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While browsing the latest dating app, have you ever stopped and wondered
"Why are so many of the good looking people jerks?" Well, it turns out that there is a simple explanation for this phenomenon.
If we make a little graph of Niceness vs. Good Looks, we can start to get an answer.
First, we have to assume that people are equally spread across this chart;
meaning some people are mean and ugly, some are ugly and nice, some are good looking and mean, and some are good looking and nice!
Of course, this is based on your subjective taste, and what you find beautiful and nice.
Now if you think about it, you probably have zero interest in people who you find mean and ugly,
meaning your pool of potential mates gets a bit smaller.
And truthfully you probably prefer a certain combination of niceness and good looks.
Ultimately, we’re left with a triangle of people you find acceptable and give attention to in the first place.
But now, 100% of the people left in your pool who aren’t that attractive to you are nice
- they have to be otherwise you wouldn’t pay them any attention.
After all, if somebody is nice, you’re less likely to be critical of their appearance, which brings down the average of nice peoples looks.
To the same token, almost half of the people that are beautiful to you, are mean.
Again, if somebody is mean, you likely require that they be really attractive for you to give them any attention,
which makes it seem like more attractive people are jerks.
If we take this a step further we can assume that people who are both hot and nice are the best catches,
and get swept off the market more quickly, further increasing your perception and bias.
We can see a similar thing happen with food - do you ever wonder why it seems that healthy foods just don’t taste as good ?
Well let’s use our chart - Yumminess vs. Healthiness.
Of course, in reality this chart probably isn’t evenly distributed,
because food is often created to specifically taste good, so the right hand side of the graph is likely more dense.
Regardless, we can take out all the foods that don’t taste good and aren’t even good for you,
because why would you bother eating them?
But of the foods left over that you do eat, now 100% of the foods that don’t taste good are good for you!
Just like the dating graph, it’s because of the people or foods that you don’t pay attention to,
that your perception becomes skewed.
Back to dating, and it’s true. From your perspective, good looking people are more likely to be jerks
- but it’s because of who you’re paying attention to in the first place.
You simply ignore the ugly jerks !
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終極問題:為什麼長得好看的人常常是個混蛋? (Are Good Looking People Jerks?)

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韓澐 發佈於 2017 年 12 月 8 日    Ben Chen 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核



jerk 當名詞使用時,除了有「混蛋」的意思之外,還有表示「很突然、很快速的動作」。
John stood up with a jerk and ran out of the classroom.

另外,jerk around 這個片語的意思是「用不公平或不誠實的態度對待別人」,或是「浪費時間」。
Tom jerked me around when he said he was staying at home last night.

My friends and I jerked around for hours instead of doing our homework.

vs.versus 的縮寫,可以寫成 vs.vsv.,就是絕對不能寫 v.s. 。因為 vs. 是一個字的縮寫,而不是兩個字喔!


1. e.g. 「舉例來說」
學單字、片語的時候一定會看到很多例句,很多人會用 e.x. 作為「舉例來說」的縮寫。但是,正確的用法是 e.g. 喔!因為這是拉丁文 exempli gratia 的縮寫。至於 ex. 則是名詞,是 example 的縮寫。另外,e.g. 通常只用於書寫,口語上還是以 for example/instance 為主。
John likes various music genres, e.g., classical, rock, and jazz.

2. i.e. 「換句話說」
i.e. 是拉丁文 id est 的縮寫,可以用 in other wordsthat is 來解釋。
John didn't sleep for the whole night, i.e., he couldn't wake up and go to school.

3in the first place0:52
in the first place 的意思是「當初」或「從一開始」,主要的功用是引出「最基本的」那個原因,強調它的重要。
If you don't want to date Mary, why did you invite her to your house in the first place?

信不信由你,洗髮乳、化妝品真的有「毒」? The Story of Cosmetics (2010)

4get swept off1:27
get swept off the market 的意思是「被掃出市場」,套用影片裡的內容後,意指「搶手的對象在市場上很快就沒了」。

另外,想問問有追過電視影集「慾望師奶」(Desperate Housewives) 的 VoiceTubers,不知道對女主角泰瑞海契兒 (Teri Hatcher) 有沒有印象呢?某次泰瑞海契兒接受媒體訪問時曾說過這麼一句話:"I would like a man to sweep me off my feet." 這句話的意思是:「我會愛上一個足以讓我傾心的男人」。 sweep someone off their feet 就可以解釋為「使人傾心」。
John was hoping to sweep Mary off her feet, but she just ignored him.

【聽音樂學英文】 Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud


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