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So, I have this problem. When I plug my laptop charger into an outlet, that weird box between
the plug and the part where it connects to my computer, it gets super hot, like I can't
even touch it. So, I've invited Audrey Quinn from NPR's
Planet Money team to help explain what's going on with my super-hot laptop charger.
So, Audrey, what's the deal? QUINN: "The first thing you have to understand is
that the kind of power that comes out of your wall is actually different from the kind of
power that your electronics want. It comes out in the form of alternating current
electricity. That means the electrons are pulsing back and forth
And your electronics want what's called direct current power, that's where the electrons
are flowing straight like a river. So, they have to convert it. And when they
do that conversion energy is wasted, so what you're feeling is energy lost in the
form of heat." Okay, so, why can't I just power my laptop with alternating current?
If that's coming out of the wall? QUINN: "Yeah, that works just fine for things like
lightbulbs or a hairdryer, but electronics are a little more complicated.----
If you were to send that alternating current power directly to your laptop, you'd probably
see a puff of blue smoke." Oh god, that sounds bad.
Okay, so, if DC power is so great, why don't we just have it in our houses in the first
place?   This goes back to the late 1800s. There were
two guys who represented the two different kinds of power.
There was Thomas Edison, he was all about DC power, and then there's Nikola Tesla,
he's your AC guy. They're totally duking it out. Every time
a new building goes in, it's kind of this 'oh, what's going to happen? Are they
going to use AC or DC?' What happens eventually is that AC power is
much better at traveling long distances. So, ultimately, the entire power grid gets
set up to spread AC power." But today we have all of these devices.
We have smartphones, we have electric cars, we have tablets, we have computers,
and all these things are hungry for DC power. Do you think we could ever switch back
and maybe realize Edison's original dream
of DC power in every home? QUINN: "The US has one of the best, most reliable
power grids in the world, so people aren't saying 'let's knock out this entire grid.'
You could just have one converter box in your house, and that way you're not converting
AC to DC at the level of every single device." So, if we can reduce the number of conversions
from AC power to DC power, even a little bit, we're going to save a lot of energy.



你不知道的小事:為什麼充電器會這麼燙! (Why your laptop charger is so hot)

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Ray Du 發佈於 2018 年 2 月 10 日    Ray Du 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核


使用充電器的時候,是否常常都會覺得充電器特別地燙?讓這部影片告訴你充電器發熱的原因,迅速了解直流電 (DC) 與交流電 (AC) 的區別以及關於電流的小歷史。

這邊的 outlet 可不是暢貨中心,而是指牆壁上的插座。
You should not plug your charger into the outlet when your hands are wet.

Have you been to the outlets in Taipei that opened recently?

2What's the deal?0:21
影片當中是用來詢問對方這件事情的內幕如何,而這個片語通常是用來詢問別人他們「近來如何」或是「今晚要做什麼?」。What's up? What's going on? What's happening? 也都代表同樣的意思。
I have not seen you for a while, what's the deal?

deal 有兩種詞性,當動詞用來指「處理」,後面加的介係詞是 with
I have been busy dealing with the final reports.

deal 當名詞時,則可以指「事情」。
Relax, that's not a big deal.
放輕鬆,這沒什麼大不了的 (這並不是一件大事)。

除此之外, deal 也可以用來指稱「數量」,通常以 a great/good deal of 的片語形式出現:
She has invested a great deal of resources and time on this research.

3in the form of00:33
in the form of 的意思是「以 ... 的形式」。 form 在這個片語當中是指「形式」(n.)。
The final project is presented in the form of video.

除此之外, form 作為名詞的時候也可以指「表格」。
Please fill in the form before submitting your application.

form 作為動詞的時候,是用來指「形成」。
He is planning to form a new club in the university.

4duke it out01:34
duke it out 在影片當中是指「一決高下」。
The two delicates have decided to duke it out in this round.

duke it out 還有另外一個意思是指出拳相向,也就是沿用 duke 作為動詞時的原意-據理力爭。
If he did not insist on his absurd claim, the brothers would not have to duke it out.

當然, duke 最常見的意思是公爵 (n.) 。而 duchess (n.) 則是指女公爵、公爵夫人。
He was granted the title of duke given his brave behaviors during war time.

5realize someone's dream02:04
realize 在這邊是實現的意思,故整句片語代表「實現某人的夢想」。
The entire family is trying hard to realize their grandparents' dream to make the business more prosper.

realize 另外的意思則是「明白、意識到」。
After several setbacks, he has finally realized that this project is too unrealistic.

蜜雪兒·歐巴馬懇請學生重視教育 (Michelle Obama's plea for education)

太陽能比基尼手機充電器 (Charge Your Phone With A Solar Powered Bikini!)


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