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There's an assumption at large that sexiness is at heart about nakedness and explicitness
and that logically therefore, the sexiest scenarios must also be the ones involving
the greatest amounts of nudity
but the truth about excitement is rather different. At the core of sexiness is an idea:
The idea of being allowed into someone's life
when the memory of having been excluded from it, is at its most vivid
sexiness stems from a contrast between prohibition and acceptance, it's a species of relief
and thanks at being given permission to touch and go anywhere
oddly, this gratitude is likely to be most prevalent, not when one's being granted full license by someone
but when one is on the borderline. When one's only just been lent a pass
and when the memory of the taboo nature of touching others is still intense
the reminder of the danger of rejection brings the wonder of being included into sharp ecstatic relief
this explains why the decision to keep one's clothes on a bit longer than strictly necessary
to deliberately keep clothes on during sex can prove such a turn-on
to heighten excitement we may design a scenario in which we are allowed only to press against one another
never moving beyond guilty caresses and small thrusts
like we might have been forced to do in early adolescence or in a nunnery in the 1300s
such games mean we can keep revisiting the incredible idea of permission, the outer garments evoke the barriers
one's finally been able to cross with impunity. We are, via the game, trying to get over a trauma around exclusion
once we're used to being undressed around someone, the wonder they've allowed us into their lives
is liable to get lost and taken for granted
the game of keeping one's clothes on, tries to keep the interest of nakedness alive by drawing attention to its privilige and intimacy
the game symbolizes a poignant celebration of the beauty of being, at last, granted permission


性不等於裸露,穿著衣服反而能帶來愉悅 (The Pleasure of Keeping Clothes On)

1193 分類 收藏
PAPAYA 發佈於 2016 年 7 月 14 日    PAPAYA 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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