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  • Hello again from Taipei (臺北市). Today we're on a bit of a food mission. We've been


  • hearing about Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐 - 鼎泰丰). Apparently, they specialize in soup dumplings.

    我們已經聽到有關鼎泰豐(鼎泰豐 - 鼎泰豐)。顯然,他們專注於湯餃子。

  • So that is what we're going to try today. We absolutely love dumplings so any excuse


  • for us to eat dumplings is always a good one and yeah it is another rainy day in Taipei

    給我們吃餃子始終是一個很好的一個,和是它是另一個雨天在台北 (台北市),

  • (臺北市) so we figured let's plan our day around food. Let's go eat. Yes, and this place


  • opens at ten in the morning and we are expecting huge lines. So we're here early let's go get


  • in line.

  • So we got here just as the place was opening at ten in the morning and we already have

  • probably about fifty people in front of us standing in line. The good thing is they are

  • handing out a menu to everyone who is waiting so you can have an idea of what you want to

  • order and then your food will be ready sooner.

  • So we are currently placing our order. Of course we're going for the classic Xiaolongbao

    所以我們來到這裡,就像這個地方是開放 在早上十點,我們已經有了

  • (小笼包 - 小籠包). Gotta get those. What else?

    大概五十人在我們面前 排隊。

  • We're still deciding what else. Still deciding what else. It is a big menu. It is a huge

    好在他們派發菜單 大家誰在等待,所以你可以有

  • menu. Look at that. So many choices.

    你要訂購,然後什麼的想法 你的食物將準備越快。

  • The location we're at has four floors and right now we're heading up to the third one.


  • I'm guessing the other ones are full already.

    當然,我們要去的經典小籠包 (小籠包 - 小籠包)。

  • Well, we made it. We're out of the rain and we got a table. It wasn't that long of a wait.


  • No, like five minutes. So. No, I would say a bit more. Okay maybe ten. Fifteen.


  • Ten or fifteen but haha.


  • Maybe I was just so excited to be here that time is just going so fast. Time sped up.


  • So our tea is already here. They gave us free Oolong tea (烏龍茶 - 乌龙茶). You do


  • get free Oolong tea (烏龍茶 - 乌龙茶) and we've finally. Oh and you also get slices


  • of ginger as well too. Yeah, that is where the dumplings. That is for the dumplings and


  • we finally decided on our menu. So we're getting ah if you look down here we're getting pork


  • xiao long bao (小笼包 - 小籠包) which is we're getting the ten pieces. Oh.

    我們正處在一個位置有四個樓層, 現在我們正朝著到第三個。

  • And we're also getting for dessert we're getting a taro xiaolongbao (芋泥小包) and we're


  • only getting five of those. So that should be sweet inside and then we also have a noodle


  • dish. Noodles with spicy sesame and peanut sauce (擔擔麵). So really looking forward


  • to that. And is there one else oh yeah. Sticky rice in a wrap with pork. So that is probably


  • going to be like a lotus leaf wrap. So yeah we're just at this point waiting for everything


  • to arrive and oh are we ever hungry. We basically skipped breakfast for this.


  • Alright so before coming here we were reading the history of the place and apparently the


  • man who started this Yang he used to run a shop where he sold cooking oil and like that


  • was his business but apparently when that industry started to change and people weren't


  • buying as much cooking oil anymore he had to come up with a new business idea so he


  • and his wife decided okay we're going to sell soup dumplings and like they became such a

    也許我只是太高興能在這裡, 時間只是要這麼快。

  • huge hit that today they have locations not only across Taipei (臺北市) and Taiwan


  • (中華民國) but also around the world in places like LA, Hong Kong. So yeah, pretty


  • cool story and now we're waiting for the food.

    他們給了我們免費的烏龍茶(烏龍茶 - 烏龍茶)。

  • This is the look of excitement. So the star of the meal has arrived. The Xiaolongbao (小笼包

    你得到免費的烏龍茶(烏龍茶 - 烏龍茶) 我們終於過。

  • - 小籠包) is here on the table in real life. And this is cool. So you eat it with

    哦,你還可以得到生薑片以及 太。

  • a special sauce and they actually give you instructions on how it is done.


