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  • You can't find the answers by declaring a society democratic.

    光靠宣稱一個社會是民主的 這無法找到答案

  • You can only find the answers by research and development.


  • You can't find the answers


  • by putting people of high moral character in government.


  • You can only find the answers by innovation


  • by studying the systems and the problems and working on methods

    通過探究系統和問題 並致力於找到

  • of alleviating those problems, not through law.

    減輕這些問題的辦法 而不是通過法律

  • Law is when you don't have a method of solving a problem.

    當你無能解決問題時 你才只會用法律

  • If people steal or hurt one another


  • you say "It's against the law to hurt somebody."


  • If a person doesn't have the means to live by


  • he's going to hurt somebody to get the money or whatever they need.

    他就會去傷害他人 來得到金錢或他想要的東西

  • That isn't dealing with the problem. 'Law' is really avoiding problems;

    這樣並不能處理好問題 "法律"確實只是在迴避問題

  • it's just nailing a proclamation on the wall


  • saying "You! Don't do this."

    寫著:"你! 不可以這樣做"

  • It doesn't work in the long run.


  • You might cause people to consider an action before they take it


  • but all laws come into existence because of scarcity.

    但所有的法律存在 都是因為匱乏

  • It's always difficult to imagine that.


  • When there's scarcity of water, people will steal it, remove it

    當水很匱乏時 人們會偷竊水 拿走它

  • if not for themselves, for their children.

    若不是為了他們自己 就是為了孩子

  • [You can have] all laws in the world


  • but if you don't want people to steal water, you build an electric fence

    但如果你不想人們偷水 你乾脆在水的周圍建一道

  • around the water.


  • You don't need to put up a sign 'Don't Steal Water!'


  • but those people will die, so we don't want to do that.

    但那些人會因此渴死 所以我們不想這樣

  • We don't want to build a fence around our country and say

    我們不想在國家周圍建起這樣的柵欄 並寫上:

  • "This is the greatest country in the world. We're gonna keep it that way!"

    "這是世界上最偉大的國家 我們要一直這樣維持下去!"

  • We depend on other countries. If we live to ourselves

    我們需要依賴其他國家 如果我們只靠自己生活

  • I can assure you, we'll die of ourselves

    我可以向你保證 我們一定會滅亡

  • because if the Russians do nuclear testing


  • and they dump radioactive stuff into the sea, or the Japanese

    並將放射性物質滲入海裡 或者日本人也這樣做

  • the world is one big place and the air moves around

    世界是個很大的地方 空氣到處流通

  • and the waters move. Therefore living to yourself

    而水也是 因此只靠自己

  • your little isolated colony


  • your little culture that you want to build


  • your little city that you want to build


  • of people with like-mindedness


  • all of that has no basis for survival


  • because in the event of catastrophic failure


  • you will be invaded by the minorities


  • if they don't have food, water or the wherewithal to live.

    如果他們沒有食物 水或必要的生存所需

You can't find the answers by declaring a society democratic.

光靠宣稱一個社會是民主的 這無法找到答案


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