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Hey, everyone! It's time for another review! You guys said you enjoyed our last review
and since its "Civil War" time, I thought why not talk about this Captain America
3 everyone's all giggly about.
So what do you say? Let's get to it!
Captain America! He's having a civil war and now it's time to review.
(crickets) Alright...
So have you heard about this Captain America 3?
Probably not, it's kind of under the radar. It hasn't really been advertised much.
It's kind of low-key. Hasn't held press screenings like a month before it's release.
Oh, it has? Huh. Wonder why that is?
But movie politics aside, Avengers 2 and a half
the age after Ultron, I mean Civil War is here and the verdict is in.
It's full of fun, full of characters, and full of lots and lots of super friends fighting one
another so if that interests you then there's probably a very high chance you
will enjoy this movie. There's really not much to say that you probably haven't already
heard about this movie. It's got everyone! It's Ant-man, it's got Iron Man, it's got Hawkeye, It's
got Spider-man, it's got Black Panther, it's got Falcon, it's got Scarlet Witch, it's got Black
Widow, it's got War Machine. Everyone is in this movie.
Except well, Pepper Potts, and Thor, and Hulk, and now Wasp
I guess. And Nick Fury. OK, not everybody is in this movie but it does have A LOT.
But isn't it the best? Isn't it the greatest superhero movie ever?
Well those sound like trick questions if you ask me. So I'm gonna answer...
Absolutely it's the best! High-fives to you. Go spend your money with happiness, Marvel connoisseur!
Marvel rules! But the thing is, Marvel does rule actually.
Civil War is like the 13th movie in the entire MCU.
Side note: MCU stands for Massive Cankled Unicorns.
Not many people know that.
It's not true. But it sounds awesome. Cankled Unicorns, you guys!
The MCU has a very impressive, steady track record and this current generation is
growing up watching it like Star Wars and Harry Potter. The MCU has so many
stories for us to feel apart of. Granted, MCU movies all tend to be the same where there's like a
bad guy, big explosion, and nobody important ever dies.
So it's arguable that maybe they are repeating a certain
formula here but you can't blame them if everyone is actually ok with the recipe.
So why do people think Civil War's the best? Because it's awesome, because Spider-man is
finally with Disney. I mean, with Marvel. Because Black Panther is really cool. Because it's
funny when it can be and serious when it should be. Because just everything.
And those things are absolutely true. This movie nails all of the things it needs
to do right. The Russo brothers have proven they can make some great
superhero cinema so no complaints there.
So why does this movie feel slightly missed an overly praised to me?
Because you're trying to pick apart movies now and it's harder to just sit back and enjoy a fun movie.
But I actually enjoyed Civil War a lot. So I don't think I'm just being a negative nancy
all the time. But something did feel missing in Civil War so let's get into
that. I'm gonna throw up a spoiler warning soon because I really don't know
how to talk about this movie without going into specific details so if you
haven't seen the movie then I say go check it out. This movie is fun. It's cool. There
are plenty of surprises that you don't want to have ruined for you before you see it so
go check it out and then come back, okay? Now for the rest of us who have already seen it,
let's get to it!
Spoilers ahead!! Divert your eyes, children!
Ok, here we go. First, I just needed, I just gotta get this outta the way. I can't believe they
killed Ant-man!
I'm just kidding, I just did that to freak out anyone who didn't stop the video in time
to avoid spoilers. It's ok, everyone! He doesn't die.
Falcon dies.. I'm kidding!
Ok fine, I'm getting off track. Let's get to the review.
What did I like about the film?
I mean, it's hard to not like a movie like this. It's so fun and the action is extremely
well executed it has some fantastic action sequences. They are just punching
each other, kicking each other, jumping off buildings, out running cars on foot,
flying through the air, using their quote "mutant powers." The action is real and as a
whole lot of fun to watch. Captain America's action for some reason feels
way more raw than other MCU movies. I think this is because of the hand
to hand element. Ironman you know can fly around and just tank missile up the joint
But Cap's always on the ground so there's a lot more hand-to-hand fighting and this
movie really pours it on.
Tell me. what did you think about Spider-man?
I liked him.
Oh, you wanted to hear more? I mean what can I say? The kid nailed it.
Tom Holland just steps in and takes the role instantly. Which is probably pretty easy
to do when you've got Tony Stark hosting the introduction to the audience.
Peter Parker is only in this film for a little while
sort of like an Avengers tryout.
That also conveniently balances Iron Man's team against Captain America's
But everytime Spider-man is on-screen it's just perfect.
Spider-man holds his own but he's also not flawless in a fight.
It's great. He's making jokes and Star Wars references. He's basically
just doing everything right for a guy like me to go, "Hmmm, I like this Spider-man"
He's a good Spiderman. Yes, make more with that Spider-man. Make more now.
So, two thumbs up for that.
What about Black Panther?
This is my question voice. I don't know why I'm doing this.
I don't know anything about Black Panther in regards to the comics, so I can't say
whether or not they nailed it for the screen. I'll leave that to the
professionals who follow his series. But I can say that I thought they did a
fantastic job introducing a brand new character and making us care about his
motivation. He doesn't seem to have any weaknesses right now so he is a little
overpowered. He's just cool.
But Chadwick Boseman was really great. I'm immediately looking forward to more Black Panther.
