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  • Recruitment and Retention In a nutshell

  • Have you taken on the wrong member of staff and its been more hassle than its worth?

  • Recruiting and selecting the right staff, at the right time, for the right roles

  • Is fundamental to the success of your business. Therefore the quality of your staff and the

  • range of their skills, knowledge and qualifications,

  • Are the key elements to successful recruitment .

  • It's not just about good business sense either. It could have a dramatic impact on your overall

  • organisation. So how do you tackle Recruitment?

  • The best way to avoid problems whilst recruiting for new staff is to adopt an organised and

  • practical approach to the process. Define your requirement -- what is the post?

  • Identify a Job Description, Design a Person Specification,

  • Decide how you plan to advertise the vacancy, Create an advert,

  • Set timescales for the recruitment process, eg. closing date for applications

  • Identify what the application process is: Shortlist applicants,

  • Interviews, Obtain references, checks,

  • Agree start date, Inductions

  • Retaining staff is a key area to ensure consistency within the business and by doing this you

  • must manage talent.

  • After selecting the right candidate, the next up is developing them.

  • Make the effort to do this and you will gain a solid workforce.

  • Next comes monitoring their performance but don't micro-manage them.

  • Energising them is important too! A motivated employee is a productive employee.

  • Then look at succession planning, this is when you groom and develop staff to fill in

  • bigger shoes and therefore reward them with promotion.

  • This process really does help you with managing retention and enabling consistency in your

  • recruitment.

Recruitment and Retention In a nutshell


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