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I've been in a long distance relationship for over a year now,
and the best way I can describe it is a constant countdown.
I'm either counting down the days until I can see him again,
or I'm savoring how much time we have left together.
It's a strange balance of anticipation and anxiety;
and honestly, it can kind of mess with my head if I focus on it too much.
But I always like to think of the bigger picture.
Being patient is probably the number one rule when you're in an LDR.
The worst feeling by far is not knowing when you're going to see each other again,
but once you lock in a date and book a flight, that's when the timer begins.
No matter what's happening, they're always in the back of your mind.
And especially if it's something amazing because you just wish that they were there to experience it with you, too.
But what keeps me going is knowing that every day, hour and minute that passes, you're that much closer to seeing them.
You're gonna have moments of loneliness when you're in an LDR,
when you've had a terrible day or you're feeling down, not being able to hug him or even hold his hand's just tough.
But there are other ways to show that you're there for them;
whether it's a text, a voice memo, skype, even flowers.
You communicate and stay intimate in different and innovative ways,
and it proves that your relationship is beyond something physical.
It's anything but shallow.
When you're in an LDR, it forces you to be independent in your relationship.
Not having your boyfriend live nearby gives you no option but to do things on your own.
You have extra time to work on your job, your interests, your passions,
you can spend quality time with your friends and family, and just develop strong relationships with them.
You'll never be one of those people that just disappear when they get in a relationship.
When you're in an LDR, you learn how to rely on yourself.
You start to have a love and hate relationship with the airport;
and getting ready to see him still gives me butterflies.
It's crazy!
Once you're there, you literally can't wait to take off the ground.
Seeing them on the other side is probably one of the best feelings in the world.
It feels like you just saved all your tokens and you're finally cashing them all in.
You just appreciate every moment when you're with them because it's something that you've been patiently waiting for.
Even little things like getting stuck in traffic or making breakfast, they're all adventures now.
I didn't plan to be in a long distance relationship,
but love finds you in unexpected places.
(This is a book filled with incredible moments of two people falling madly in love)



謝謝遠距離,讓我成為更好的人 (LDR: Long Distance Relationship)

56503 分類 收藏
Sabrina Hsu 發佈於 2016 年 11 月 25 日


你是遠距離戀愛嗎?你曾經談過遠距離戀愛嗎?多數人對於遠距離戀愛的看法多半都有所保留,小編也聽過身旁許多朋友對於遠距離唯恐避之不及。但是,遠距離戀愛真的會失敗嗎?今天的主編精選是小編很喜歡的影片之一,Jenn 透過這支影片描述她在遠距離戀愛中的心情、學習和體會,分享給大家!

1long distance relationship0:07
long distance relationship 就是指「遠距離戀愛」,簡稱為「LDR」。
Before my parents got married, they'd been in a long distance relationship for 8 years that my dad was in the United States while my mom was in Taiwan.

除了 long distance relationship,我們來看看其他各式各樣的戀愛的英文要怎麼說~

serious relationship 就是「穩定的戀情」。
We've been in a serious relationship for over 2 years and we plan to get married next year.

open relationship 是指「開放式戀情、開方式關係」。而開放式戀情的意思就是一對情侶在穩定交往的狀態下,同意對方和別人發生關係。
They agree to be in an open relationship now because they don't know what the future holds.

cross cultural relationship 是指「異國戀情」,也就是和外國人談的戀愛。
There's plenty of challenges to face in a cross cultural relationship, but as long as you love each other, you can overcome whatever is ahead of you.

幾種表達「我愛你」的詭異方式,你也做過嗎? (Weird Ways Couples Say "I Love You")

2savor 0:19
savor 在這裡的意思是指「品味、品嚐、回味」,它可以是具象的品嚐(吃東西)也可以是抽象的品嚐(像是這支影片使用的方法就是抽象的品味)。
I always love to savor the memories that I made after coming back from vacations.

savor 當名詞時的意思有「滋味、風味、風趣」。
My sister loves to eat seafood because she can taste the savor of the sea.

【旅遊英文】威尼斯的奢華自助之旅 (Venice Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia)

3anticipation 0:23
anticipation 的意思是「預感、預期、預料;期待」。
I barely slept that night, in eager anticipation of traveling to Europe for the first time in my life.

【TED】憂鬱,我們共享的秘密 (Depression, the Secret We Share | Andrew Solomon | TED Talks)

4on your own1:45
on one's own 是一個非常好用的片語唷!它的意思是「靠自己、自己一個人做某事」。
He supports himself to go to college all on his own.

I managed to do all the housework on my own this morning.

5gives me butterflies2:11
give someone butterflies 的意思是「令某人小鹿亂撞、怦然心動」。 someone gets butterflies 也是相同的意思與用法!原來送人蝴蝶的意思是讓人小鹿亂撞啊~真可愛 (笑)。
You gave me butterflies when you opened the door for me while we're leaving the movie theater.

I always get butterflies whenever Emma talks to me.

戀愛讓我們長命百歲?你所不知的愛情的小秘密! How Does Love Affect Your Body?


文/ Sabrina Hsu




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