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You can't just feed me sushi and then quietly snicker behind the camera!
What's wrong!
People eat sushi with facts
We told people they were only eating sushi
Oh my God!
The dream come true!
Tastes really good. It's really good.
Then we gave them some sushi facts to read.
I have belief in free meal but...
Oh here it is.
God fucking damn it.
No! Don't ruin sushi for me please!
A study by the WWF, the wildlife one not the wrestling one,
found out over a third of the Wild Atlantic salmon populations in North America and Europe
were endangered, and moreover,
were on the brink of extinction in Portugal, Estonia, Poland, and the United States.
Now I feel horrible eating a salmon right now.
It's like Nemo's cousin over here.
It's in my teeth. It's stuck in between my teeth.
Major recovery efforts have been put into place, but salmon is still considered to be threatened
(and in some ecosystems endangered)
in many places around the world.
How does that make you feel?
Salmon are dying, and it's not because of bears, it's because of us.
It will be fucked up if we just like, let it sit here, and did nothing for anyone.
Yeah, I mean, if I die, I want someone to eat me.
Salmon (especially farmed salmon) are known to contain PCB's,
which are industrial chemicals that can have serious long-term health effects,
including the likelihood of certain cancers and negative effects on the immune system,
the nervous system, and the endocrine systems.
Because of these levels, it's recommended fresh and frozen Wild Pacific salmon can be eaten twice a month.
Oh shit!
but fresh and frozen farmed Atlantic salmon should only be eaten once every two months.
What the fuck! Yo!
No, but I would have like, weekly sushi dinners with my friends. I'm not kidding you.
Yeah but are you gonna have that second bite of salmon? Cause I am.
We're all gonna die anyway. That's fine.
It's a good way to look at it.
Human waste and the toxic chemicals,
heavy metals from industrial and agricultural wastes flow and run off from rivers and into the sea.
These waste pollutants can cause diseases, mutations, birth defects,
reproductive difficulties, behavior changes, and death in marine animals.
And large fish that are generally favored in sushi, such as tuna and mackerel are thus the most highly toxified.
So all of this is poison.
Expensive delicious poison.
We're killing them, and we shouldn't, and they're killing us back.
Right? That's essentially what's happening here.
It's just some sick fucking cycle.
United States imports up to 90% of its seafood, and a huge portion of that comes from southeast Asian countries like Thailand,
which has been known to have built its massive seafood industry on slave or indentured labor as well as human trafficking.
Damn it.
The shrimping industry is known to be especially bad, and because of the way shrimp is packaged,
it is nearly impossible to decipher which has been tainted by slave labor.
If you are eating pre-peeled shrimp in the US, it has most likely been touched by slave labor.
Alright, we're done. We're done here.
That's the last straw.
That's terrible, man.
Yeah, we're fucked.
I would like those people to be employed, not slaves.
And if they are enslaved, then we should be doing the peeling.
Yes. Absolutely.
We're going to hell, I mean, I'm going there for other reasons but this just added to the list.
What this video tells me is I'm for sure gonna start asking.
Will it stop me from eating the sushi? God, to be honest, I fucking don't know.
I don't know if it tastes good anymore.
It kind of took the taste buds out of me, hearing those facts.
If I'm eating poison, it's my stupid decision,
but contributing to a greater problem like slave labor or human trafficking, that's really really bad,
so if that is the case, then we should definitely not be buying peeled shrimp.
Couldn't have said it better! Dude!



愛吃壽司?原來壽司有這麼多不為人知的秘密 (People Learn Disturbing Sushi Facts While Eating Sushi)

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Colleen Jao 發佈於 2017 年 5 月 31 日    Colleen Jao 翻譯    Kiara 審核



1on the brink of0:34
brink 是「邊緣」的意思,on the brink of... 就是指「在...的邊緣」,也就是「快要...」、「瀕臨...」的意思。
Investors have been selling the company's stocks because recent news has revealed that it’s on the brink of bankruptcy.

on the brink of 後面也可以接動名詞。
I am on the brink of losing my bet.

另外兩個意思很相近的片語是 on the verge ofclose to
I am close to finishing this book.
I am on the verge of finishing this book.

麥當勞走下坡的五個原因 (5 Reasons Mcdonald's is on the Brink of Failure)

2put into place0:47
put in/into place 在影片中的意思是「建立、實施(一套體制或措施)」。
The department has put in place a new reward scheme in hopes of motivating its employees to work together as teams.

put in/into place 也可以表達「擺放至適當位置」的意思。
I will spend some time this afternoon to organize my bathroom and put everything into place.

同樣地,in place 也有兩種意思,可以表達「已具備...的狀態」或「在適當位置的狀態」。
We currently don't have the solutions in place to tackle these problems but we will work on developing them soon.

I’m so happy to see that all of the tables, chairs and decorations are in place and that the wedding setup is almost complete!

recommend 在影片中的意思是「建議」,不過要注意的是:要表達「建議某人做某事」的英文用法是 "recommend that somebody + 原形動詞",而其中的 that 可以省略,如同影片中的用法。

recommend 用法類似的字還有 suggestpropose 等。
I recommend that you consult a professional before you make the big decision.

I recommend consulting a professional before you make the big decision.

recommend 也可以作為「推薦」的意思。
I highly recommend this shampoo. I promise it is the best shampoo on the market.

Is there a movie you recommend?

decipher 是「解讀」、「破解」的意思,通常用於形容文字、密碼或秘密訊息等,不過形容任何隱晦、很難理解的東西也都可以用這個字。
Her handwriting is impossible to decipher.

The first to decipher the code wins a free trip to Thailand.

Texting isn't as effective as face-to-face communication because it's harder to decipher each other's tone.

十分鐘讀懂英文史 The History of English in 10 Minutes

5contribute to3:04
contribute 是「貢獻」的意思,可作為及物或不及物動詞。
She contributed a huge portion of her savings to charity.

She shouldn't have gotten the same score as the rest of us when she didn't contribute to the project at all.

影片中的 "contributing to a greater problem" 指「導致更大的問題」,這裡的 contribute to 表達「導致、造成(某事件、現象)」的意思,換個角度思考其實也是「對某事件的發生有所貢獻」的意思。
We should try to think of all of the factors that might have contributed to the failure, so we will know what improvements could be made for our next project.

英國和法國男生的超新鮮壽司體驗! (Japan's Freshest & Best Sushi! w/ Abroad in Japan)





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