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  • Today we're taking you on a whirlwind tour of Singapore (新加坡). This sovereign city

    今天我們要帶您旋風之旅 新加坡(新加坡)。這種主權城市

  • state, may not have a whole lot of land, but it sure packs a lot of punch! We had a full

    狀態,可能不會有一個整體的大量土地,但 它肯定包了很多沖床!我們有一個完整的

  • week in Singapore (Singapura), so we set out to explore its distinct neighbourhoods, cool

    新加坡(新加坡)週,所以我們設置了 探索其獨特的街區,很酷

  • off in its gardens, marvel at its innovative buildings, and of course, eat in its hawker

    關在它的花園,驚嘆於它的創新 建築,當然,在吃的小販

  • centres. This video will show you 25 things to do in Singapore (新加坡), now let's

    中心。此視頻會告訴你25件事 在新加坡做(新加坡),現在讓我們

  • get started:


  • Let's kick things off at the Gardens by the Bay (Taman di Persisiran -滨海湾花园

    讓我們踢東西了在花園 灣(塔曼迪Persisiran - 濱海灣花園

  • - வளைகுடா தோட்டம்), where nature and futuristic architecture collide.

    - வளைகுடாதோட்டம்) 自然與未來的架構發生碰撞。

  • Our first stop was the Cloud Forest, which is meant to replicate the conditions of the

    我們的第一站是林雲,這 是指複製的條件

  • tropical highlands.


  • Alright guys so we bit the bullet and we paid to go to visit the Garden's by the Bay which

    好的球員,因此我們忍辱負重,我們付出 去了亞龍灣參觀花園的這

  • is a little bit pricy but this is one of the main attractions here in Singapore (新加坡).

    是有點價格昂貴,但是這是一個 在新加坡主要景點(新加坡)。

  • And actually the Gardens by the Bay are made up by lots of different little components.

    而實際上該園由灣製成 同比增長許多不同的小部件。

  • So right now we're inside the Cloud Forest (云雾林). It looks amazing. I feel like

    所以現在我們是雲霧森林裡 (雲霧林)。它看起來驚人的。我感到

  • I'm inside a Jurassic Park or some kind of Lost World. It is so lush and colorful. So

    我是一個侏羅紀公園或某種內部 失落的世界。它是如此鬱鬱蔥蔥,豐富多彩。所以

  • we're going to give you a tour.


  • We have now entered the Lost World on the 7th floor and from here we're going to start

    現在我們已經進入了失落的世界上 7樓,從這裡我們將要開始

  • working our way down. The temperature is actually cooler here and it is meant to mimic the higher

    我們的工作一路下滑。溫度實際上是 冷卻器這裡是指模仿更高

  • altitude. And look at that view. You can see the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

    高度。再看看這一觀點。你可以看到 濱海灣金沙酒店。

  • We are still in the Cloud Forest and next up we're doing the treetop walk. We've come

    我們仍然在林雲和明年 了我們正在做的樹梢步行路程。我們已經走過

  • a long way down so feeling better. Much better and now we have some really cool views to

    很長的路下來,感覺好多了。好多了 現在我們有一些非常酷的看法

  • enjoy. Look at that. We were like up there.


  • Sam what do you think? You were walking up over there?

    山姆你覺得呢?你走起來 在那邊?

  • Up yonder. This is a lot better. A lot better. Yeah. Closer to the ground. Yeah, closer to

    那一帶。這是好多了。好了很多。 是啊。接近地面。是啊,更接近

  • the ground not as scary from up here.


  • From there we continued to the Flower Dome (花穹), which is the largest glass greenhouse

    從那裡,我們繼續花球 (花穹),這是最大的玻璃溫室

  • in the world. Here you can see a lot of flowers and plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid

    在世界上。在這裡你可以看到很多花 從地中海和半乾旱地區的植物

  • regions.


  • We're visiting the Flower Dome during the holiday season so it is super festive. They

    我們在參觀花球 節日所以它是超喜慶。他們

  • have snow globes and Christmas trees and those red Christmas flowers whose name I can never

    有雪球和聖誕樹和那些 紅色的聖誕花的名字我永遠不能

  • remember. Do you know the name Sam?


  • They're doing Christmas even bigger than what is done in Canada.

