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- Bye.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- Don't do that.
No, okay.
- [Voiceover] Okay.
- [Voiceover] Okay, bye.
- Bye baby cakes!
I love you.
- So, are there any boys you're interested in right now?
Or girls.
- Mom, none of your business.
- When I was your age, I had a crush
on Daniel Sanchez.
He was so cute.
We made out under the...
- Mom!
- Oh, look at this adorable photo of you.
I think you were two.
- Ew, you don't have to show me that.
- Oh, you're so cute.
Look at your little butt.
I think I wanna put it on the Instagrams.
- Don't do that.
- How do I tag you?
- You just don't.
Don't come in.
- Hey baby cakes.
I brought you some snacks.
- I'm on my phone right now.
No, it's fine.
We're just gonna watch a movie after dinner.
- [Voiceover] Are you sure?
Is Samantha's mom there?
I need to talk to her.
Can you put her on please?
- No, you don't need to talk to her.
- [Voiceover] Now, Izzy.
- Come on, Izzy.
Move it.
- You're not actually going out like this.
- Why not?
It's comfortable.
- Can't you be fashionable for once?
- I used to wear that exact same outfit.
So you're wearing what your unfashionable
mother used to wear.
- Seriously, I'm on the phone.
- I washed and folded your underwear for you.
- Ew, I can do that myself.
- Good.
Then do it.
Oh, yeah, I can come and get you.
I'm just chillaxing.
- [Voiceover] Ugh!
- ♫ Everybody get the party started
♫ But don't drink and drive ♫
- Mom, that is not the words.
- Oh, you don't like my singing?
- No.
- Well how about my dancing?
- No!
- Aw, you know you're really starting
to look like your brother.
Ugh, it's so hot today.
- Uh huh.
- Do you have your sunscreen on?
- No, I wanna get tan.
- Well being tan isn't gonna matter
when you have skin cancer.
- Mom, no, no.
- Come on.
Rub it in.
Here we go.
- No!
You're gonna ruin my hair.
- Yes, but you're not gonna get wrinkles,
and you'll thank me for it later.



讓你的孩子一秒尷尬的12種方法! (12 Ways To Totally Embarrass Your Kid)

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