  • So here in the restaurant they actually give you a guide how to enjoy Xiao long bao (小笼包

    這是餃子,我們最後決定 我們的菜單上。

  • - 小籠包). This is how you eat it. Um, and they basically explain how to prepare

    因此,我們饒人啊,如果你在這裡往下看 我們正在豬肉小籠包(小籠包

  • the sauce so we're going to try our hand at this. The waiter actually wanted to make it

    - 小籠包),這是我們得到十 件。

  • for us and we're like no. We are filming this. Haha.


  • So allow me to demonstrate.

    而且我們也越來越甜點我們得到 芋頭小籠包(芋泥小包)和我們

  • Okay so first up we have our little plate with ginger right here. So it says put some


  • soy sauce and vinegar. So it is one part soy sauce. One part soy sauce. And three parts

    所以這應該是甜裡面,然後我們 也有麵條。

  • vinegar. I'd say that is about the right vinegar.

    辣芝麻和花生醬面 (擔擔面)。

  • Next up we grab our little Xiaolongbao (小笼包 - 小籠包) and dip it into the sauce. Once


  • it has been dipped we place it on the spoon. Let us see what is next. Oh, let's not forget


  • you have to poke a little hole to let out the soupy broth that is hiding in there. Can


  • you see that. Oh my gosh. Oh wow look at it seeping out. Pouring out.

    所以這很可能會像蓮花 葉包裹。

  • And then then you take some of the ginger from the plate add it on top and it all goes

    所以呀,我們只是在這一點上等待 一切的到來哦是我們曾經餓了。

  • in in one bite. Is that too big for one bite?


  • Try.

    好吧,所以在來這裡之前,我們在讀 地點和顯然的歷史

  • Mmmm.

    人誰開始這個楊,他用來運行 商店,在那裡他賣食用油一樣,

  • Is that tasty?

    是他的生意,但顯然當 行業開始發生變化,人不是

  • Wow. That is amazing. That is so juicy. Oh man.

    購買了盡可能多的食用油他 拿出一個新的經營理念,讓他

  • Is that one of the best dumplings you've ever had?

    和他的妻子決定好了,我們要出售 湯餃子和像他們成為這樣的

  • It really is. I'm so glad we came here and stood in line. This is worth it.

    巨大的打擊,今天他們有沒有位置 只有跨越台北(台北市)和台灣

  • Okay Sam, let's see if you were paying attention to the instructions. There is a lot going

    (中華民國),同時也是世界各地的中 像洛杉磯,香港的地方。

  • on so okay first up we're going to grab it. I'm going to try not to break the soupiness

    所以,是的,很酷的故事,現在我們正在等待 為食品。

  • of it. Dip it in here. Put it in the spoon. Grab a piece of ginger. No no no. What do


  • you do first to the dumpling? Oh, I've got to break it open. Release the juices. Gotta


  • pierce it.

    該小籠包(小籠包 - 小籠包)是 這裡在現實生活中的表。

  • Oh, there we go. It is coming out. There you go. There we go. Oh my.


  • Alright. Now I'll grab a piece of ginger. Just like that. And all in at once. Oh yeah.

    所以,你有一個特製的醬汁,他們吃 其實給你它是多麼的說明

  • Hahaha.


  • Mmmm.

    所以,在這裡,他們實際上給餐廳 你指導如何享受小籠包(小籠包

  • Isn't that amazing? Wow. It is just like. There is two things that come to mind right

    - 小籠包)。

  • away and the first being the quality of the soup inside. So the second thing is the skin


  • of the dumpling. It is just so thin and it such a wonderful it is almost I wouldnt' call

    嗯,他們主要講解如何準備 醬油所以我們要盡我們的手在

  • it a buttery taste but it just has a nice texture in your mouth. Yeah. Oh, this is so


  • good. I was reading apparently the chefs who have been training at this they can roll out

    該服務員居然想讓它 我們和我們一樣,沒有。

  • twenty dumpling skins per minute. Which is insane. That is insane. Insanity. That is


  • like one every three seconds. Right? Yeah, I know three seconds per dumpling. Wow. That


  • is crazy. Wow.