    他們正在做的比聖誕節更大什麼 在加拿大完成的。

  • Next, we made our way to what is the focal point at the Gardens by the Bay: the Supertree

    接下來,我們做我們的方式是什麼焦點 點在花園的海灣:在Supertree

  • Grove. The super trees are vertical gardens that range from 25-50 meters in height, and

    樹林。超級樹是垂直花園 該範圍在高度25-50米,和

  • they come alive at night for the Rhapsody Garden music and light show. It's worth

    他們活了過來,晚上的狂想曲 園音樂和燈光表演。這是值得的

  • sticking around to catch the daily show at 7:45 and 8:45 pm.

    堅持圍繞抓日常展示在 7:45和下午8:45。

  • All those people over there are catching Pokémon.


  • Also, no visit to Singapore (சிங்கப்பூர்) would be complete without a glimpse of the

    另外,新加坡沒有訪問(சிங்கப்பூர்) 將是不完整的一瞥

  • Marina Bay Sands. Spending the night in this luxury hotel (which somewhat resembles a spaceship)

    濱海灣金沙。投宿在這 豪華酒店(這有點像飛船)

  • costs a pretty penny. But that didn't stop us from enjoying it from the outside while

    花費一大筆錢。但是,這並沒有阻止 我們從外部同時享受它

  • fantasizing of the infinity pool on the rooftop.


  • Next up, we set out to visit Singapore's various ethnic quarters: Chinatown, Arab Street

    接下來,我們出發去參觀新加坡 各民族宿舍:唐人街,阿拉伯街

  • and Little India. Let's begin in Chinatown (牛车水 - Kreta Ayer - சைனா டவுன்).

    和小印度。讓我們在唐人街開始 (牛車水 - 牛車水 - சைனாடவுன்)。

  • Alright Sammy boy. What is the plan for this afternoon in Singapore? Well in Singapore

    好吧,薩米男孩。什麼是這個計劃 下午在新加坡?那麼在新加坡

  • (新加坡) there is some really cool distinct neighborhoods. One of them being Chinatown.

    (新加坡)有一些非常酷的不同 鄰里。其中一人是唐人街。

  • So we're just going to check it out and wander around.

    所以,我們只是要檢查它和漂移 周圍。

  • We first walked along Pagoda Street, which is lined with colourful shophouses and bright

    我們先沿寶塔街,走到這 兩旁都是五顏六色的店屋和光明

  • paper lanterns. Since we were visiting around lunch time, we stopped along what's known

    紙燈籠。因為我們周圍參觀 午飯時間,我們相處了所謂停止

  • as Chinatown Food Street for some tasty eats. We also visited the Chinatown Heritage Centre,

    作為牛車水美食街的一些好吃的吃。 我們還參觀了牛車水原貌館,

  • which is a museum that takes you through the humble homes of the area's early residents.

    這是一個博物館,帶你穿越 該地區的早期居民卑微的家園。

  • While we were in the neighbourhood, we made time to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

    雖然我們在附近,我們做 時間參觀佛牙寺

  • (新加坡佛牙寺龙华院). This Chinese Buddhist temple is said to house the left

    (新加坡佛牙寺龍華院)。這個中國 佛教寺廟,據說容納左

  • canine tooth of Buddha, which was recovered from his funeral pyre in Kushinagar, India.

    佛陀的犬齒,它被回收 從他在拘屍那,印度火葬。

  • We also visited the nearby Sri Mariamman Temple (ஸ்ரீ மாரியம்மன்

    我們還參觀了附近的印度廟 (ஸ்ரீமாரியம்மன்

  • கோவில்), which is Singapore's oldest Hindu temple.

    கோவில்),這是新加坡的 最古老的印度教寺廟。

  • One of the neighbourhoods we most enjoyed was the area along Arab Street (阿拉伯街)

    其中我們最喜歡的街區 沿著阿拉伯街地區(阿拉伯街)

  • and the Sultan Mosque (مسجد سلطان). This is a very colourful neighbourhood with

    與蘇丹清真寺(مسجدسلطان)。 這是一個非常豐富多彩的社區與

  • lots of street art, and you can also find a wide selection of restaurants including

    大量的街頭藝術,你還可以找到 廣泛的選擇餐館,包括

  • Lebanese, Turkish, and Mediterranean. However, we were more interested in sweets that day.

