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What's up everybody, this is Jeffrey. How are you all doing today?
So today, I decided not to put my contact lenses in my eyes and brought out the eyeglasses!
Do I look more nerdy now?
So recently I went shopping and I was wondering why is everything priced at $9.99 or $19.99
instead of $10 or $20$?
Isn't that confusing? Yes, it is confusing!
I learned that the reason why they do that is that it gives the perception that it cost less.
Apparently, studies has shown that things actually sell better this way.
Now that I know about this, It kind of makes me wonder If I would be fooled by this.
This t-shirt is $10? This is way too expensive! Hey Jeff, I found a similar one.
How much? ummm, 9.99$.
That's perfect, I'll take 3!
Yup, I've been fooled all my life. Ughh! I usually go shopping with friends so that
if ever I dont know if something looks good on me, I can have a second opinion.
Cause you know, friends are always going to be honest and give you the best advice.
Hey, I'm hesitating between these 2 shirts. Don't worry bro, I got you!
So, which one? Yeah... go with your gut feeling.
See what I mean?
There's also always gonna be that friend that takes forever to decide what they want to get.
I'll try these on really quick. I'll be right back, Ok?
Cool, I'll just wait for you right here.
2 Hours Later.
Jeff, I love all of them. Sweet, so which one are you getting?
None of them. I can't afford any of these... Right...
One thing that I really hate about shopping is that certain stores give commissions to
their employees to encourage them to sell more.
There's always that one employee that follows you everywhere.
Good morning sir! Are you looking for anything in particular?
Oh no thanks, I'm just taking a look. Honey, that would look so sexy on you.
Thank you. Hot.
Stunning. Beautiful.
Stunning. Beautiful.
hot. sexy.
So, so. so stunning. Honey, that would look so beautiful.
So, so, so hot. Can I, Can I, Can I help you?
Honey, do you need help with anything? Sir, sir, sir, are you looking for anything in particular?
Honey, that would look so sexy on you!
Can I help you? Beautiful.
sexy. Hot.
Beautiful. Hot.
Beautiful. Hot.
So sexy. Hot.
So sexy.
Luckily, most of the employees are girls because if they were guys, it could get pretty awkward.
Dude, you would look so sexy in that. Dad? Since when do you work here?
Now, it's not really that I hate shopping but usually it's shopping that hates me.
I usually go shopping when everything is on sale or discounted.
That's not because I'm cheap and Asian or everything hehehe...
Yeah, I think it's because I'm Asian and cheap.
Anyways, when everything are on sale, I still don't get to buy anything
because my size is never available.
Excuse me, would you have this in a size Extra Extra large?
Eum no, we don't actually have that size here. Eum, you do know you're in the kid's section right?
Eum, of course! I euhh, I'm shopping for my
euhh, my son!That little one is growing so fast... Thank you.
Something that's really funny is that I tend to be really curious and go to expensive stores
just to see what they have in stock.
Even though everything is out of my budget, I act as if I'm balling.
Excuse me sir, how much are these Louis Vuitton sunglasses?
Oh, these ones right here are 10 million dollars. And 99 cents? you know what I mean? ha ha.
Not bad, not bad.
But in fact, what really goes down in my mind is:
Oh, these ones right here are 10 million dollars.
Holy freaking crap, do people really even buy these? I can feed a whole nation with this.
I got to get the hell out of here.
Not bad, not bad... (Runs out).
Yeah, I also tried this thing called online shopping but that didn't work either.
Last time I ordered something that was size Small but then it ended up not really fitting me... AT ALL!
So leave me in the comments down below how often do you go shopping.
Is it once a week? a month? or a year?
If you also think that shopping is NOT easy, give this video a thumbs up
so I know I'm not alone.
Thank you guys so much for watching. This is JeffreyFever and I'm pressing the record button,
NOW! Peace!
Today, I didn't want to put my contact on. In? On or in? In? Contacts in?
Ughh, let me Google this.
Ok Google, contacts in.
Dang it, Google's not helping.
In your eye; I think it's in your eyes.
You, you, you, you. Got one less problem without you.
Oh my God, I'm almost at 6,000 followers on Instagram.
Zaym, Are you following me?
*Blowing nose* Ughhhh Allergies!



讓我跟你解釋一下:我討厭逛街 (What I HATE about SHOPPING)

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郭璧如 發佈於 2017 年 2 月 1 日   Jenny 翻譯   Mandy Lin 審核



1nerdy 0:10
"nerdy" (adj.) 來自於"nerd" (n.),意思是「書呆子」或「宅男」(被稱作 nerd 的人,通常缺乏社交能力)。而 "geek" 則是指「只在乎電腦的無趣怪胎」,形容詞是 "geeky" 。
John always wears a pair of nerdy glasses, making him become the victim of school bullying.

Many people think of hackers as nerds or computer geeks; however, everybody could be a hacker.

書呆對上怪胎: 如何分辨這兩種生物? NERD vs. GEEK: How to Tell the Difference

2gut feeling0:52
"gut" 有「腸胃」或是「勇氣」的意思,而 "gut feeling" 如果直譯就是「來自腸子的感覺」,換句話說,就是「直覺」的意思,同義詞為 "instinct" 。
Sometimes, you can just follow your gut feelings. If you hesitate, you might lose your chance.

Instinct told me there was something wrong.

「直覺」真的存在嗎?(Do Gut Feelings Actually Exist?)

3on sale2:00
很多人常常把 "on sale" 跟 "for sale" 搞混。 "on sale"的意思是「特價中」, 而 "for sale" 的意思為「待售中」,並不一定有折扣喔!而如果你想把某件物品拿來賣,就可以說 "put something up for sale" 。
Are you looking for a good deal? There are many items on sale on Black Friday.

It's useless that you bid 200 US dollars for this painting, because it’s not for sale.

In order to get out of the debt, our neighbor is putting his house up for sale.

【生活英文】自慰其實對你有好處!? (Is Masturbation Good For You?)

"cheap" 不只有「便宜」的意思。在這部影片中用來形容「不想花錢」的人(也就是「小氣鬼」囉!),這種用法在美國比較常見。
Betty is so cheap that she doesn't want to spend any money on her mother’s birthday.

小編在這邊也要介紹幾個跟 "cheap" 有關的片語喔!

1. cheap at the price 「值回票價」
Even though Sara's wedding photos cost her 300 US dollars, she still thinks it's cheap at the price.

2. on the cheap 「特價中」
It's a good opportunity to go travel when airplane tickets are on the cheap.

3. cheap and cheerful 「價錢不貴,但品質可接受的」(比較接近「物美價廉」的意思)
You can find some cheap and cheerful item in that flea market.

原來逛街買東西還有這麼多學問,不知道大家贊不贊同Jeffery的想法呢?最近過年大家想必也有很大的「購物衝動」吧!雖然說過新年要穿新衣,不過小編提醒大家,不要失心瘋亂買一通喔!也不要被商人的打折策略騙了~畢竟999塊的衣服跟1000塊的衣服,其實只差一塊錢呢!如果各位 VoiceTubers 對逛街有不同看法,也都歡迎留言討論喔!




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