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Why don't you come closer to me?..
Lady in Red...
...come closer...
Is my make-up ok??
Is this out for general release?
This is not a joke now, is it?
Nervous laugh... I'm sorry..
Dolores is my first name..
Cynthia and I am from Ballinasloe..
Jeff, 30, from Boston..
Dermot O'Hara is my name, I am from Boyle..
Brian, my name is Brian...
My name is Dick Rover, I am from Massachusetts in the United States..
..Can I be called 'Jamaican Brian'?!.. is that OK? -Jamaican Brian ..yeah..
My name is Mia, I am from Australia
My name is Sally
And I am Hannah, and I live here in Galway
Fondum Guy yes.. I come from Cameroon ..
My name is Joe Harvey
My name is Dick Byrne.. 75.. and I am from Galway
Ted Keane.. 68.. from Dublin..
My name is Erris O'Regan.. I am 20
My name is Fadi I am from Syria
Sean I am 21 and I am from Kilkenny..
Thomas Bohan, 41歲
My name is Elanine.. I am 24.. and I am from Mayo..
So what is the question?! .. Is it difficult?..
Is it going to make me laugh?!..
This is better be a good 'question'
And my question is?
My biggest "what" !?...
biggest regret?
My biggest life regret?
That's a hard question
My biggest life regret
My biggest life regret !?
Oh God
That's very personal
Biggest life regret
Oh my God
That is a rough one, huh?
You have to choose one!?...
So many
Very little
I don't have any regrets
We are happy.. with the way we are
Well, I wanted to be an opera singer
Regret not learning to drive when I was younger
I should have been playing blues..I should be singing blues, right?..
You just regret things you don't do
Not to attend college on campus..
I just try to do as many things, as I could think of I guess
Not picking up guitar at younger age..
When I came into this world as a baby..
my dad didn't present me with a bank account.. with a million Euro
Probably not enjoying college bit more then I should have
Not buying into the banks years ago and selling in time
Not immigrating sooner
That I did not win the Lotto
I don't think I have one
Only coming to Ireland for a week..
Not coming to Ireland when I was a lot younger
That was mine... you suck!
I don't have any
No, none at all
and I mean honestly I don't have any regrets
I'm probably one of the luckier ones
yah, dating this guy
That I am 75 and I wish I was only 65 OK !?
I didn't immigrate to Australia sooner
I got married..
like a week ago!!...
Is that 'the' question !?
That I wasn't maybe born 20 years later
when I would have had greater choice of career to choose from
That I am not 20 years younger
I left my family yes in Cameroon, yes..
That I didn't start living for joy sooner
I should have started living for joy sooner
not having stayed in college longer.
Man, I can't answer that question
Not taking enough deep breaths and enjoying the moment
Not continuing education
Not living my life to the full I'd say
I kissed one of my best friends
and things just have never been the same since
and it is never nice to lose a friend so that's my biggest life regret
Maybe not traveling more when I had the opportunity to
That I cheated on my 14 year old girlfriend.. at a house party..
I was totally in love with her.. she was absolutely gorgeous.. Scottish girl..
and I had a bit of drink and I messed around with another girl
and she walked in on us
Not marrying that last
when we were in High School.. 50 years ago
and letting her move off to Canada
and meeting her 50 years later..and finally marrying her we've been married 1 year...
My drinking
Not spending enough time with my dad... he passed away
That I don't get back to certain people when I should
I am not good at getting back to people
and sometimes it is important to get back to people...
and I have a big fault with that
Not going to visit my grandfather when I knew he was sick
Actually I try not to regret anything
I think, otherwise you just become lost in 'doom and gloom'
so I think the best thing to do is'
...take life as it comes, enjoy it
and don't bother with regrets, ..they are not worth the effort
I don't really have any to be honest
I don't know I am here..at the moment.. that is the main thing.. happy and healthy..
I have none!... I am alive and I am happy to be here..



五十個人,一個問題: 人生最大的遺憾是甚麼? (FIFTY PEOPLE ONE QUESTION - GALWAY, IRELAND 2011 by Kamil Krolak)

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poemstop 發佈於 2016 年 5 月 24 日    Couldbedon 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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