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  • How much?

  • P15 pesos

  • this is turkey?

  • no it's a bebe (duck)

  • do you have #16?

  • #16 is the number of days that the egg was incubated...16 days


  • bebe is a duck? duck right?

  • *the vendor argued that bebe is not a duck*

  • add some vinegar

  • salt

  • Nymphee is eating a regular egg or the unfertilized egg... we called it Pe(i)noy...

  • *there's a soup inside*

  • *balut was believe to enhance your stamina during seexx! LOL

  • Nymphee: That's gross!

  • Yummy!?

  • *It already had a feather in it.

  • that's the face of the chick

How much?


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宿霧,菲律賓街頭美食:Balut(巴魯特) (Cebu, Philippine Street Food: Balut)

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