    黎巴嫩,土耳其和地中海。然而, 我們那天更感興趣的甜食。

  • So Sam is feeling a little bit tricked. He says the weather man lied to him. What is

    所以山姆感覺有點被騙。他 說,氣象人騙他。什麼是

  • going on? The weatherman did lie to me. The weather according to the weather from two

    怎麼回事?天氣預報沒騙我。該 根據從兩個天氣的天氣

  • to four PM it was supposed to be raining and now it is almost six and it is still raining

    到下午四點它本來是要下雨, 現在是近六年,它是還在下雨

  • outside.


  • Yeah, it is pouring rain so we're in the Arab quarter. We're just off of Arab Street and

    是的,這是傾盆大雨所以我們在阿拉伯 25美分硬幣。我們就在阿拉伯街和

  • Baghdad Street. Yep.


  • And we found a little cafe so we're just keeping dry. This is actually the first time I ever

    而且我們發現了一個小咖啡館,所以我們只是保持 幹。這實際上是我第一次

  • came to Singapore I stayed in this area so I love this area. It is kind of like a nostalgic

    來到新加坡我住在這方面如此 我喜歡這個地方。這是一種像懷舊

  • place for me. And I remember this cafe they do really good teas, coffees. They have really

    適合我的地方。我還記得這家咖啡館,他們 做的確實不錯茶水,咖啡。他們真的有

  • scrumptious desserts. So you won't find me coming to Singapore very often to warm up

    美味的甜點。所以,你不會找到我 來新加坡經常熱身

  • but it is a little like damp. It is damp out. Yeah. I won't say it is cold but it is a little

    但它是一個有點像潮濕。它是潮濕了。 是啊。我不會說這是冷的,但它是一個小

  • damp so we're warming up with our tea and we have some cake coming in just a few minutes.

    受潮,所以我們正在升溫與我們的茶 我們有一些蛋糕,在短短幾分鐘的到來。

  • The cakes have arrived. The cakes are here. So we got two different brownies one with

    蛋糕已經抵達。蛋糕在這裡。 因此,我們得到了兩個不同的布朗尼一個用

  • chocolate, one with white chocolate and apparently these two are made with some kind of banana

    巧克力,一個有白巧克力,顯然 這兩個都具有某種香蕉製成

  • paste I think he was saying.


  • Yeah, these are more local ones. So but me I'm going for double chocolate here.

    是啊,這些是更當地化的。所以,除了我 我在這裡要雙巧克力。

  • Hmmmm. It is warm. Oh la lah.


  • Is that good?


  • Oh yeah.


  • Hahaha.


  • We may not have come here had it not been for the rain so hurray for the rain. It is

    我們可能不會到這裡來,如果不是因為 因為下雨,所以華友世紀雨。它是

  • a nice little treat.


  • So we're visiting Clarke Quay (克拉码头 - கிளார்க் கீ) right now

    因此,我們參觀克拉碼頭(克拉碼頭 - கிளார்க்கீ)現在

  • and this is a very popular entertainment area. It is a little quiet during the day but we're

    這是一個非常受歡迎的娛樂區。 它是在白天安靜一點,但我們

  • going to come back at night for some wine. It is a great place for dining. You get nice

    去晚上回來喝點酒。 這是用餐的好去處。你得到不錯

  • river views.


  • Also you can start a river cruise. We did that last time so we're not going to do it

    您也可以啟動遊船。我們做 這最後一次,所以我們不打算這樣做

  • today but yeah it is pretty cool.


  • The river boat tours depart from Clarke Quay and they take you past sights like the Merlion,

    這條河觀光船從克拉碼頭出發 他們帶你過去喜歡的魚尾獅景點,

  • Marina Bay Sands, the lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum and the Esplanade.

    濱海灣金沙,荷花形的藝術科學 博物館和濱海藝術中心。

  • Alright Sammy boy. Live from Little India (小印度 - குட்டி இந்தியா).

    好吧,薩米男孩。距離小印度生活 (小印度 - குட்டிஇந்தியா)。

  • Live from Little India. And this is one of the neighborhoods that I recommend most visiting

    距離小印度生活。這是一個 我建議大多數來訪的鄰里

  • in all of Singapore (சிங்கப்பூர்). Especially at night it is so lively and so

    在所有新加坡(சிங்கப்பூர்)。 尤其是在夜間它是如此活潑等

  • colorful. You just got to come here and soak it all up.

