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  • I get gas when I drink milk

  • Hey guys, it’s Wengie here,

  • Welcome back to another episode of try it Wengie,

  • and this is a new series that I started, Just to try different things that I see on the internet,

  • for the first time for you guys, you guys can see if it works, or if it’s for you, or if you want to try it yourself,

  • and I’m obviously very creative with naming my series, yeah super creative,

  • today I want to do a pretty interesting sort of thing that I saw online

  • and this is a natural way of whitening your teeth,

  • white teeth is obviously a kind of holy grail for a lot of people, I think your smile is beautiful.

  • And I bleached my teeth previously and it was a little bit painful and sensitive for my teeth

  • and I do have a video for that below, when I saw this natural method of whitening teeth I had to try it,

  • so basically what you do is use activated charcoal tablets and you kind of grind it up into a powder

  • and then you kind of apply it on your teeth and it’s supposed to work in your teeth instantly,

  • now the funny thing about this charcoal tablets is, I went to the pharmacist to buy it,

  • or chemist or whatever, and I ask for activated charcoal

  • and it says aids in the treatment of flatulence, so the guy must have thought that I was like super gassy,

  • which is a little bit embarrassing but I was like no no no, I’m using this to whiten my teeth,

  • but if you have gas, you can also use these tablets to fix that problem,

  • so let’s get started on this natural teeth whitening method and see if it works,

  • so I’m going to open this package, I hate plastic, I hate opening things,

  • you know when you are a kid and you love opening things,

  • well I absolutely hate getting rid of the packaging these days,

  • because they like sticky tape it and everything so it makes it impossible,

  • so this is what it looks like and the seal is not broken, that is a good sign,

  • so it’s just completely black, this is what it looks like, right so let’s just grind this up here,

  • hold on, I’m gonna get something to grind it with,

  • a mortar and pestle this stuff is heavy, my boyfriend uses it as weights,

  • I am going to grind this powder, you want to see, ok hold on

  • let’s put a few tablets in here,

  • I put 4 tablets in here and I’m gonna grind it up, uh they break away pretty easily,

  • So that is what it looks like, it’s like a powder, it almost look like you can use for eyeliner,

  • this is going to get really messy, I’m going to dip my finger in

  • it’s a little bit messy, I would say

  • it’s a little bit messy

  • oh my god, it’s so messy, I swear when I was goggling the water,

  • like my fifth or sixth, like mouthful of water that I spat out was like completely pitch black,

  • like it’s was so black, don’t wear white, that is tip for you guys,

  • don’t spit on the floor like I just did, I have to go clean it up now,

  • because now it is like black, I hope I can get it out, but yeah it’s messy,

  • it didn’t taste very nice, I didn’t even taste it, I think it just taste like powder um..

  • maybe if you put your face in your barbecue coal or something like that,

  • I’ll show you the before and after results now, up on the screen,

  • so you guys can see it a bit clearly, but overall I think it did whitened my teeth a bit,

  • and it’s completely natural, it’s very cheap,

  • this whole bottle cost around 12 dollars and I used 4

  • and I have a lot of product left, you can just use 1 or 2 every time you use it,

  • so yeah it’s very very inexpensive, you can do it often, it’s completely natural,

  • it’s probably a great thing to try before you go bleaching your teeth or trying any other expensive product,

  • see if it works for you, if it does awesome it’s natural, it helps your gassiness,

  • and yeah there is no chemicals which is awesome,

  • this is definitely a better alternative than buying whitening tooth paste I guess,

  • because it actually kinda works right away,

  • I did have my teeth bleached in the dentist chair and that made a significantly high difference,

  • but that makes sense, because you are just really doing a really harsh whitening process on it,

  • that’s why for a little bit of whitening this is perfect,

  • I would give this maybe like a 7 out of 10 or something,

  • because it’s just so messy and I’m just like.. caused a lot of trouble for myself,

  • be prepared, wear black, cover the floor, where you are gonna spit, or you can just do this in the bathroom,

  • I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of try it Wengie,

  • and trying this natural way of whitening you teeth with me,

  • let me know in the comment box below if you’d done this yourself, and whether it worked for you

  • or if you have any other sort of whitening methods that you think is pretty interesting that works for you,

  • let others know, I think we should share, also don’t forget to thumb this up,

  • if this has help you, please thumb it up, because I did mess my floor up for you guys,

  • I got like black stuff on the floor that I got to clean now, please thumb it up, make it worth my while,

  • and subscribed if you haven’t already, I make two videos a week,

  • also let me know if you want me to try anything interesting on this series for you guys,

  • that’s what I’m here for, making a fool of myself for your benefit,

  • so I hope you love this as much as me,

  • and you love seeing me with a black mouth and look like a pirate,

  • just know that I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in my next video, bye.

  • Don’t spit on the floor guys, like me,

  • don’t spit on the floor oh my god,

  • coming off, it’s coming off, there is still a bit of black but it’s coming off,

  • look how much spit, like I literally spit like five times,

  • like how does that even happen anyways bye.

I get gas when I drink milk


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