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can we think back, and remember like who the most
moving teachers were in our lives as women with children
we never remember what they say, but we remember how they were
how they were in relationship to the subject matter
whether they had passion for what they were teaching
whether they had passion for you, in relationship to what they were teaching,
whether they could see you, as you were
rather than just one more student sitting in class,
that's actually very rare to have, has a student to have an experience learning in that kinda way
but imagine if the teachers showed up fully embodied
and knowing why they were there
and loving it, loving what they were doing
that's a shorthand for saying, that they're doing is coming out they're being,
OK, so when we learn to cultivate the domain of being,
it's not so that we can become permanent navel gazers and
never do anything in, be good for nothing
but quite the contrary, because the doing informs the being
in intimate way that allows each to nurture the other
and then doing coming from a much deeper place
is much more creative, much more incisive
much more easy going often
or when it's it going is very difficult,
you stay with it, because your motivation is coming out of being,
which is, I guess, another way of also saying, it's coming out of love
Verbatim :Onishi Keisuke 英文聽打:大西啟介


0203-存在-同在-Being-Jon Kabat Zinn--中英字幕 (0203-存在-同在-Being-Jon Kabat Zinn--中英字幕)

1035 分類 收藏
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