What did you think of the story?
Ok so here's where I start to drift from the
"everything is awesome" category. I had a hard time getting behind the Civil War
aspect of this movie. Perhaps there was just too much new stuff being brought to
the table with new characters and returning characters of the like. But the concept of
them actually having to choose a side felt a little rushed. Like, why is Hawkeye
even on Cap's side?
He's got a family really, why would he care about this
issue if he's choosing retirement.
And Iron Man's entire motivation at the first
is all because of one lady making him feel bad in a hallway.
That's enough to fight your buddy with lethal weapons for having a different opinion on the matter?
Seems a little extreme. You realize that if they just chose to not fight each other
over the Accords, the only fighting would be between Bucky and Black Panther for
the first half of this movie. That's the real story happening here and that's the
stuff that makes this movie interesting. This Captain America movie is actually
about how Bucky is being used by an otherwise forgettable villain.
It's also about putting as many superheroes in the fight scene together making Spiderman
and Ant-man look awesome with the Avengers.
But, the real story is Bucky and the villain.
So, the villain is Zemo and he was sort of a mixed bag for me the
first time I watched movie. Second viewing, much better.
Always watch movies twice, you guys.
I liked the Zemo story because he isn't your typical destroy / rule the
world kind of villain. He just wants vengeance for losing his family.
Vengeance seems to be the repeating theme in this movie. Everyone is upset for
losing someone important and everyone wants someone to pay for the things done
wrong. No matter who is really to blame. I bet even whoever owns that plane in
the airport battle is now like ANT-MAN!!!
You smashed my plane! Justice must be done!
It is as Vision says, "A catastrophe"
Everyone is losing sight of the bigger picture and that's exactly why
those Accords are massive cankled unicorn manure patties.
Oh yeah, I brought it back. But all this rage and vengeance is why the villain, Zemo
even gets his wish to turn the Avengers against each other. So I wasn't on board
with any of that at first. I mean even the airport battle was amazing but it still
felt lacking because if they're not gonna actually kill one another, it just
feels like you're just telling me they're all equals and this is all just
filler until a much more important scene that follows later.
The drama felt really forced until the end with Cap, Bucky and Stark.
This movie repeats stories of people who lost someone important but
the audience doesn't care about any of it until Zemo reveals the big surprise
when Tony finds out... Surprise, your dad is Roger Sterling from Mad Men!
No, that's not the surprise. It's just really cool.
The real surprise is finding out that Bucky was the one who killed Stark's parents.
When that happened, to that's when the movie finally got serious.
Now it's personal. Now the Civil War is real.
And then SURPRISE! Captain America knew all along?!
Oh crap! Now Tony hates both of you and now he's fighting with furious anger!
Minus Nick Fury.
And man, that fight was intense.
I had no idea how it was going to play out because leading up to this
point I actually thought Cap was going to maybe sacrifice himself to save his friend
This could be it!
But it doesn't play out that way. They keep you guessing. Is Bucky gonna die?
Is Iron Man gonna die? Is Captain America gonna die? There's this moment where they make you think Captain
America might actually kill Tony Stark because he is beating the heck out of
his suit. He has ripped his mask off. They make it look like Cap might actually
kill Stark. But he doesn't.
He stabs his mighty shield right into the chest of
Iron Man, smashing the arc reactor and wins the battle.
And Cap's like too bad you got's to yield to this mighty shield! Bam!
That would be really cheesy and probably ruin the scene so I'm glad he didn't say that.
But Captain America actually defeats Iron Man. Right through the chest, which I
wonder if Iron Man fans are ok with this.
Because I'm just saying, if the movie was called Iron Man Civil War,
Captain America and Bucky might be dead right now.
But they aren't dead. Because nobody dies in these movies!
Excpet Quicksilver and Colson. Who isn't dead.
And maybe Odin? Gosh, there's so many stories!
And that's my biggest hangup with this movie, there is
no real consequence with the main cast. We all thought Rhodey was gonna die
and then he didn't. Captain America's team was all arrested and then they got broken
out at the last second. Even when the movie made it look like a new page has
turned and now Cap and Iron Man are forever split, Cap sends him a phone says hey
bro I know your pissed but I'm always there for you. Call me sometime.
B T Dubs, I'm totally hanging out with Black Panther now, so I'm probably gonna get a new shield so...
you can totally keep the one that your dad gave me.
PEACE! Roll Credits. Tease the Spider-man movie.
So in the end I thought Civil War was great fun. Like a big midseason finale to
an awesome show that's in it's prime.
It's super satisfying if you've been watching up to this point but you've gotta watch all the previous episodes to really appreciate
why it's awesome. The message in the movie seemed to be more pro-Cap than Iron Man.
If you have the ability to help someone then you should help them otherwise whatever happens is
on you. I thought that was a cool message to get behind. but I would never sign
But I would never sign those Accords. No way.
Team Cap. To the end of the line.
Thanks again for watching I hope this was somewhat
entertaining. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on Civil War or if you'd
like to share your opinion on these reviews please let us know what else
you'd like to see from us. This is a fun change in style and I'd like to make more but I
don't want to waste your time so let me know what you think. Ok, that's all for now
Thanks again for watching. Don't forget to follow us on the Instagram, the tweets,
the facebook, all that stuff and we'll see you next time! BYE!!


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