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- It--it was so, uh, well done
I-I texted you afterwards saying thank you so much
because it was really, uh, so--the whole series
is amazing, but I can't thank you enough.
It was great. - Well, we wanted you
because you are a master
of teaching people how to live their truth,
and, uh, I think obviously the show is wonderful
and fun and people love you for who you are.
But I think your true legacy--
the real work that you've done on the planet--
will be teaching people how to live authentically
as themselves.
- That will be your-- [cheers and applause]
- Thank you. - That's your real work.
And, you know, uh, when I first started the network,
I love this idea of "Master Class."
Using people who are known-- well-known,
to tell us about their lives
in the form of a class, and all of the lessons.
And the-- my favorite lesson
that you share with us-- um, this Sunday night on OWN--
um, my favorite lesson that you share
is that when you're going through hard times,
the hard lessons often are the ones that--
that help you through.
- They--they always are. - Yeah.
- They're the biggest gift-- - They always are.
- And it's interesting that way.
- You know what I didn't know,
and I was surprised at myself because I'm pretty empathetic
as a--as a person, but I really didn't realize
until I saw that "Master Class"
how hard it was for you to say, "I'm gay."
- Mm-hmm. - You know, I'd read articles
about it, but I really didn't know that.
- Yeah. - So I felt like
I came out of that "Master Class"--
have you all seen it? Did they show it to you?
- I think a couple of people saw it.
- Okay, I-I came out of that "Master Class"
um, having--with so-- with a greater level
of respect and also love for you.
- Aw. - Love for you.
- You're moving to Colorado. What do you--
- Well, I-- 'cause they have more trees.
It's more trees. - So you want to own--
- But also--also a sea-- their seasons there.
- Yes. - I love California,
but you know we're in a drought...
- Mm-hmm. - And I didn't know
what the governor meant when he said
only flush when needed, so I'm thinking--
I'm thinking, you know, there's water in Colorado,
and there's more trees in Colorado.
And also I like having seasons, so--
- What--are you gonna sell your place down the road?
- No, no, no, I will never sell that.
- You'll keep that. - Yeah, I'm gonna keep that.
- But you'll be in Colorado. - Yeah.
- Mostly. - I've been--I'm like you
that I've been building for a long time,
and I know you love houses. - I love houses.
- And I love the new Ellen DeGeneres Home book.
Have you seen it? - I have seen it.
- It's fantastic.
- Yeah. - I-I am so glad
for everybody else to see it because
every time I got to Ellen's house,
I am one of those people who's like,
"where did you get this?" and "where did you get that?"
"Where'd you find that chair? Where'd you get that door?
Where'd you find that floor?"
Because you have-- you have a knack for it.
- I love doing it. - Yeah, yeah.
- I love doing it. But I love--
and it made me feel really good
that you loved the house so much.
- I love the house, and I now love the book.
- Yeah, thank you. - Thanks.
- It comes out next week so then you'll all get a chance
to see what-- - It's gorgeous.
- Um. - I mean, that really is your--
that is a gift of yours.
That's why I was so excited about ED and ED At Home
because that really is a natural extension of you.
- Thank you. It is a natural--
like I'm giving birth to it.
- Yes, a natural extension of you.
- It is a natural extension.


【艾倫秀】當艾倫遇上歐普拉 (Ellen on Oprah's 'Master Class')

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