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- Today, you're gonna be eating this.
- What is it?
- Uh, first glance, it looks like brownies.
Second glance, probably not gonna be brownies.
- It might be a type of falafel.
- It looks like mini-sliced falafels.
They don't look like they're American food.
- I don't know. It sort of smells good to me.
It smells like In-N-Out Animal Fries.
- This looks like little sausage stuff.
- It smells actually really good.
- It looks like chocolate chip sausage.
I don't know if that would be good, but I guess people will eat that.
- And now you get to eat it.
Go ahead and take a bite. - Oh great.
- This is just how it works at the dinner table.
We just, like, move it. Just push it away.
- Blech.
- Please taste good.
It tastes like a potato pancake.
- It only tasted a little disgusting.
- Okay.
This stuff was actually really good, surprisingly.
- It tastes like meatloaf.
- Mmm! It tastes really good.
- This is not chocolate chip.
This is so good.
- It does NOT taste like falafel, so that idea part of the video is gone.
- I like it.
I'm guessing, whatever it is, it's gonna change our mind.
- If you tell me this is something really disgusting, I swear to God.
- You just tried blood pudding.
- The name is a little scary.
I hope there's no real blood in it.
- Why is called that? It doesn't even look like pudding.
- This has nothing to do with pudding!
- Blood pudding tastes good. But BLOOD pudding?
- Blood pudding is a type of sausage made from pork,
blood, and different spices.
- I feel like I'm a vampire.
- I don't know about that!
But it's good.
- It's part of a traditional breakfast
in Ireland and the United Kingdom.
- I can't see it as a breakfast. I could see it as dinner.
- I can't really imagine waking up and eating this.
It's not right, you know?
- Finally, do you recommend that people try blood pudding?
- No, because it tastes really, really, really bad.
- I would say yes.
- You know what? Don't try this.
- Yes, because it's really good.
- I definitely think that you should try this.
- Definitely! It just tastes so good,
and I don't like people that are prejudiced against food and don't try it.
- I do NOT recommend it AT ALLl.
- Yes, I do.
Some kids, they just eat chicken tenders, fries.
You need to try some other stuff,
like this delicious mouth-watering masterpiece.
- Thanks for watching us eat blood pudding on the React channel.
- What food should we eat next? Leave it in the comments.
- Don't forget to subscribe!
We have tons of new shows for you every week.
- Goodbye. See you next time.



國外小孩 vs. 血腸!看看他們的第一次反應! (KIDS vs. FOOD - BLOOD PUDDING)

4687 分類 收藏
Mandy Chan 發佈於 2016 年 6 月 23 日
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