    豐富多彩。你剛剛來這裡泡 這一切。

  • We are now visiting a creature that is half mermaid half lion. The question is it Merlion

    我們現在正在參觀的動物,是成功的一半 美人魚一半獅子。現在的問題是它的魚尾獅

  • or Mer-Lion?


  • It's a bit unusual for us to get this far into a

    它是 有點不尋常,讓我們獲得這麼遠成

  • video without mention of food, so let's talk about breakfast in Singapore (新加坡).

    視頻無食的記載,讓我們 說說早餐新加坡(新加坡)。

  • So this morning we wanted to show you a little bit of everything so we're being piggies we've

    所以今天早上,我們想告訴你一個小 一切的位,所以我們被小豬我們已經

  • ordered four different dishes. Yep. The first three are already here. So first up we got

    下令四個不同的菜餚。是的。首先 三個是已經在這裡。所以,首先我們得

  • some that is called well I've heard it called two ways. Dosai Masala or Masala Thosai.

    一些被稱為我已經聽到了叫 兩種方式。 Dosai瑪沙拉或瑪沙拉Thosai。

  • So it is kind of like a folded pancake with different curries and gravies and then we

    因此,它是一種像一個折疊的煎餅 不同的咖哩和肉汁,然後我們

  • also have our pratas. We got egg. No we got cheese prata. Yeah, cheese with egg and the

    也有我們的東沙島。我們得到了雞蛋。沒有我們得到了 奶酪煎餅。是啊,奶酪雞蛋和

  • other one is banana prata.


  • So this is kind of like a folded pancake. Um, and it also comes with a nice sauce and

    因此,這是一種像一個折疊的煎餅。 嗯,也有一個很好醬

  • the third one. The third we're still working on. What did we get?

    第三個。我們仍在努力第三 上。什麼,我們得到什麼?

  • Oh, we got Murtabak. Murtabak. Yes.

    哦,我們得到了Murtabak。 Murtabak。是。

  • Yeah, so that is a folded pancake stuffed with mutton. You can get different meats but

    是啊,所以這是一個折疊的煎餅釀 羊肉。你可以得到不同的肉類,但

  • we chose mutton. And we've also ordered tea and coffee. Sam couldn't make up his mind.

    我們選擇了羊肉。而且我們還下令茶 和咖啡。山姆無法彌補他的頭腦。

  • I know. So he's having both tea and coffee. I don't know if I want to have tea or coffee

    我知道。所以他既具有茶葉和咖啡。 我不知道如果我想有茶或咖啡

  • so I ended up getting two.


  • Okay Sam, breakfast time. What are you starting out with? So I am starting out with actually

    好了山姆,早餐時間。什麼是你開始 帶出來?所以我開始接觸實際

  • this is the thing we've been ordering the most. It is the different kinds of prata they

    這是我們已經訂購的東西 最。它是種不同煎餅的它們

  • have served. Basically it is a folded pancake and it comes in all kinds of different fillings

    曾經服務。基本上它是一個折疊的煎餅 並且它有各種不同的餡料

  • and flavors. Yes. The one we ordered here is cheese but you can also get banana which

    和味道。是。我們在這裡訂購一 是奶酪,但你也可以得到其中的香蕉

  • is the second one we have. And then we also noticed there is even like ones with ice cream.

    是第二個,我們有。然後我們還 注意到有甚至像那些冰淇淋。

  • There is ones with mushrooms so it is like chocolate. Chocolate.

    還有那些蘑菇所以很喜歡 巧克力。巧克力。

  • So you can just pick whatever you want and order it. So I'm going to show you what the

    所以,你可以隨便挑任何你想要的和 訂購。所以,我要告訴你的是什麼

  • cheese looks like in here. Yeah. You can kind of see it. It is not really seeping out because

    奶酪看起來像在這裡了。是啊。可以種 中看到它。它是不是真的滲透,因為

  • it has been obviously cooked inside but you can see that right here. So my first bite

    它可是你裡面得到明顯熟 可以看到,就在這裡。所以,我的第一口

  • is obviously going to be with cheese. So I've got one from the middle with the cheese.

