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- [Dexter] Well, hello my name is Dexter
and here's what I know about Pikachu.
Pikachu is an electric type of mouse Pokemon
if you want to know about what that would be
in our world imagine a mouse, now imagine
that mouse was yellow and looked absolutely nothing
like a mouse.
That's how you get to Pikachu.
Pikachu actually looks more like a sellable franchise mascot
it has bright yellow fur, brown stripes
and black tipped ears and a ziggety zaggety tail.
Ziggety zaggety becomes a real world.
Who writing these Pokedex entries?
You may have also noticed that Pikachu has big red cheeks.
These are in fact electric patches it shares them
with a seemingly increasing amount of other rodent Pokemon.
And when Pikachu gather together
they can create thunderstorms.
Pikachu is actually the most popular of the Pokemon.
And this might be due to his status as the companion
of a trainer who is
wait why is that trainer famous?
Has he completed any Pokemon leagues, negative.
Legendary Pokemon court, negative,
all of the Pokemon court, negative.
No, I'm not sure why that trainer's famous.
That's said Pikachu's popularity may just be due
to how adorable it is.
Look at that little face.
There's our joke in my files, Pikachu what don't you want
your Pokemon to do while you're in the shower?
Peek at you.
In less you do want your Pokemon to do that.
In which case that's kind of strange.
Remember Pokemon masters next time you're out and about
playing Pokemon Go make sure to take a Pikachu at you
it's much cooler than one of those external power banks.
A special thank you to the supporters of Patreon
that keep this Pokedex running.
This month the biggest supporters are Jody Powell's
(mumbles) Custom Masters
Thank you.
- [Ash] This is Ash Ketchum you just watched a video
by Bird Keeper Toby.
That makes you a Pokemon master.


關於皮卡丘的幾件事 (Pokedex Parody: Pikachu)

5641 分類 收藏
pikachu 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 18 日
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