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  • bjbjLULU BNI web video script What is BNI? Director Intro: Insert Ever since business

  • began word of mouth has been recognized as one of the most effective ways to develop

  • new business opportunities. But how do you consciously develop word of mouth as a marketing

  • strategy? The answer is BNI, the worlds largest and most successful business referral organisation.

  • BNI is in over 40 countries and has over well over 120,000 members. For organisations large

  • or small, the basic principle of getting business is still the same building trust. Business

  • is all about people and BNI is people ! Unlike other networking groups and organizations

  • that allow multiple businesses in the same industry to participate BNI, or Business Network

  • International, is a business and professional networking organization that allows one person

  • per profession to join a chapter; one solicitor, one plumber, one florist, one chiropractor,

  • one travel agent etc. They get together every week and pass each other referrals. s really

  • a way for business people to get together in a structured environment and help one another

  • to increase each others business. Members actively refer business to each other around

  • the chapter. You are not selling to them directly but familiarizing them with your products,

  • your services and your requirements. Through them you reach out to the larger market. The

  • philosophy of BNI can be summed up in two simple words: Givers Gain. If you want to

  • get business you have to be willing to give business to other business professionals.

  • It is predicated on the age old concept of what goes around comes around. If I help you

  • you ll help me and we ll all do better as a result of it. What BNI really focuses on

  • in its mission and in its philosophy is teaching people that the process of networking and

  • word of mouth marketing is more about farming than it is about hunting. s about helping

  • other business professionals increase their business by developing relationships and getting

  • to know each other and the more you know each other and trust each other you refer each

  • other. BNI is the only networking organisation which has a distinct structure for each aspect

  • of its functioning. If you re advertising in the Yellow Pages then you re probably an

  • ideal member for BNI. If you sell to the general public or the general business community you

  • re a likely candidate for the BNI programme. Members have generated many referrals in their

  • groups Member testimonial video(s) here ( 2) Networking with people in a supportive structure

  • on a regular basis is the key to achieving the success you desire! In an increasingly

  • competitive market the power of relationship networking is never more important that it

  • is now ! s main focus is on developing long term relationships. It also means accountability.

  • Accountability, commitment and training are the cornerstones of BNI s worldwide success.

  • When relationship networking or helping other people is the cornerstone to your networking

  • efforts then having a referral based marketing system for your business is a great idea.

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bjbjLULU BNI web video script What is BNI? Director Intro: Insert Ever since business


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什麼是BNI?(3分鐘版本) - (What is BNI? (3 minute version) -

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