    顯然將是奶酪。所以我 得到了一個從奶酪中間。

  • I'm going to grab a little bit or curry which is over on the side here. Dunk that in there.

    我要搶一點點或咖哩 結束了在這裡的一面。扣籃,在那裡。

  • Take it for a swim. Take it for a swim.


  • Wow.


  • That curry is really potent today.


  • Let's break this off. This one is my personal favorite. I like this one even more than the

    讓我們來打破這一關。這一個是我個人的 喜愛。我喜歡這個甚至比更

  • cheese.


  • You know what? I like the banana one when they combine it with chocolate syrup. Of course

    你知道嗎?我喜歡香蕉之一,當 他們與巧克力糖漿結合起來。當然

  • you do. We've had it before at a few places. That is like having dessert for breakfast

    你做。我們在幾個地方之前已經受夠了。 這就像有早餐甜點

  • so.


  • Mmmm.


  • That is good. It has like a natural sweetness to it. The bananas are really ripe and mushy.

    那很好。它就像一個天然甜味 給它。香蕉是真正成熟和糊狀。

  • That is really good. I think that is what really makes a good pancake. Is it you've

    那才是真的好。我認為這是 真叫一個很好的煎餅。它是你

  • got to make sure the bananas are nice and ripe and mushy.

    必須確保香蕉很不錯, 成熟糊狀。

  • So for breakfast in Singapore you basically have your tea and your coffee. The tea is

    因此,在新加坡,你基本上早餐 有你的茶,你的咖啡。這種茶

  • spelled 'T E H' and the coffee is spelled 'K O P I' Teh and kopi. Yeah.

    拼寫'TEH'和咖啡拼寫 “KOPI”德和科皮。是啊。

  • So let's try the tea first.


  • That is really quite good. I know it is so sweet. There is a lot of sugar added. There

    這真的是相當不錯的。我知道是這樣 甜。有添加了大量的糖。那裡

  • is a lot of milk added.


  • And it sort of reminds me a little bit of a masala chai I have to say. It is not quite

    它那種讓我想起了一點點 一個馬薩拉釵,我不得不說。這是不是很

  • it doesn't quite have the spices or flavors of that but yeah it sort of reminds me of

    它不相當有香料或香料 那不過是啊,那種讓我想起了

  • that.


  • Now on to the kopi (coffee). Coffee.


  • And again this one has a lot of sugar added. And milk added. So if you like your tea and

    又一次這其中有添加了大量的糖。 和牛奶補充。所以,如果你喜歡你的茶,

  • coffee black um you're going to be in for a bit of a surprise here.

    黑咖啡嗯你將要在 有些這裡的驚喜。

  • So we are currently visiting the Botanic Gardens (新加坡植物园 - Taman Botani Singapura

    因此,我們目前正在逛植物園 (新加坡植物園 - 塔曼植物園新加坡

  • - சிங்கப்பூர் தாவரவியல் பூங்கா) here in Singapore and

    - சிங்கப்பூர்தாவரவியல் பூங்கா)在新加坡和

  • it is still quite early in the morning. It is about nine so the sun isn't even all the

    它仍然是在早晨相當早。它 是大約九等太陽甚至不是所有的

  • way up yet but it is so hot.


  • I don't know if you can tell but we've got a bit of a misty glow happening here. Um but

    我不知道你能不能告訴,但我們已經有了 有點飄渺煥發這裡發生的一切。但庵

  • it is kind of nice being in the gardens because you're just surrounded by a lot of lush vegetation.

    它是在花園裡,因為那種漂亮的幸福 你只是受了不少茂密的植被包圍。

  • So it kind of brings the temperatures down a little bit. There is a nice little breeze

    所以它種帶來的溫度下降 一點點。有一個很好的微風

  • and yeah it is pretty peaceful.


  • So visiting the Botanical Gardens is free but if you want to go in to the Orchid Gardens

    所以逛植物園是免費的 但如果你想進去的蘭花園

  • you have to pay for that. We just got our tickets it was five Singapore dollars per

    你必須為此付出代價的。我們剛剛得到了我們 門票是百分之五的新元

  • person and we've only been here a few minutes but I would say it is worth it. It is so colorful

    人,我們只在這裡待了幾分鐘 但我會說這是值得的。它是如此的豐富多彩

  • and really pretty.


