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  • When we think about heroes, our understanding is primarily carved from American comics.


  • These heroes usually have some kind of super powers that make them special and strong.


  • But from the European perspective, the status of a hero is very different.


  • What makes Tintin a European hero is his personality.


  • He doesn't have any supernatural abilities, but rather very natural ones.

    但從歐洲人的觀點 英雄的身份很不一樣

  • He is always optimistic, righteous, helpful, fights for the right thing, and seeks for the truth.


  • And he does all of this without asking for something in return.


  • For Tintin, righteousness and money are on different sides,


  • because even though he has often been offered a lot of money or gold throughout his adventures


  • he always refuses to take it and leaves it to their rightful owners.

    對丁丁來說 正義和錢是不同層面

  • As a reporter, his adventures are full of sensational stories to tell,

    在他冒險中 雖然常常有人想給他很多錢或黃金

  • yet he never hurries and instead lets other reporters tell these stories first.

    但是他總是拒絕接受 且把它留給真正的擁有者

  • There has never been any kind of competition for him due to his lack of interest in fame or money,

    身為一位記者 他的冒險充滿了轟動的故事

  • even though he is a relatively well-known character within the comic series.

    但他從不著急 反而讓其他的記者搶先第一報導

  • In addition, when it comes to saving friends out of trouble, there is no limit for him.

    競爭對丁丁來說沒有意義 因為他對名譽或錢沒有興趣

  • Even if he has to climb the Himalayas or help rebels in a revolution,


  • he even manages to convince them of a bloodless revolution without executions.

    此外 他總是義無反顧地去救他的朋友們

  • Tintin maintains good faith in people, sometimes even in his enemies.


  • This all gives Tintin a personality which adequately portrays the characteristics of a European hero.


  • Don't ever mess with Action-Man!

    丁丁保持對人有很好信念 甚至對一些敵人也是

When we think about heroes, our understanding is primarily carved from American comics.



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丁丁。歐洲英雄--《丁丁的影子》 (Tintin: A European Hero - In the Shadow of Tintin)

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