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  • JFilt Beats very sick JFilt Beats

  • Beats

  • today i wanna talk about bass lines and

  • basslines I've been lookin for

  • you know techniques on how to possibly do

  • basslines on MPC for those who don't know

  • and it's amazing what you don't find on youtube is like

  • YouTube has everything you know that they meant you type in this

  • a certain topic someone might have topic

  • but they're not executing right or it's not helping you so

  • I've decided let me be that person to do with I'm trying to do

  • which is to help somebody else I got to keep

  • a excuse my voice its a little horse i got a lil cold

  • something like that well anyway

  • What type of FILT messing up we're going use something called

  • a minor pentatonic scale

  • Alright and it sounds like this

  • I'm using that note that i sampled off my keyboard and you can

  • get a bass note from whatever you have maybe a a record

  • sample something like that a plugin or whatever and

  • so I sample the bass note

  • upright bass from a keyboard and

  • and what im gonna do is hit sixteen levels

  • that allows me to have note variation

  • okay so now you

  • I have 16 different notes

  • now I'm not gonna really talk about theory but anyway

  • its called a minor pentatonic scale and you can use this to make your bassline

  • And this is the formula pad 2 pad 4

  • pad seven pad nine pad

  • Eleven

  • Pad fourteen

  • Pad sixteen

  • So you could use any combination of these notes

  • and get you a nice bassline okay now I don't like how that bass sounds so I'm

  • gonna filter it

  • much better much better much better

  • okay so let's do that formula one more time

  • And this is what its gonna sound like with a beat

  • alright watch this simple

  • Simple bassline anybody could apply this to any tool that has 16 pads and you can

  • separate all those notes just making up a bass line here we go

  • You can even use the "Billie Jean" bassline with this

  • So yall get the idea

  • Just using these pads right here

  • I hope that helps peace

JFilt Beats very sick JFilt Beats


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節奏製作:如何在MPC上製作低音線 Vol.1 (Beat Making: How to Create Bass Lines on MPC Vol.1)

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