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  • Facebook has 1.4 billion active users, that means one-fifth of Earth's population has a Facebook account.

    臉書擁有 14 億活躍用戶,這表示地球上五分之一的人口擁有臉書帳號。

  • Let's find out some mind-blowing facts about the social networking giant.


  • 1. The average user spends 40 minutes a day on Facebook.

    1. 臉書用戶每天平均使用臉書 40 分鐘。

  • 2. Some people spend so much time on Facebook that there is actually a medically recognized condition called FAD, or Facebook Addiction Disorder.

    2. 有些人花太多時間在臉書上,真的出現一種醫學認證症狀稱為 FAD:臉書上癮症候群。

  • That is someone whom is wholly reliant on Facebook and spends more than 3 hours a day on it.


  • 3. There are estimated to be around 350 million people in the world unknowingly suffering from Facebook Addiction Disorder.

    3. 據估計,世界上大約有三億五千萬人罹患臉書上癮症候群而不自知。

  • A common symptom of FAD is adding complete strangers as friends to artificially inflate their friend count.

    FAD 最常見的症狀就是加完全不認識的陌生人好友,來灌水自己的好友數量。

  • In fact, research has shown that 80% of people on the friends list of people who suffer from FAD are fake friends.

    事實上,研究顯示,罹患 FAD 病患的好友列表有 80 % 的朋友都是假的。

  • 4. 600,000 hacking attempts are made on Facebook accounts every single day.

    4. 臉書每天有 60 萬筆駭入嘗試。

  • Facebook will actually pay you if you successfully hack their website and report the details of your hack to Facebook.


  • This helps Facebook uncover bugs and fix security holes before other hackers with more malicious intentions find them and abuse them.


  • Facebook will pay you anywhere between $500 and $40,000 dollars, if you can hack their site, depending on the severity of the bug.


  • 5. Al Pacino was the first ever face to appear on Facebook.

    5. Al Pacino 是第一張在臉書上「露臉」的人。

  • He appeared in the header of the original website.


  • Nobody is really sure why Zuckerberg chose Al Pacino.

    沒人確定為何祖克柏選擇 Al Pacino。

  • 6. On average, every Facebook user is separated by only 3.74 degrees of separation, from every other Facebook user.

    6. 平均每位臉書使用者與每位用戶的分隔度僅有 3.74 度。

  • Or to put it in another way, if you take any other Facebook user in the world, they are friends with someone who is friends with another person, who is friends with someone else who has a friend that is also a friend of yours.


  • 7. You can't block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

    7. 你不能在臉書上封鎖馬克.祖克柏。

  • Attempting to do so will display an error message.


  • 8. The Facebook like button was originally going to be called the "awesome" button.

    8. 臉書的「讚」按鈕原本要叫做「棒透了」按鈕。

  • 9. In 2005, Myspace was engaged in talks to buy Facebook, but they rejected Mark Zuckerberg's asking price of $75 million as too expensive.

    9. 2005 年,Myspace 曾洽談要買下臉書,但最後他們拒絕了,原因是馬克.祖克柏開的 7500 萬太貴。

  • 10. Facebook now brings in a colossal $3 billion in revenue every quarter.

    10. 臉書現在每季的收入高達 30 億。

  • 11. Facebook has a whole 1 billion more users than Twitter does.

    11. 臉書用戶比推特用戶多出整整 10 億。

  • 12. Amongst Facebook's huge feature set used to be a peer-to-peer file-sharing service called Wirehog.

    12. 曾經臉書其中一項主打功能是 Wirehog p2p(對等式網路)檔案分享服務軟體。

  • When Facebook launched in 2004, users could upload files to their accounts then share them with their Facebook friends.

    2004 年臉書營運時,用戶能上傳檔案到帳戶中並與臉書好友分享。

  • However, Wirehog was eventually axed in 2006 due to security concerns.

    然而,Wirehog 終究在 2006 年因為安全性隱憂被移除。

  • 13. Similar to Google, Facebook employees get three completely free meals a day as well as free drinks, cooked by the self entitled "Facebook Culinary Team".

    13. 和 Google 相似,臉書提供員工每日三餐,還包含飲料,完全免費供應,由自家命名的「臉書烹飪團隊」所烹調。

  • There's actually a Facebook app to see what's on the menu at the Facebook headquarters each day, so Facebook employees don't even need to leave their seats to order lunch.


  • It's called the "Lunchtime" app.


  • 14. Don't worry Facebook employees!

    14. 臉書的員工們不用擔心!

  • If you get fired from Facebook, you can always sell your hoodie.

    如果你被臉書開除了,你永遠都能拍賣你的臉書員工帽 T。

  • A standard issue Facebook employee hoodie sold on eBay for a whopping $4,050 with 50 bidders battling it out.

    有一件臉書員工帽 T 在 ebay 網站上出售,經過 50 位競標者出價競標後,最終賣得 4,050 美元的巨額。

  • 15. But Facebook also has a few dark secrets.

    15. 但是臉書也有一些不為人知的秘密。

  • Facebook tracks almost every site you visit, by using JavaScript, iframes and cookies.

    臉書使用 JavaScript、iframes 及 cookies 來追蹤你到過的每個網站。

  • It can even track you when you're logged out.


  • This is how Facebook shows you those ridiculously accurate adverts, and knows stuff about you that seem unbelievably invasive, such as when you're pregnant, or where you're planning to go on holiday.


  • 16. There have also been allegations that Facebook automatically scans your private messages to build up an overall picture of what you're interested in, so that they can show you more accurate advertisements.

    16. 也有人聲稱臉書會自動檢視你的私人訊息,用來完整建構你感興趣的事物,以推送更精確的廣告給你。

  • Although Facebook has denied this behaviour, the astonishing accuracy of their adverts seems to suggest otherwise.


  • 17. Even more shocking, there have been cases of people being murdered because they unfriended someone on Facebook.

    17. 更令人驚訝的是,有人因為在臉書解除與某人的好友關係而被謀殺。

  • One such case was in 2012 when a couple unfriended a woman on Facebook.

    其中一個案例發生在 2012 年,一對情侶在臉書上解除與一位女人的好友關係。

  • The unfriended woman's father was so angered by this that he went to the couple's house and shot them both.


  • There was also the shocking case of a woman who set fire to her best friend's house after being unfriended on Facebook.


  • 18. Facebook is also responsible for an enormous amount of divorces.

    18. 臉書也要為大量的離婚負責。

  • A frightening study showed that Facebook was a major contributing factor in up to one-third of all divorces.


  • 19. Also, all this Facebook use may not be as good for you as you think.

    19. 而且,使用臉書對你本身並不如你以為的那麼好。

  • A study suggested that 1 in 3 people feel more dissatisfied with their lives after visiting Facebook.


  • 20. Also a study showed that 25% of Facebook users have been dumped on Facebook at one point.

    20. 一項研究同樣顯示了 25 % 的用戶曾在臉書上被甩。

  • And what's even more worrying is that it's becoming increasingly common for people to end relationships by simply changing their Facebook status from "In a relationship" to "Single."


  • 21. And finally, there is strong evidence to suggest that Facebook is dumbing down society.

    21. 最後一項,一個有力的證據證明臉書正在讓社會變笨。

  • A study conducted at the Ohio State University showed that the average grades of students who use Facebook were a whole grade lower than students who don't use Facebook.


Facebook has 1.4 billion active users, that means one-fifth of Earth's population has a Facebook account.

臉書擁有 14 億活躍用戶,這表示地球上五分之一的人口擁有臉書帳號。

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