  • Okay so we have ordered other dishes but before we move on can we just admire this dumpling

    好了,所以首先我們有我們的小板 用姜就在這裡。

  • a little bit longer. Can you see the soupiness in there. Is that in focus? Yeah, you can


  • tell. Look at that.


  • And the dumpling on top you've probably noticed it has the perfect swirl. Apparently, the


  • chefs have to pinch it eighteen times to get that beautiful shape. So I mean like the amount


  • of detail that goes into this is crazy. And it is so tasty. So I'm just going to keep


  • eating them. Let's go for another. Release the soup. Oh la lah. More ginger. Let's put

    接下來,我們抓住我們的小小籠包(小籠包 - 小籠包),並蘸醬油。

  • lots of ginger in there. I'm not afraid of ginger. Haha. And in it goes again.

    一旦它被浸,我們把它放在 勺。

  • Mmmm.


  • Wonderful isn't it?

    哦,讓我們不要忘記,你必須戳了一下 孔讓出被隱藏糊狀肉湯

  • Alright, so the Xiaolongbao (小笼包 - 小籠包) is amazing but we did order more food so we


  • have to move on. We did.


  • So we've moving on to noodles that are in a peanut and a spicy sauce (擔擔麵). So


  • yeah. Yeah, peanut and sesame. Yeah, it has got sesame. That look so good. So I'm just


  • going to give it a real good mix here.


  • Yeah, just basically trying to soak up all of the noodles in the sauce. Alright. I love

    然後,你需要一些生薑 從板塊添加在上面,這一切都

  • peanut sauce. Me too. So I'm super excited. I'm really excited for this one I have to


  • admit.


  • Okay.


  • Mmmm.


  • Look at you go. Oh man. Sam doesn't waste any time.


  • Wow.


  • You, oh it is spicy.


  • It is one of those things where you can tell it is spicy as soon you have it but then as


  • you're swallowing it is like woah. Oh my.


  • So yeah, really nice and spicy. You really taste the peanut and you also really taste

    那是最好的餃子一個你有生以來 過?

  • the sesame sauce too. And it is just so good. It is kind of sweet. It is a combination of


  • being sweet and spicy and I just love that and the texture of the noodles they are quite


  • dense noodles. So really like that. Big hit instantly.


  • Okay so now I'm going to try the noodles and one of the waitresses just came over and told

    好了山姆,讓我們看看如果你關注 的說明。

  • us apparently we have to stir it more because there is still lots of sauce left at the bottom.

    有很多事情這麼好首先我們是 要抓住它。

  • So let's obey. Let's give it a real good mix Audrey.

    我會盡量不打破soupiness 它。

  • Let's make sure we're doing this the right way. That we're getting all that saucey goodness.


  • I think that looks good. I can't wait for you to try this I think you're going to really


  • like it.


  • Let's see.


  • And the one thing that we've now been in Taipei (臺北市) for this is what our third or


  • fourth day. And my gosh is this ever a city for foodies. Like if you're into food this


  • is the place where you've gotta come. That is amazing.


  • It is like so nutty. Nutty and sweet and spicy. It is an amazing combination of flavors. I


  • like this a lot. And we weren't even going to order this. Sam was like eh I don't know


  • this sounds kind of plain but this is the star.


  • Okay, time to move on to the third dish. Yeah, so we've got sticky rice wrapped with pork


  • (糯米雞 - 糯米鸡). So what I'm going to do is just try to dissect that to see.


  • Oh, look at that. You can see the pork right there. Oh my.


  • Oh, look at those colors. Turn it back around. Show us that baby. It is so sticky. There


  • we go. Look at that. Look at those colors.


  • So I'm going to go in for the pork and obviously the sticky rice (糯米雞 - 糯米鸡). That


  • pork looks so juicy.


