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  • Amongst presidential candidates, Junior Senator Ted Cruz has received some of the widest media

    所有總統參選人中 參議員克魯茲近幾年廣受媒體關注

  • attention over the past few years. As the first Hispanic-Canadian Senator from Texas,

    身為首位拉丁裔加拿大籍參議員的他 來自德州

  • Ted Cruz is a very particular sort of politician, and that has not gone unnoticed. The republican

    他是位非常特別的政治人物 這點很難忽視

  • candidate has been hailed as the Tea Party’s poster boy. So, we wanted to know, who exactly

    這位共和黨的參選者 被譽為茶黨代表人物

  • is Ted Cruz?


  • Well, perhaps most confusingly, Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a

    或許最令人疑惑的是 他出生於加拿大 母親是美國人

  • Cuban father. Notably, his father fought in support of Fidel Castro during the 1950s.

    父親是古巴人 特別的是 父親1950年代還支持卡斯楚、為他效命

  • Now, if you watched ourWho Can Run For Presidentvideo, youll know that being

    若你看過「誰能選美國總統」影片 你便會知道

  • born in Canada doesn’t actually disqualify Cruz from the presidency.

    加拿大出生的背景 並不會剝奪他參選美國總統的資格

  • Anyway, Ted Cruz began his political career as a domestic policy advisor to President

    無論如何 克魯茲從政之初便擔任小布希的內政顧問

  • George W. Bush. He helped stop the Bush v. Gore recount, which awarded Bush the presidency

    協助解決小布希與高爾計票風波 讓小布希順利贏得2000總統大選

  • in 2000. He later became the Texas Solicitor General, and was part of a number of high-profile

    隨後擔任德州首席檢察官 許多引入注目的法案也都看得到他的身影

  • cases. In one, he prevented the Supreme Court from removingunder Godfrom the pledge

    其中一案 他成功阻止最高法院將「上帝之前」一詞從效忠誓詞裡移除

  • of allegiance.

  • In 2012, Cruz joined the Senate, and burst into the public eye. Mostly for his conservative

    2012年 他選上參議員 開始受到大家注意

  • policy stances and his questionably true statements in support of them. Cruz opposes net neutrality,

    主要是因為保守的政策立場 外界也質疑他是否人如其言

  • as well as the authority of the FCC’s regulatory. He has voted against all gun control bills,

    他反對網路中立性 質疑美國聯邦通信委員會管轄權 投票反對所有槍管法案

  • and has threatened to filibuster bills that would improve background checks for gun purchases.

    對於槍枝買家加強背景調查的法案 更是揚言議事杯葛

  •   Like most conservatives, Cruz is adamantly

    就像大多數的保守派 他堅決反對「歐記健保」

  • againstObamacare”. Some have pointed to him as the leading force behind the 2013

    有人直指 他就是2013年抗議歐記健保導致政府停擺的元凶

  • government shutdown in protest of Obamacare, although Cruz has blamed Obama for the shutdown.


  • He has also proposed legislation barring illegal immigrants from ever receiving citizenship,

    此外 他提案禁止非法移民取得公民身分

  • and to triple the number of guards at our borders.


  • As the recipient of large donations from gas and oil companies, Cruz is largely in support

    從油氣公司取得大筆捐獻 克魯茲基本立場支持Keystone XL輸油管道

  • of the Keystone XL pipeline, and lifting limits on oil exports. He has also spoken out about

    並主張取消石油出口限制 此外

  • ending the 1992 ethanol mandate that aims to reduce carbon emissions. Cruz has voted

    他也揚言終結1992年乙醇政策(ethanol mandate) 該政策目標在於減碳

  • against the idea that climate change is man-made, and has called environmental scientists, “global

    克魯茲反對「氣候變遷是人為造成」概念 稱環保科學家「在全球暖化一事上危言聳聽」

  • warming alarmistsand compared them toflat-earthers”.


  • Socially, Cruz is anti-abortion except in cases of harm to the mother. He also opposes

    在社會議題上 他反對墮胎 但若胎兒對母親造成傷害則不在此限

  • same-sex marriage and gay pride parades. In 2015, Cruz proposed the State Marriage Defense

    他也反對同性婚姻與遊行 2015年他提出「捍衛婚姻法」

  • Act, which would prevent the federal government from using the wordmarriageorspouse


  • to describe nontraditional marriages. He also voted against a bill which would protect a

    對於保護少數族群的法案 他也投下反對票

  • number of minority groups, including women, Native Americans, and the LGBT community.


  • He also opposes legalization of marijuana, although he respects a state’s right to

    他反對大麻合法化 但尊重各州裁量權

  • decide.

  • As a candidate, Cruz doesn’t especially stand out amongst his fellow republicans.

    作為參選人 克魯茲在共和黨裡並不特別突出

  • However, as a polemic speaker on social and political issues, Ted Cruz has led the pack

    不過 他對於社會、政治議題好發議論

  • in conservative rhetoric, despite garnering less support than some of his other peers.

    主導著保守派言論 即使得到的支持不見得比同儕多

  • The GOP race for the 2016 nomination is going to be long and messy. To learn more about

    2016年共和黨總統提名之路 將相當漫長而混亂

  •  Mike Huckabee and Marco Rubio, two other candidates, check out these videos now. Thanks

    想知道參選人哈克比、魯比歐是何方人物? 可以看看這些影片

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Amongst presidential candidates, Junior Senator Ted Cruz has received some of the widest media

所有總統參選人中 參議員克魯茲近幾年廣受媒體關注


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