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This is not new conversation many people feel this way
History repeats itself again
In this ruthless world the killing broken people all around its a shame but it seems to never end
Aney Aney you my unborn child sorry sorry I can't a brighter lullaby
A new day of realization future mothers plead let my body be a source for peace
Feeling fear cuz there's not telling what will follow in the years lost in doubt and hesitation forive me please
Aney Aney you my unborn child sorry sorry I can't sing a brighter lullaby
I've never met you though I've felt you in a dream hearts whispered in silence you were there
No I couldn't assure you everything would be alright for now I walk this shadow world alone...so alone.....
Governments and all they promise I can see their lies now the price is just to high to pay
Hatred poverty and darkness who will brings us light can we stop the pain and just start living life
You generals heartless make your wars have you no God
Truth unite all mother of the world for love peace and freedom we must find a better way
Hope give it back to my unborn child...Every Child......
Aney....Aney....Aney...Aney......Want to sing a brighter lullaby (x4)


origa - aney unborn child(英文歌詞) (origa - aney unborn child)

242 分類 收藏
許祐綸 發佈於 2017 年 1 月 6 日
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