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  • Deep Sea Divers Den Day Tour

  • Snorkle or Dive with Nemo and Australian Wally

  • Stop and enjoy the landscape of Australia

  • A small city with 7,000 inhabitants and surrounded by beautiful Islands and the rainforest

  • Ocean Rafting Day Tour to Whiteheaven

  • Fraser Island with Fraser Explorer Tours

  • World Heritage listed Fraser Island, an Australian icon.

  • One of the only places on the earth where rainforest grows in sand at elevations of 200m

  • Lake McKenzie measures over 150 hectares rainwater with a depth of 5 metres, which would make it feel like youre swimming in a pool, only much larger and cleaner

  • For a cost of $70 you could enjoy an air tour over Fraser Island, and yes it takes of from the beach. it's pretty cool!

  • I wasn't nervous!

  • My mum was....

  • The Maheno, there are som tales about this shipwreck that is worth reading!

  • The Island expands with around 2 meters every year

  • The 75 mile long beach makes Fraser Island a popular tourist attraction

  • Byron Bay is a must see destination with a vibrant bohemian feeling

  • Enjoy the beaches, surf and relax in the most easterly points of Australia

  • If you dare you could try hang gliding...

  • On the road back to Melbourne... thank your for watching and please share and comment for more info :)

Deep Sea Divers Den Day Tour


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去澳洲旅遊,遊覽熱門旅遊目的地 (Travel to Australia, Visit Popular Tourist Destinations)

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