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Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's video, I am going to teach you all about laughing,
funny jokes, and comedy. I'm going to teach you, specifically, expressions we can use
when we hear a joke or when we watch a funny movie, or when something funny happens. So,
the lesson for today is titled:
"LMAO: Talking about Comedy hahaha".
All right. So, first off, "LMAO", I don't know if you've ever seen this, but this is
something people write on the internet. It's the same as "lol"; this means
"laugh my ass off".
And we use this when we find something very, very funny.
So let me teach you first about the words "fun" and "funny", and then we will get into
these expressions. So the first thing I wanted to teach you: "fun" versus "funny". This is
probably one of the number one mistakes I see students make.
"Oh, teacher, it's so fun.",
"Oh, teacher, it's funny."
What's the difference? "Fun" is not used for hahaha. "Fun" is used
when we're talking about something that is exciting and that makes us happy. So, for
example, I like sports, sports are fun, sports are exciting, sports make me happy. This is
different from the word "funny". So, "funny" means it makes you laugh. The TV show The
Big Bang Theory, to me, when I watch that, I laugh - it's funny. When I watch comedies,
when I watch funny movies, I laugh, so they are funny. Okay? So this is a very big difference
between these two, so very important you know the difference between "funny" and "fun".
We have here the word "lol", I'll just explain what this means very quickly. "Lol" is something
we also use on the internet, similar to "lmao".
It means "laugh out loud".
Okay? So when you see something funny on the internet, you can write: "Lol",
and it means you think it's funny.
So let's look at some expressions that we can use when we find something funny.
The first expression... And actually, I'm going to add something here: "hahaha". Okay. It's
important. Okay, so the first expression, here: "It's funny" means this happens. You
see something: "Oh, it's funny. Hahaha." The second one has the same meaning: "It's hilarious."
Okay? So this means it's funny. When I think about actors, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, these
guys, to me, I think they're hilarious. So I want you to try the pronunciation of this word:
The stress, the part that's loud - there. "Hilarious". I want you to think
about something in your own life that you think is very funny. What's something that's hilarious?
Maybe you've seen a TV show, maybe YouTube videos.
All right? Think about something that's hilarious.
We can also use this expression:
"It made me laugh."
Okay? So this means you saw something, it was funny, it made you laugh.
We have, like I said before: "laugh my ass off", this
is what we use when we're writing something on the internet. We can also use it with an "f",
which is a little bit ruder. It means:
"Laugh my fucking ass off".
If you laugh your ass off, it means you found something hilarious, it means you found something very, very funny.
We also have this:
"I burst out laughing."
This means suddenly you start laughing. Okay?
So you're serious, and suddenly: "Hahahahaha." Okay? You burst out laughing.
It's sudden laughter.
We also have the word:
"It cracks me up."
If something cracks you up... So it can be anything.
It means the same thing as "It made me laugh." For me, cat videos on YouTube,
they crack me up. I laugh when I watch cat videos; they crack me up. Different movies
crack me up. The Three Stooges, I guess, cracked me up.
Okay? So "crack me up" means it makes me laugh.
Finally, the last one:
"I couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't stop laughing."
Has there ever been a situation that you found so funny you laughed, and laughed, and laughed? For those
situations, we say: "I couldn't stop laughing."
So all of these we use when we're very happy,
and we find something hahaha; we find something funny.
All right. Now, we also have words we use when we don't understand a joke. A lot of
the times you'll hear an English joke, maybe you're watching a TV show, and everyone around
you is laughing, but you don't understand why. You don't know what's so funny.
You can say:
"I don't get it. I don't get the joke."
Okay? It means: "I don't understand." When I was learning French,
a lot of jokes I did not get. Everybody would laugh. I'd watch
a movie, everybody would be laughing. I didn't get it. So, "get" here means the same as "understand".
All right? We'll come to this later.
Now we have, when somebody tells you a joke, and you don't really like the joke, or maybe
you're watching a movie, and you don't think it's funny. So this is for,
okay, something's not funny. So what we can say here, we can say:
"It's not funny."
