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  • Hello fellow 3Dprintors, I'm jwall with PrintThatThing here to feed yall some 3D nuggets.

  • 3D Printed Ovaries

  • Forbes Reported that Northwestern University presented the Endocrine Society with their

  • results of 3D-Printed prosthetic ovaries in mice. The prosthetic ovaries were able to

  • conceive and bear living young. The 3d-Printed implants were created with human applications

  • in mind. And the team behind it hopes that one day they'll restore fertility and hormone

  • function to women who suffer from side effects of cancer treatments and genetically reduced

  • ovarian function.

  • Scultptible 3D Printing Filament. It's like PLAYDoH and 3D Printing

  • made a baby!!! with 3D printed ovaries! Adam Beane Industries announced back in December that they'll be releasing

  • a line of sculptable filament later this year that remains moldable after printing. The

  • idea is based behind the companies Cx5 and Cx5s line of sculpting material that allows

  • for sculpting after cooling. The company stresses that Cx5 and Cx5s materials are NOT final

  • materials and all sculptures should be molded and then cast in your material of choice.

  • The sculptable filament will be available for Desktop FFF 3D printers and will be released

  • later this year.

  • Massachusetts based company - Voxel8 has figured out how to 3D print with embedding electronics

  • and Conductive Ink. The Voxel8 printer is designed to pause automatically to allow for

  • the addition of electronic components. Then the printer prints the conductive ink traces

  • that connect those components. They've worked with Autodesk to help with the layout of design

  • and electronics. These printers are available on the Voxel8 website for Developer's Kit

  • and Standard Printer preorder which will ship later this year.

  • z3DLab - Titanium Ceramic

  • French company Z3DLab has created titanium-ceramic printing powder.

  • The powder is called ZTi-Powder and is to be used

  • in SLM printing -(Selective Laser Melting). Fuzed with Titanium and zirconia the material

  • is believed to eliminate allergies that are usually triggered by Titanium implants. Opening

  • the door for dental implants, prosthesis, plates, stables, screws, and more within in

  • the medical field.

  • 3D Printed Robots

  • MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have developed a 3D printing

  • technique that prints solids and liquids. Motivated to create printable hydraulics and

  • step closer to rapid fabrication of functional machines the team developed an 8 part inkjet

  • head that deposits multiple materials for complex pre-filled fluidic channels. To demonstrate

  • this they printed a six-inch hexapod robot that took 22 hours to print. It moves using

  • a 3D printing hydraulic system and dc motor. The team has also printed a silicone-rubber

  • hand for MIT's Baxter Robot that uses liquid to move the fingers.

  • 3D Printing Shoes

  • The New Balance Zante Generate is the 1st 3d Printed running sneaker to be

  • made commercially available - but there's a catch. Only 44 pairs will be printed making

  • these sneakers limited addition and $400. As a collaboration with 3D systems the shoes

  • will be included in the 3D printed shoe technology with Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. While

  • 3d Printing shoes is too slow and too expensive for mass production - it's believed 3d Printing

  • shoes will be something of the future.

  • 3D Printed Casts

  • Mexican start up Mediprint has created the Novacast to hopefully replace how we treat

  • broken bones. These colorful casts are water proof, x-ray compatible,

  • don't absorb sweat

  • and allow for air flow and skin access for those pesky itches.

  • Thanks for watching, feel free to subscribe if you like 3D printing, and we'll see you next time.

  • Happy printing!

Hello fellow 3Dprintors, I'm jwall with PrintThatThing here to feed yall some 3D nuggets.


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