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♪ (French accordion music) ♪
- (FBE) So today you'll be eating this.
- Ew! What is that?
- (gasping and whimpering)
- Oh no, I-I'm scared.
Why do I always get the bad things?
- It's fish.
It smells like it too. (softly) Oh my god.
(gagging) That smells disgusting.
- It definitely is a sea creature. It smells horrible.
- It's some sort of sea creature... maybe.
Ah, maybe.
I really like that these are foreign though,
and I get to try something new.
- Ugh, I can smell it from here!
I have a feeling this is either snake or fish.
- Oh my gosh! This is a snake.
Okay, I don't want to eat my favorite animal.
- (FBE) Maybe this will be more appetizing
in a form you're more used too. - It's sausage?
It smells normal. I'm a little scared.
It has the texture of a normal hot dog,
but then it's more spicy.
- Euggggggh.
Ew, I'm touching something.
What is this?
It's more appetizing when you eat it.
- Mm! It's good.
It tastes like a McDonald's sausage, the one you get for breakfast.
- That's good.
Just tastes like a sausage.
That really tasted good! Felt a little spice in there.
- It tastes like any type of meat,
but I don't think it's an eel anymore.
- From what I saw before, which was disgusting,
it kinda looked like a snake, but that's just my guess.
I'm probably totally wrong.
- It smells pretty good.
This is so good!
I thought it was look bad 'cause-- or taste bad,
but you just gave me sausage!
I love sausage!
- (FBE) You just tried rattlesnake sausage.
- I just ate a snake. I ate a snake. Oh my god!
- Oh! No, no, no. (groans)
- Ew! I hate snakes.
- It's actually good. Oh my... oh my god!
- (FBE) So snake meat is relatively low in calories and fat,
and it's high in protein.
Some think it could become more popular in the food industry.
- Yeah, so does that mean this was healthy?
- Oh my gosh! I need to eat that for breakfast.
- It tastes normal and you can just call it something else
than rattlesnake and people are gonna eat it.
- That's awesome! It literally tastes so good.
It's crazy.
- (FBE) So, finally, do you recommend that people try rattlesnake meat?
- Nooooo.
Who would want to eat a rattlesnake?
- Yeah!
- Yes!
- Yes, it's really good.
- Try it. It's good and it's good for you.
- Yes, it sounds disgusting, but it is very, very, very good.
Trust me, you'll like it.
- Yes, it tastes like a normal sausage.
My mind is blown.
- Thanks for watching us eat rattlesnakes on the React channel.
- What food should we eat next?
Let us know in the comments.
- Don't slither away from us. Subscribe!
- Bye, everybody.
- Ssssssee you later!
- Hey, guys, I'm Katie.
I'm an associate producer for the React channel.
Thank you so much for watching my episode.
We really, really appreciate it.
Like, you just don't know how much it helps us
that you guys watch it, but, anyways, I won't rattle on any longer.
Be sure to check out more episodes.
♪ (French accordion music) ♪


kid vs food 祥尾蛇香腸 (KIDS vs. FOOD - RATTLESNAKE)

547 分類 收藏
周淑媛 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 23 日
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