  • Oh, my gosh. It might be like along with what the Xiao Long Bao (小笼包 - 小籠包)


  • I actually like that even more than the noodles and that is saying a lot because I love the


  • noodles. It is just that pork is so juicy and so fatty. It has just got so much flavor


  • to it and then the sticky rice really enhances it. Oh, loving it. This is just like an awesome


  • meal man. This is so good.


  • So I've already been sampling the rice and that is pretty good. If you take a look at


  • the plate I think what makes it so special is that is has a little bit of fat that adds

    有浮現在腦海右兩件事情 ,距離第一個是的質量

  • juiciness but like it is not chewy fat that you wouldn't want. It is just like that fat


  • that just melts in your mouth and adds flavor. Yeah. Exactly.


  • And just look at the color of that meat. It is

    這僅僅是如此之薄,它這樣一個美妙 這幾乎是我不會'叫它黃油

  • just so amazing.

    味道,但它只是有一個不錯的質感您 口。

  • Mmmm.


  • So yeah I'm going in for bite number two while you're holding the camera. Quality control.


  • Look at that.

    我讀顯然誰擁有廚師 被這個訓練,他們可以推出擠出二十

  • Look at the pork. Look at those colors. It is like a golden brown. I know.


  • And literally it just melts in your mouth.


  • We finished every last morsel of our mains so now we're moving on to dessert.


  • Yeah, so we're trying Taro Xiaolongbao (小笼包 - 小籠包). Yeah.


  • Going back to the Xiao Long Bao (小笼包 - 小籠包). Okay, that is the star of this


  • restaurant.


  • I can't wait to try this. I bet it is going to be amazing.


  • Mmmm.


  • Oh yeah. Wow.


  • The taro is just so sweet and then it is just so rich and creamy inside of my mouth and


  • so piping hot and warm. Yeah, it was still steaming when they brought it.

    好了,我們已經下令其他的菜,但之前 我們繼續前進,我們可以只欣賞這種餃子

  • It makes the perfect dessert.


  • Okay, so my turn to try it.


  • I actually had my eye on the chocolate dumplings but those cost a lot more so we figured let's


  • try taro instead. So yeah, this is made with taro root. I've never tried that before. So


  • I'm going to take a half bite so I can show you what it looks like inside.


  • Mmmm.

    和頂部的餃子,你可能已經注意到 它擁有完美的漩渦。

  • Mmmm.

    顯然,廚師掐它18 次得到造型美觀。

  • It is like purple.

    所以,我的意思是像的細節就是那張在量 這個是瘋狂的。

  • Wow.


  • That is like manioc.


  • Like sweetened manioc. Do you like it?


  • Mmmm.


  • What do you think? It was not what I was expecting but it is not bad.


  • Lasting impressions of Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐 - 鼎泰丰). Oh, this place was fantastic.


  • Not only was the food really good but the service was very attentive.


  • So in terms of the price point looking here it is five hundred and twenty eight Taiwan


  • dollars which is sixteen dollars and fifty cents US.


  • So you're looking at roughly eight dollars per person and that was for four different


  • things and unlimited tea. And it includes the service charge. Yeah.


  • So I mean that. How can you get better value than that?


  • I mean we're leaving full. We're leaving satisfied and it also didn't cost a fortune either so

    好吧,讓小籠包(小籠包 - 小籠包) 是驚人的,但我們確實為了更多的食物,所以我們

  • highly recommend this place. I know for a fact we'll be back again before leave Taipei


  • (臺北市).


  • So somebody got a little souvenir to remember their meal here. So I like the quality of

    因此,我們繼續前進到在麵條 花生和辣醬(擔擔面)。

  • the chopsticks so much here that I got a set for us. So we each get our own set and this


  • will be for our future house. Haha.


Hello again from Taipei (臺北市). Today we're on a bit of a food mission. We've been



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臺灣美食 - 小籠包。在臺北鼎泰豐吃湯圓。 (Taiwanese Food (Xiao Long Bao - 小籠包): Eating soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) in Taipei, Taiwan)

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