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  • Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to bring about the...

    Hey Whats up GG (Guys & Girls)

  • Here are the runes, masteries, skill distribution and items that you'll need to beat Zoro with the Wuju Style.

    CouilleBleu 今天要讓

  • Always harass that beautiful fuckabish with your Zoom Zoom Strike to make her rage like Tryndamere.

    AD 萬事達易再臨

  • After being attacked over and over again, she will want to do the same,


  • but you can just ignore her by using your mas**** skill because her attacks will hurt less than a baby's scratch


  • and from now on, she won't bother you when you take care of yourself in front of her.


  • Being low on health is the best because it's easy to bait an enemy near your tower


  • and all you need to do is mas**** when he towerdives recklessly and if he runs away, Zoom Zoom Strike him and finish him off with a chop on the back.


  • If you see that beautiful lady once again, use your Druggy Style skill to chase her and show everyone that you're the only one that can towerdive to kill someone without dying.


  • If you know that an enemy will jump over a wall, keep your Zoom Zoom Strike until he do so to follow him and shatter his dream of escaping from you.


  • After using Master Yi a few times, you'll notice that he's the master at killing someone and at jumping on a sexy girl's boobies before running away at the speed of light.


  • That he's the master at chasing anyone like a crazy glue until he sends his enemy to hell.


  • That he's the master at taking down the tower before Draven can do anything to him and punish him for using a weird Flash near him.

    甭管她 只需要用你的

  • That he's the master at backdooring like a ninja before an enemy shows up.


  • That he's the master at cleaning up the battlefield with a single strike thanks to the teaching of the Wuju Style.


  • That he's the master at KSing the KS master.

    現在你要做正事 她就不會來打擾你啦

  • That he's the master at (WHAT'S UP CUNT!) at lightning speed.


  • That he's the master at ambushing Diana when she's obviously going to use Flash here.


  • In other words, he's the master of everything.


  • Your Zoom Zoom Strike skill is awesome to luckily pickpocket four minions at once,


  • to purposely wait until your teammate dies to KS him,


  • to love suicide with your lover when you're trapped like a mouse


  • and to escape a duel because you're a pussy.


  • Your mas**** skill is wonderful to survive in the jungle when you're on the stairway to heaven,


  • to tank the damage from Dragon since you're more manly than Mr. Full Health Gem Lover,


  • to satisfy your needs without giving a shit about your enemy's attack and to deny that goddamn Ignite after that fuckabish thought she had the kill secured.


  • Taking Cleanse with you is great because you can serve as a human shield to protect your favourite RC helicopter and no one will be able to hold you down.


  • Combine it with Ghost and you can let the enemies have a shot at you without worrying about dying.


  • Your Druggy Style skill is the best to dodge any kind of attack or to run away for your life from the entire enemy team chasing you like mad dogs.


  • But if you get caught up in the process, use Ghost and Usain Bolt will seem to be walking compared to you.

    讓他殘血 Top Play 的春秋大夢在此粉碎吧

  • If you can run away from a whole team, getting sandwiched by your tower is nothing to fret about.


  • Unfortunately, for the enemy, running from Master Yi is like trying to get a pentakill with a support in a 1v5 situation.


  • What's more? Taking down a turret with a few chops will be a piece of cake and adding Ghost will make this task easier than stealing a lollipop from a kid in the park.


  • After (WHY HELLO THERE) your enemies, go in the brush to meet a beautiful lady and slice her up by chopping her from the back.


  • Move on to the Fat Coca-Cola Drinker trying to run away from you to punish him from letting Lux die like a sex slave.


  • Sometimes, ninja ganking can be a difficult task if Twisted Fate uses his ultimate, but use this opportunity to let yourself get grabbed by that Robot Pikachu


  • and wreck him and his best friend for trying to take you on like greedy fuckabishes.


  • Oh! And by the way, don't forget that Master Yi can easily bait anyone when he's low on health easily, so use that to your advantage to kill every greedy bastard in the League.


  • That's it for today, people!

    「秒速康康康 康特將狗令萬事達」

  • Don't forget to check out my channel for more boring League of Legends videos.


  • Feel free to leave a comment in any language you want, but I'll only answer those in English and in French because I'm a racist fuckabish.

    換句話說 他就是一個「萬事萬事達」

  • Ciaossu!

    如果你狗屎運來了 「咻咻斬」可以偷掉四隻小兵的錢

Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to bring about the...

Hey Whats up GG (Guys & Girls)


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