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  • Hello, I’m Harold. 哈囉,我是Harold

  • Hi! I’m David. 哈囉,我是David.

  • Welcome toHot English Classroom”! 歡迎來到“Hot 英文教室”

  • Have you been to Yanshui? 你有去過鹽水嗎?

  • Yanshui? You bet I have! 鹽水?當然囉!

  • It is famous for its beehive bottle rockets 鹽水蜂炮

  • and the Yuejin Lantern Festival! 和月津港花燈非常有名!

  • That’s right! 沒錯,

  • Besides the beehive bottle rockets, 但是鹽水除了蜂炮之外,

  • there are many more places to go to in Yanshui ! 還有許多好玩的地方喔!

  • Oh! Really? 喔!真的嗎?

  • Of course! You can go to Yanshui’s Dazhong Temple. 當然囉!你可以去鹽水大眾廟,

  • And you can look around to see which places you would like to 先看一看有哪些地方可以逛逛,

  • go, and then taste the local street food. 然後品嚐在地的小吃!

  • Do you have any recommendations? 有什麼推薦的美食嗎?

  • Yanshui has egg noodles, bean noodle chowder, 鹽水有鹽水意麵、豆簽焿...

  • pan-fried steam buns just to name a few. 鹽水煎包等等

  • And people always line up for the red bean cakes! 連紅豆餅都要排隊

  • Oh, so those are the legendary local street food dishes 喔!這是傳說的

  • that everyone lines up for. 排隊美食嗎?

  • That’s right! The historic Yuejin Port in Yanshui 沒錯!尤其月津港

  • is an important harbor and developed early 是早期非常重要的港口,發展很早,

  • so that there are many decades-old shops. 老店都開幾十年了!

  • They are the real deal so you shouldn’t miss out! 非常道地,千萬別錯過!

  • Especially the egg noodles, 特別是

  • oryi-mienwhich is known locally. 鹽水意麵!

  • Wow, I guess people in Tainan really do love their egg noodles! 我發現台南人很愛吃意麵耶!

  • You can find it almost everywhere! 街道巷弄都可以看到意麵!

  • Did you know that egg noodles originated in Yanshui? 那你知道意麵的發源地就是鹽水嗎?

  • Oh I see. They are theYanshuiegg noodles! 原來如此,難怪叫鹽水意麵!

  • Visiting the old street of Yanshui is a must. 鹽水的老街非常值得一逛,

  • It is very well preserved! 保存得非常好

  • Yes, I remember when they decorated the alleyways 嗯!我記得燈節連巷弄內

  • during the lantern festival. 都有裝置,

  • It's an interesting place to stroll around at night. 晚上逛老街也非常有趣!

  • There is the Yanshui Catholic Church, too. 還有鹽水的天主堂,

  • I highly recommended it as well. 也是要特別推薦的

  • A Catholic church? What's so special about it? 天主堂?有什麼特別的嗎?

  • You know that old saying, 可以說是

  • "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"? 入境隨俗的代表作!

  • Well, inside the temple, they have a Chinese rendition of the famous 例如:將“最後的晚餐”

  • "The Last Supper" painting 畫中人物

  • complete with Chinese faces and clothing! 以華人面孔替代西方人物,穿著也變成漢服!

  • They are even eating Taiwanese steamed buns! 連食物都改成台灣包子!

  • Also, the architecture of the church resembles 建築外觀看起來

  • that of a typical Taiwanese temple! 就像是廟宇一般!

  • Wow, I guess this really is an example of 哇!那是中西合璧

  • an Eastern-Western fusion eh? 的概念嗎?

  • Yes, that’s right! 沒錯!非常有特色!

  • Oh, by the way, Yanshui also has some delicious 另外,農曆新年前後

  • cherry tomatoes that are harvested right 還可以品嚐鹽水的

  • around the Chinese New Year season! 小番茄喔!

  • I love tomatoes! 我最愛番茄了!

  • Tomatoes are full of vitamins ! 番茄有豐富的茄紅素!

  • You know, there is an old Italian proverb, 義大利有句諺語,

  • "When a tomato turns red, the doctor's face turns green”! 番茄紅了,醫生的臉就綠了!

  • Yes, that’s right! 是這樣沒錯!

  • I think it's time for review! 讓我們來複習一下!

  • Okay! let's do it! OK!複習一下!

  • Yanshui egg noodles 鹽水意麵

  • Bean noodle chowder 豆簽焿

  • Pan-fried bun 煎包

  • Red bean cake 紅豆餅

  • Fine food 美食

  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do. 入境隨俗

  • Steamed bun 包子

  • Tomato 番茄

  • Did you get all of that? 都記起來了嗎?

  • I got it. 我都記起來了

  • See you next time atHot English Classroom” ! 英語小教室,下次見囉!

Hello, I’m Harold. 哈囉,我是Harold


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