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So now let's start talking about twelve most basic cosmetics terms
OK so this is a whole new series and will be talking about basic vocabulary terms
so my brother and I would've been thinking about what kind of topic should we start with
like what kind of topic would you guys want to see
so we kind of debating for a little while(for a long time)
for a long time
and then we thought Ummm...Why not start with the thing that I most famaliar with
If you are girl watching this video, you will know where I'm coming from
We girls would like to buy a lot of things and we buy more make-up than we like to admit
But if you are a boy watching this video, I have to tell you "Girls we don't wear make-up"
It's all natural.It's just us PURE US NATURAL(Bull shxt)
Everything. Natural
All right so for this video I have a lot to talk about
a have a pile,literally a pile of cosmetics right here beside me
And I'll be talking about twelve cosmetic items that you should know about
and i am going to introduce these cosmetic items according to the sequence to put them on your face
so first that we have,粉底
粉底 in English is foundation
This is liquid foundation and this is powder foundation
Now next we have BB霜 and CC霜
BB means blemish balm
CC means color correction
Next we have 遮瑕膏
遮瑕膏 in English is concealer
Next we have 散粉
散粉 in English is loose powder
and then there's 修容餅
修容餅 in English is contour
I don't have any real contour make-up, but I use a darker shade of powder foundation as substitute
Next we have 腮紅
腮紅 in English is blush
Next we have 眼影
眼影 in English is eye shadow
Next we have 眼線筆
眼線筆 in English is eyeliner
Then we have 睫毛膏
睫毛膏 in English is mascara
Then we have 眉筆 眉粉
眉筆 in English is eyebrow pencil,眉粉 in English is eyebrow powder
Last we have 口紅 唇蜜
口紅 in English is lipstick,唇蜜 in English is lip gloss
So these are the twelve most basic cosmetic items that a girl would normally use
Personally, I don't use every single one of them
But if you do, I hope you learn something new today
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What kind of vocabulary topics would you like to learn next time?
Please leave your comment in the comment section down below and we'll pick the most popular topic
And that is a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always, and I'll catch you next time.See ya!(See ya!)
You know we girls are crazy, we have only two eyes
but we want twelve different colors of eye shadow
Basically, we don't even use like most of them, we use like one or two
but we just wanna buy this amazing looking thing right here(Waste of money.)


【阿滴英文】日常英文單字#1【化妝品】 (Common English Vocabulary: Cosmetics)

6355 分類 收藏
wudaudau 發佈於 2016 年 7 月 24 日
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