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  • When sons and daughters of God communicate with

  • Him, we call it prayer.

  • When He communicates with us, it comes in a variety of

  • methods, means, or channels.

  • We're talking about the patterns whereby God

  • communicates with his children here upon the earth.

  • Revelation is communication from God to his children here

  • upon the earth.

  • Sometimes, those messages come quickly and rather

  • dramatically.

  • I've compared that to a light being turned

  • on in a dark room.

  • Where very suddenly, the darkness is expelled, and you

  • can see everything in the room quite clearly and brilliantly.

  • I would suggest that that pattern of receiving messages

  • from God is more rare than common.

  • A second pattern is when the light comes gradually, much

  • like the rising of the sun.

  • You can discern the increase of light on horizon but never

  • all at once.

  • This pattern of revelation, I would suggest, is

  • more common than rare.

  • Sometimes, receiving inspiration is

  • like a foggy day.

  • There's enough light that you can tell it's

  • not darkness anymore.

  • It's not night.

  • But it's not brilliantly illuminated.

  • You can see just enough to take a few steps ahead into

  • the cloudiness.

  • I don't know about other people, but it occurs that way

  • for me all the time.

  • There's enough to just take a few steps.

  • And then the light continues to help me see just far enough

  • ahead that I can continue to press forward.

  • As we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, He is the light.

  • One of his names is "the Light." As we follow His

  • example and live according to His teachings, there is

  • illumination for all the aspects of our life.

  • To the degree that we reject Him and reject His teachings,

  • we're on our own.

  • I'd much prefer to follow His light.

  • I know when there is a power beyond my own that comes from

  • God to me and through me, which is the spirit of

  • revelation.

When sons and daughters of God communicate with


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光的模式。啟示的精神 (Patterns of Light: Spirit of Revelation)

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