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We received a very sweet letter from a viewer in Wisconsin,
who wrote in to tell us about her mom.
She says, dear Ellen, my mom and I look forward to watching your show everyday.
It's something we bond over and every time we watch, she says,
it would be my dream to go and see her show.
My mom was a single mother for many years and
did everything she could to take care of her three kids.
She's the most amazing person I know and I want to give back to her for
all she's done for us.
Love, Theresa.
So we sent Jeanie to Wisconsin and earlier today she surprised Theresa, take a look.
>> Hi Ellen.
I'm here outside of Eileen and Theresa's house.
Now Eileen is at work at Kohl's and we found out that Theresa's at home so
we thought we would stop by.
Let's go.
[SOUND] >> Aah!
>> Hi, Theresa!
So we know that you wrote in about your mama, right?
>> Mm-hm. >> And you told us how incredible she is.
>> Yeah. >> And how wonderful she is and
how the only thing she wants in the whole wide world is to come and
see a taping of Ellen.
>> My God. >> Is that right?
>> Yes, absolutely, I'm sorry.
>> Well here's the thing, Ellen sent us here to your house because she if giving
you and your mom two VIP tickets to the show!
>> I was watching right now, I was just
watching yesterday's episode.
My God! >> [LAUGH]
>> We wanna go and
surprise your mom at work with these tickets, will you come with us?
>> My god, absolutely.
>> Go put on a coat, go put on some shoes and we're gonna go, all right?
>> My god, yes.
>> All right, so- >> [APPLAUSE]
>> So right now Jeannie and
Theresa are outside of Kohl's where Eileen works, and Theresa thinks we're going to
surprise her mom with tickets to the show, but we're going to do much more than that.
>> Okay, you ready to surprise your mama?
>> Yeah!
>> Okay, let's go give her the good news!
Here we go!
>> Just call out for Eileen over the megaphone right away when you get in.
>> Eileen.
I'm looking for Eileen Sigaudi.
Eileen I have someone here that wants to talk to you.
Eileen, hello!
>> Maybe she doesn't work there.
>> [LAUGH] >> Eileen!
Get over here!
>> [NOISE] My God!
>> Do you know who this is?
And do you know who that is right there?
>> Hi, my God!
Thank you!
Hi, Ellen!
>> Hi, Eileen!
>> Hi, My God, I love you!
I love you!
My God! >> I love you too.
So hi.
>> [LAUGH] >> [INAUDIBLE] My God this is the best
luck I've ever had!
Thank you!
My gosh!
>> So your daughter wrote in to us, and she told us your dream is to come to a taping,
and I wanted to give you VIP tickets, so that's why we're here,
you have VIP tickets to come to the show.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> [INAUDIBLE] My gosh, my goodness.
Thank you, I wish I could hug you too!
My gosh!
>> So Eileen, I have to take a break, but
I have one more thing to talk to you about after the break, we'll be right back.
Eileen I know you've worked for Kohl's for about 14 years.
>> Yeah.
>> You love your job right?
>> [INAUDIBLE] Yeah I love my job, I love Kohl's.
You're the most amazing company ever!
[LAUGH] >> Well,
your daughter told- >> They've done so
much for me, they're incredible!
>> Your daughter wrote in she told us that you want to come to a taping, so
she also said you're the most selfless that she knows.
I know that you offer to work hours for other people when they can't work and
when the family member is sick, and Kohl's loves you as much as you love them, and
they wanted to say, thank you for all you have done with a 5000 Kohl's gift card.
[APPLAUSE] >> My God!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
>> You're welcome.
Thank you Kohl's.
>> Thank you so much.
My god, this is such a dream.
>> Jeanie?
Jeanie, something's, they're saying the connection is bad in there.
Do you have a jacket for her?
Cause you have to move outside for some reason.
>> Yeah.
Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep.
>> We gotta go outside?
>> I just don't want her to be cold, cause, yeah,
well the connection is bad in here I guess.
Just put a jacket on first.
>> Come over here, and we're gonna put this coat, okay, Lovey?
>> Okay.
>> Come on, let's go outside we'll get a better cable.
We'll be able to connect a little better out here.
Bad connection, so go ahead.
>> Okay.
>> Here we go.
>> Okay, so do me a favor, hey, Eileen.
>> Is this better Ellen?
>> Yeah, that's better.
>> Are we good here?
>> Eileen?
That jacket that you have on.
>> Yeah.
>> Can you just reach in the pockets and see what's in there?
>> My gosh.
>> My friends at Chevrolet want to give you a brand new 2016 Chevy Traverse.
>> How about that?
Thank you so much.
>> You are wel- >> [SOUND]
>> Let me tell you about
the Traverse, all right?
>> My gosh it's got a yucky.
>> It has great features like 4G LTE WiFi.
You can connect up to seven devices at one time, so
your whole family is always connected.
And we are gonna see you at the show when you come out here.
>> My gosh, thank you!
>> All right, we'll be right back.
>> Thank you so much!


【艾倫秀】辛勤的媽媽收到最棒的禮物...她的反應會是如何呢? (An Amazing Mom Gets a Huge Surprise)

7337 分類 收藏
Ghunfu Huang 發佈於 2016 年 3 月 9 日    張玉聖 翻譯    Colleen Jao 審核
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