  • It is time for an update from Sam who seems to suffer the most in this heat. What are

    現在是時候從山姆誰似乎是一個更新 挨在這麼熱的最多。什麼是

  • you experiencing right now? You're glowing!


  • I've just probably lost half my body weight in sweat but I mean yeah it is funny coming

    我只是大概失去了一半我的體重 在汗水,但我的意思是它是有趣的來臨

  • from Bangkok to Singapore because we had relatively cool weather in Bangkok but over here oh man

    從曼谷到新加坡的,因為我們有相對 涼爽的天氣在曼谷,但在這裡的人哦

  • I'm melting. It is hot and sticky. Yeah, just going to take a little while to get used to

    我都快融化。它是悶熱潮濕。是啊,就 將需要一些時間來習慣

  • this but. Yeah. So we're hiding in the shade. We're admiring the orchids but in the shade.

    這可是。是啊。因此,我們躲在陰涼處。 我們欣賞蘭花,但在陰涼處。

  • So where are we today? So we're visiting the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. Yeah. Out of

    那麼,今天我們在哪?因此,我們參觀 中國和日本花園。是啊。在......之外

  • all the things we've done in Singapore so far this is by far been the most peaceful

    所有我們在新加坡這樣做的事情 到目前為止,這是迄今以來最和平的

  • and relaxing. And you know what? It was a bit of a journey to get here. It took us almost

    和放鬆。你知道嗎?那是個 旅程位到這裡。我們用了將近

  • an hour but it is so tranquil and peaceful. No one is around. It has been so worth it.

    一個小時,但它是如此的寧靜與和平。 周圍沒有人。它是如此值得。

  • It is a little ways from the city centre but if you take the green line you can get off

    距離市中心有點的方法,但 如果你把綠線就可以下車

  • at the Chinese Garden station and it is literally right there. And it is just beautiful. Also

    在中國花園站,它是從字面上 在那裡。而這僅僅是美麗的。也

  • I should mention that it is a free attraction and for Singapore (新加坡) that is great

    我應該指出,這是一個免費景點 和新加坡(新加坡),這是偉大的

  • value I mean to have a free attraction. Free is great value. Yes. Some things are really

    值我的意思是有一個免費景點。自由 巨大的價值。是。有些事情真的

  • expensive here so enjoy this one. This one is free.

    昂貴這裡這麼喜歡這一個。這個 免費。

  • The Chinese Garden (裕华园) is modelled after the northern Chinese imperial style,

    中國園林(裕華園)為藍本 中國北方宮廷風格後,

  • and it comes complete with a series of stone bridges, pagodas and a tea house. You can

    它配有一個系列的石頭 橋,寶塔和茶館。您可以

  • climb the 7-storey pagoda for views of the lake, but it was a little too hot and humid

    爬上7層高的寶塔的意見的 湖,但它是一個有點過於炎熱和潮濕

  • for that. Right next to it, you have the Japanese Garden (星和园), which is built in the

    為了那個原因。就在旁邊,你有日本 花園(星和園),它是建在

  • style of the Japanese medieval period. The two gardens are collectively known as the

    日本中世紀時期的風格。該 兩個花園被統稱為

  • Jurong Gardens.


  • While in Singapore (Singapura), we also visited Fort Canning Park (Bukit Larangan). If you're

    而在新加坡(新加坡),我們還參觀了 福康寧公園(武吉Larangan)。如果你是

  • a history buff, you may be interested in touring the Battle Box, which was a former WWII British

    一個歷史愛好者,你可能有興趣在巡演 碉堡,這是一個二戰前英國

  • underground command centre. It was inside the Battlebox that the British decided to

    地下指揮中心。這是內 在Battlebox,英國決定

  • surrender Singapore to the invading Japanese.


  • Now, we didn't do this ourselves, but another popular activity is riding the Singapore Flyer

    現在,我們不這樣做我們自己,而是另一個 流行的活動是騎新加坡摩天觀景輪

  • (新加坡摩天观景轮 - Pelayang Singapura - சிங்கப்பூர் ஃப்ளையர்),

    (新加坡摩天觀景輪 - 新加坡Pelayang - சிங்கப்பூர்ஃப்ளையர்)

  • which is a giant Ferris wheel that offers unobstructed views of the city.