If a joke or something,
somebody else finds it very funny, but you are just like:
"Come on. Are you serious? This isn't funny."
You can say: "It's lame." Okay? So these are usually what we say about
bad jokes. If somebody tells you a joke, and you just [rolls eyes]. Okay?
It means it's lame.
You can also say this: "It's corny."
"Corny" is kind of like when something is very...
It's a joke that's really, really not funny. Maybe children will laugh, but adults won't.
It's really not a funny joke. If somebody tells a joke or you watch a movie and it's
supposed to be funny, but nobody's laughing, you can say:
"It bombed." So "bomb" is a verb,
it means it's a very bad joke; it bombed.
Finally, we have some jokes that people will say, some people might find funny, but to
other people, it's not that the joke is just bad, it makes them feel very angry. Okay?
So maybe this is a joke about somebody's race, maybe it's a joke about somebody's religion.
So these are jokes we say:
"That joke, it's offensive."
"Offensive" means it makes us angry and it offends us.
You can also say a joke is awful. It's terrible. It's horrible.
The last thing I wanted to teach you is about something called a "dirty joke". When we talk
about dirty jokes in English, some people find them funny, some people find them horrible,
so I put it in the middle here. Dirty jokes are jokes about sex. So if somebody says:
"I have a dirty joke for you",
it means: "I have a joke about sex I'm going to tell you."
So, now I am going to tell you some jokes. I'm not going to tell you any dirty jokes,
and I don't think any of these jokes are offensive. Maybe they are. I don't think so, but I'm
going to tell you some jokes. What I want you to do is after each joke, I want you to
use one of these expressions, and tell me what you think about it. Okay? So this is
partially a listening exercise, so you're going to listen for the joke. After that,
I want you to say out loud... So talk to your computer. I want you to say, if you laughed,
one of these expressions; if you don't understand, this; and if you hated the joke, one of these.
Okay. So let's get started.
My first joke:
Why is 6 afraid of 7?
So: Why is 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7 ate 9.
Okay, so
tell me what you think. Use one of these expressions.
Did you burst out laughing?
I bet you can't stop laughing. And here are some...
Some people would say: "That's lame. It's corny." Okay?
Okay, the next joke... I actually haven't read these for a long time, so I'm kind of
surprised by some of them. The next joke:
What type of cheese is not yours?
What type of cheese is not yours?
Nacho cheese.
Nacho cheese is the joke.
So, again, is it one of these? One of these? All right?
Tell me how you think about that joke.
All right. My next joke:
The past, present, and future all walked into a bar.
So the past, the present, and the future all walked into a bar.
It was tense.
All right? Again, I want you to respond. What did you think about this joke? It was tense.
Okay, my next joke:
Two fish are in a tank. One fish turns to the other fish, and says:
"How do you drive this thing?"
Again, feel free.
All right. My next joke, and don't worry, I'm almost finished in case you think:
"Oh, Teacher Emma, she's so corny. These are so lame.
She's bombing these jokes. They're awful.
They're not funny." Okay? So in case all of them have been this, or: "I don't get it",
we're almost finished, don't worry.
The next joke:
How do you organize a space party?
How do you organize a space party?
You plan-et.
All right.
My final joke of the day:
Why did the right triangle go to the beach?
Why did the right triangle go to the beach?
It was 90 degrees.
So there you have it, a bunch of new jokes for you to use with your friends, if you think
they're funny. If you think these jokes are lame and corny, you can forget them, forget
they even exist. But try to use these expressions.
They're useful. We use them all the time in English.
I hope you have enjoyed this video. I hope you have laughed your asses off.
I hope you cracked up. I hope I've made you laugh.
I hope you can't stop laughing because this
is so funny. And I hope you found everything I said today hilarious.
So, you can practice these expressions on our website at www.engvid.com.
There's going to be a quiz, you can check
the vocabulary, make sure you understand the definitions, and how we use these words.
Until next time, take care.



聽到笑話怎麼辦?用這些英文表達好道地(中英字幕) (LOL!! Learn English vocabulary about JOKES: hilarious, dirty joke, LMAO...)

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