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  • Hi, everyone. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on talking about

  • bugs and insects. So in this lesson, I'm actually going to get the help of one of my oldest

  • friends. This is Steve the Spider. We've known each other since high school. We were on the

  • basketball team together, on the swimming team together. He's a heck of a chess player.

  • And you know what? We lost contact for a long time, but he recently found me on Facebook.

  • And I thought, "You know what, Steve? I'm going to do a lesson on bugs and insects.

  • I think it would be really cool if you helped me." So here he is helping out,

  • Steve the Spider.

  • So this is a basic lesson on some of the vocabulary nouns that we use to talk about different

  • bugs and insects as well as some of the actions associated with those bugs and insects.

  • So to begin, we have caterpillars. And we are going to focus on pronunciation a bit

  • on this one, too. So repeat after me, everyone. "Caterpillars." Okay. So what do caterpillars

  • do? Well, they make cocoons and become butterflies. So here is a picture of a butterfly. Do you

  • like that butterfly, Steve? Yeah? It looks very nice, right? Okay. So here's a picture

  • of a caterpillar. They make cocoons, which is the home of the caterpillar before it becomes

  • a butterfly. All right? So caterpillars make cocoons and become butterflies.

  • Next, we've ladybugs. Here is a picture of a ladybug. Steven has dated many ladybugs

  • in his life. And ladybugs have black spots. I think it's the black spots that attract

  • him the most. So they have black spots. Here's a ladybug

  • -- red ladybug with some black spots on it.

  • Next, we've bees. And bees can sting you. So this little sharp stinger -- it's called

  • a "stinger" -- can sting you. Okay? They can sting you. So you can say, "I got a bee sting",

  • or "I got stung by a bee. I was stung by a bee." And bees, the sound they make, obviously,

  • is "bzzz", so we say, "Bees buzz."

  • Next, we've spiders who are cousins of Steve here. Spiders make webs." Steve has made many

  • a web in his life, and he's going to continue making webs for the rest of his life as well.

  • So if you've seen Spider-Man, you're familiar with spiders, and they make webs. Okay?

  • Next, we've ants. The same pronunciation like your aunt, which is you know, the sister of

  • your father or your mother. Ants live in colonies, so large groups or colonies. And here's a

  • picture of ants going to their home. This is actually called an "anthill", so an "anthill".

  • Ants live in colonies and anthills.

  • Next, mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can bite you and make you itchy. So mosquitoes are the

  • insects that like human blood. And you can say, "I was bitten by a mosquito", or "A mosquito

  • bit me." You can also say, "I have a mosquito bite." So if your hand is red and you're itchy

  • -- "itchy" means you want to scratch. Scratch, scratch, scratch. It's because you have a

  • mosquito bite.

  • Next, fireflies. Fireflies glow -- which means they give light -- and flicker. So when you

  • think of "flicker", thank of lights that go on, off, on, off. Okay? So they glow -- they

  • give light at night -- and they flicker. So here's a picture of a firefly giving light.

  • And finally, we have cockroaches, which very few people like. They have some uses, but

  • -- cockroaches have hard shells. So you know, the back of the cockroach, the shell of the

  • cockroach is very hard, which makes them crunchy and hard to kill. Depends on the size of your

  • boot. You would never hurt a cockroach, right, Steve? No, I didn't think so.

  • Okay. So just to review, let's do some pronunciation of all of these insects one more time. Repeat

  • after me. "Caterpillar". We'll use the singular. One more time, "caterpillar, ladybug, bee,

  • spider, ant, mosquito, firefly, cockroach". Okay.

  • So if you'd like to test your understanding of this material, as always, you can check

  • out the quiz on And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

  • Did you subscribe to my YouTube channel, Steve? Okay. We're going to go play some basketball,

  • so we'll talk to you guys later. See you.

Hi, everyone. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on talking about


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