    這是一個巨大的摩天輪的計劃書 城市盡收眼底。

  • Another thing we knew we had to make time for while in Singapore, is eating at a hawker

    另一件事,我們知道我們必須要抓緊時間 對於同時在新加坡,是吃在小販

  • centre (小贩中心 - 熟食中心), which is kind of like a food court that serves up

    中心(小販中心 - 熟食中心),這 是有點像,供應了一個美食廣場

  • quality yet affordable meals. We visited the Old Airport Food Centre since it was close

    優質且價格合理的飯菜。我們參觀了 老機場美食中心,因為它是接近

  • to our hotel.


  • Okay, so our first dish is here at the table. And we are having Bee Hoon Goreng (Mie goreng)

    好了,所以我們的第一道菜是在此間舉行的表。 而且我們有米粉炒飯(三重炒飯)

  • and it looks a little bit different from what is on the picture but I think that is because

    它顯示的內容有點不同 是在畫面,但我認為這是因為

  • they have plain noodles on the menu and the asked us if we wanted it spicy. We said yes.

    他們有菜單和在普通麵條 問我們是否想要它辣。我們說好。

  • And now it is orange. Yep.


  • That is a lot of spice I would imagine. He also asked us if we wanted an egg and we said

    這是一個很大的香料我會想像的。他 還問我們是否想要一個雞蛋和我們說

  • oh yeah. Yeah, there was only a fifty cent supplement so. There you go.

    哦耶。是啊,只有一個五毛 補充左右。你去那裡。

  • So if you look a little closer at the plate it is like a vermicelli noodle. And this one

    所以,如果你看一下板更近一點 它像一個粉絲米線。和這個

  • looks like it is has been broken into small little pieces. We also have beansprouts, we've

    看起來是已經破碎成小 小件。我們也有豆芽,我們已經

  • got an egg. Almost like an egg omelet. Like a scrambled egg that has been mixed in. Uh,

    有一個雞蛋。幾乎像一個雞蛋的煎蛋卷。喜歡 一個炒雞蛋已在呃參差不齊,

  • what else?


  • It is a pretty generous portion too I have to say.

    這是一個非常慷慨的部分也有我 說了。

  • Yeah, it is pretty big. It is pretty big.


  • Some onions, cabbage and then it comes with some cucumbers. Yep.

    一些洋蔥,白菜,然後它與 一些黃瓜。是的。

  • So again spoon and fork that is how you eat here. That is how you do it in Singapore.

    如此反复勺子和叉子就是你怎麼吃 這裡。那你是怎麼在新加坡做。

  • That is how you do it at a Hawker Centre.


  • And let's see.


  • So this looks like a stir fried noodle dish.


  • Mmmm.


  • Oh wow. Spicy? That is spicy.


  • They asked us if they wanted it spicy and we said oh yeah. He asked medium spice or

    他們問我們,如果他們想它辣 我們說,哦耶。他要求中的香料或

  • like a lot of spice. That is the question.


  • Okay, time for the next dish and this one is Kway Teow Goreng. Yeah. And the shop we

    好吧,時間下菜,這一次 是粿條炒飯。是啊。而我們店

  • went to is basically a noodle specialist. So he only does stir-fry noodles. Right.

    去基本上是麵條專家。 所以他只做煸炒麵條。對。

  • So we're getting the second one of the most popular dishes that he sells. Yeah, how this

    因此,我們得到的最第二個 他賣流行的菜餚。是啊,這個怎麼樣

  • differs is that you've got thick rice noodles here. Yeah, they're flat noodles.

    不同的是你已經有了厚厚的米粉 這裡。是啊,他們是扁平麵條。

  • Yeah, they're flat noodles. The ingredients are a little bit different. I'm noticing more

    是啊,他們是扁平麵條。這些成分 是有點不同。我注意到更多

  • peppers and tomatoes. I'm noticing what appears to be peas and of course there is beansprouts

    辣椒和西紅柿。我注意到出現什麼 是豌豆,當然還有豆芽

  • again. And egg.


  • And once again we asked for it to be super spicy and we asked for the supplement of an

    我們再次要求它是超級 辛辣和我們要求的補充

  • egg. So alright.


  • Let's take a bite. In he goes.