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When we think about heroes, our understanding is primarily carved from American comics.
These heroes usually have some kind of super powers that make them special and strong.
But from the European perspective, the status of a hero is very different.
What makes Tintin a European hero is his personality.
He doesn't have any supernatural abilities, but rather very natural ones.
He is always optimistic, righteous, helpful, fights for the right thing, and seeks for the truth.
And he does all of this without asking for something in return.
For Tintin, righteousness and money are on different sides,
because even though he has often been offered a lot of money or gold throughout his adventures
he always refuses to take it and leaves it to their rightful owners.
As a reporter, his adventures are full of sensational stories to tell,
yet he never hurries and instead lets other reporters tell these stories first.
There has never been any kind of competition for him due to his lack of interest in fame or money,
even though he is a relatively well-known character within the comic series.
In addition, when it comes to saving friends out of trouble, there is no limit for him.
Even if he has to climb the Himalayas or help rebels in a revolution,
he even manages to convince them of a bloodless revolution without executions.
Tintin maintains good faith in people, sometimes even in his enemies.
This all gives Tintin a personality which adequately portrays the characteristics of a European hero.
Don't ever mess with Action-Man!


歐洲英雄:丁丁 - 探索丁丁歷險記 (Tintin: A European Hero - In the Shadow of Tintin)

1720 分類 收藏
Matthias 發佈於 2016 年 1 月 23 日
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