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When it comes to sex, how long is too long?
Hello everyone and welcome to DNews, I’m Dr. Crystal Dilworth here to discuss Intravaginal Ejactulatory Latency Time.
Otherwise known as the time it takes a heterosexual couples to have sex.
So how long “should” you be having sex for anyway? And are you…”normal”?
Well in attempting to answer these questions, I discovered that “normal” has actually changed with societal expectations
and the average length of intercourse has varied over time.
So it’s not just biology that we are dealing with here.
How long we ''think'' we should be having sex is an influence too.
In the late 1940s at the time of the famous Kinsey Report, 75% of males surveyed reported
intercourse lasting approximately 2 minutes. A number that seems objectionably short to me personally
and could warrant a premature ejaculation diagnosis in these modern times.
For the record, the diagnosis of PE is heavily weighted towards self and partner reported
satisfaction but one to two minutes is commonly considered premature.
Researchers are finding that since the late 60’s, since the start of the feminist movement,
and sexual revolution, intercourse has been taking us slightly longer. How long?
Well, survey data from studies done at the University of New Brunswick show that duration of vaginal
intercourse is now reported to fall within a range of 5 to 10 minutes,
with durations in excess of 20 minutes being undesirable to most study participants.
So that average sweet spot is really, as one scientist put it:
“approximately the duration of one Marvin Gaye song”.
Sadly, sex research is notoriously penis-centric and historically hetero-centric,
so these averages only apply to the time it takes for male ejaculation with a female partner
and only the more recent studies investigate qualitative measures like sexual satisfaction.
In a 2004 study, participants were asked to report how long they wanted sex to last as well as the
actual duration of their intercourse. Female study participants indicated they desired
an average of 7 min longer intercourse then what was standard with their current partners,
and men reported wanting another 11 min. The funny thing about this survey, is that when
asked about duration of foreplay both men and women also reported desiring an average
of 5 or 10 min longer respectively.
So, take a look at your partner. Are they smiling?
If not, it might be time for a conversation about sexual expectations and needs.
Because, ultimately, it doesn’t matter what study group survey subjects think, or what your friends, neighbors, or professionals on your
computer screens are doing, what matters is self and partner satisfaction.
That's something to keep in mind as you check out this video where Julia asks the question “How much sex should you be having?”
So, are you sexually normal? Please subscribe to DNews
and do NOT let us know the answer to that question in the comments down below. Thanks for watching.


性長短 (How Long Should Sex Last?)

2580 分類 收藏
Robert Chang 發佈於 2016 年 2 月 6 日    Dennis Wang 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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