENTIST)

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