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  • The Internet is amazing.


  • It's so easy to share anything you create with the entire world.

    可以讓使用者輕鬆地與全世界 分享自己建立的任何內容

  • Like Alice, she just opened an online store for her custom jewelry.

    小艾就是一個例子,她剛開了一家 販賣手工珠寶飾品的網路商店

  • But now she is wondering, can people find her site and mobile app on Google?

    但她想知道,別人能在 Google 上 搜尋到她的網站和行動應用程式嗎?

  • With Search Console, Alice can make sure that Google finds her store, and shows it for the

    Search Console 可讓小艾確保 Google 能檢索到她的線上商店

  • correct search queries.


  • Search Console also displays the errors that Google found when reading her site and app.

    Search Console 還會顯示 Google 在讀取網站和應用程式時發現的錯誤

  • Alice can check those errors and fix them so all her pages can appear in search results.

    方便小艾檢查及修正問題 讓所有網頁都能出現在搜尋結果中

  • Every time Alice creates a new product page, she can use Search Console to see which terms

    每當小艾建立新的產品網頁 她就可以使用 Search Console

  • lead people to her Google search results pages.

    查看人們是用哪些關鍵字 找到她的 Google 搜尋結果網頁

  • And she can use that data to discover the most successful pages and products in her

    她可以運用這些資料 瞭解商店中最受歡迎的網頁和產品

  • store, so she can focus on that, and increase traffic to her business.

    以便在這些內容投注更多心力 並設法提升網站流量

  • Also, Search Console regularly checks her site for errors and even sends an email alert

    Search Console 也會定期 檢查網站是否出現錯誤

  • if it finds any important issues.

    如果發現任何重大問題 還會透過電子郵件發出通知

  • Now Alice can be sure that everything is OK with her site and app using Google Search Console.

    有了 Google Search Console,小艾可以 確定自己的網站和應用程式沒有任何問題

The Internet is amazing.



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