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  • So guys, I didn't expect to love Orange is the New Black as much as I did. I really enjoyed

  • it. You guys, your characters are very well-established now. Do you think you can maybe tell me what

  • it is that you like about each other's character?

  • Oooh, good question.

  • Well, I like... Well, I like... I like Alex's sort of honesty and like sort of, you know,

  • she's very super strong. There's no beating around the bush with her. She's like really...

  • She's one of these characters in television that's so... And really, it's Laura. I mean,

  • so strong. Just like a crazy strong personality, and it's a perfect balance to Piper's sort

  • of more, initially anyway, sort of subdued character. Yeah, and she's a sexy thing. I mean

  • man Laura just lights the screen up. Are you kidding me? She's like a... she's

  • a sex pot.

  • Thank you, and on sex pot. Larry...

  • Speaking of sex pots!

  • Larry. I think what's great about Larry is like you think he's this ordinary guy that

  • like everyone can totally relate to, but then he gets faced with these really intense decisions

  • and whether to stand by a woman who he's learning all these things about that he didn't know.

  • And he's just like a really, real guy that's making these decisions that a lot of people

  • don't agree with his decisions. And other people are like yeah, he's got to look out

  • for himself. So Jenji really does write these really complex characters, and I feel like

  • Larry... You think he's one thing, and the more you learn about him, he's actually like

  • a really complex dude.

  • Obviously, Larry isn't in jail. How do you think he would fare if he had to go into prison?

  • Not well, not well at all.

  • He'd team up with someone really quick.

  • -Yeah, he'd have to find... -A certain group.

  • He'd have to find someone to protect his butt for sure.

  • -Literally. -For sure.

  • For sure. I think, yeah. He would probably use the assets that he has, which is he's

  • a smart guy. He, you know, he'd probably just sort of offer up his dad's lawyer services

  • to some of the stronger inmates, and say hey I can help you get out early if you protect

  • me on the inside. That's a scenario that I've worked up in my head, but the truth is he

  • probably would not last the night.

  • And Alex, I believe, is only in four of the episodes for season two. How are you making

  • her memorable in those episodes?

  • I don't really... Well, the writers are amazing. So whatever they write, it's great. And every

  • time I read a script, every time I get a script, it's like Christmas morning. Like I love seeing

  • what's going to happen, what my character's going to do next. But honestly, I don't really

  • set out to be like how do I make her memorable or whatever. But my character is just awesome,

  • and she kind of stands out in her own way, the way that they write her. But the scenes

  • that I do have in season two are really great, and I'm really excited because we start shooting

  • season three in about three days. So I'm excited.

  • At least you won't be jetlagged.

  • If you guys could also have someone guest star in Orange is the New Black, who do you

  • think would be a good match?

  • That's tough because our show is so authentic and genuine, it's hard to have someone come

  • in and not be some kind of stunt casting. It would be interesting.

  • Yeah, I don't know. What about... I mean, gosh.

  • I don't know. That's a hard one. Someone was asking us what kind of cameos we were going

  • to have this year, and it's like... It's hard to say because it can't be someone who distracts

  • from the whole kind of...

  • Yeah, it can't be jarring. Yeah, but that being said, probably like Oprah Winfrey.

  • She wouldn't be distracting.

  • No. Yeah, I'd say Oprah.

  • Yeah, I think she could blend right in with us.

  • Let's get her on the phone. On the horn.

  • I would love to see that, love to see that.

  • I actually would love to see that too.

  • Yeah!

  • Thank you so much guys. It's been a pleasure talking to you.

So guys, I didn't expect to love Orange is the New Black as much as I did. I really enjoyed


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