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  • Hey what's up

  • motherfuckers

  • Metroflex longbeach

  • With Superman, and aj...

  • This is the guy that you guys come to metroflex workout

  • you this guy fucking balls hanging

  • He is incredibly humble... am I correct Alex?

  • Fuck off

  • What the fuck?

  • You know, I am fully aware and I actually messed around a little bit

  • he showed me huge balls.

  • This guy knows his shit.

  • Mr prophet muscle...hum

  • Why

  • why?... well

  • Its obvious, think about this shit, its not gonna happen

  • So bring your 20 thousand

  • I accept your 20 thousand

  • ...and

  • As far as my availability

  • So bring your 20 thousand tonight

  • Tomorrow night, monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night.

  • You name the time.

  • How much time you need to prepare 20 thousand, you let me know.

  • I am ready right now, I am ready tomorrow night.

  • The sooner the sooner for me.

  • Because

  • I just want to get 20 thousand, and...

  • I am sure you do too.

  • You know give me the twenty, show up with 20 grand that you offered.

  • Really quick I just want to recap, Mr Prophet Muscle is absolutely, unbelievably stupid

  • So thats how they got me to CHIPOTLE

  • Walk out of Chi-po-tle

  • Prophet muscle comes up

  • The guy I had an interview with tells me: This guy is absolutely, unbelievably stupid.

  • This person prophet muscle, whatever you are trying to accomplish I have no idea

  • I know its views I know its to get popular but the end result is

  • Bring your 20 thousand...and

  • I am gonna fuck you in the Ass, and I am not talking shit I am just saying what is going to happen.

  • I can sorta congratulate you on that but on the other hand I can't really congratulate you.

  • It makes no logical sense.

  • You know those are the facts, anyway I don't need to sit here and fucking ...

  • And if you watch the video you can tell he is dubbing my voice in certain spots

  • he is editing the video cutting in and, cutting in and

  • mixing it all up, cutting in and and make it seem something that it isn't

  • and again, it doesn't even fucking matter, what matters is, bring your 20 thousand

  • let me know when we are gonna do this, show up in metroflex, let alex know

  • the fucking fight is gonna be the cage closes

  • you give me the 20 grand, I am gonna get the motherfucking money

  • walk out the cage and hit the goddamn sack.

  • alright guise

Hey what's up


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B1 中級 美國腔

裡奇-皮亞納接受先知肌肉2萬美金,但不接受比賽。 (Rich Piana accepts Prophet Muscle $20K but not the fight)

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