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Where we've been looking at different industries, so now Anurag we're looking at software here.
So how much is cloud computing going to accelerate next year?
From the results we saw in the previous quarter, it seems that the acceleration is peaking up, which could continue into 2016.
This is for basic infrastructure as a service. So, if you wanna start a new application, start a new business instead of building your own infrastructure,
you just go out and rent it from Amazon, Google, Microsoft.
And I think that's an area which could see acceleration much more than what we have seen in 2015 also,
which has broader ramifications for the entire tech industry. If companies that provide legacy software, so the kinds of
you know, the articles, the VMF, IBM does a lot of work where...
Now these guys will benefit from the cloud in their cloud segments, but their core legacy businesses or the core software and services that they sell,
I think they'll have some more pressure on those areas.
Right, and the core question is how quickly can they make that adjustment so that it offsets, you know, this legacy business decline.
Ok, security software is another area of growth, right?
Yeah, security has been an area of growth for several years. What we think is gonna happen next year also is,
what we've seen over the last one and a half year is there are certain advanced security companies, the likes of Palo Alto and FireEye that have done fairly well in terms of growth rates.
The likes of IBM and Cisco, which are traditional legacy software companies and the security rum,
I think they will also try to catch up and have a lot more advanced security products of their own,
so that they can also benefit from this rising advanced security expanding at his point.
Ok, so what about consolidation? Are we gonna see any kind of shake out, and any of these areas here on around?
We should see it across, the board spectrum whether it's cloud or security if you have niche vendors or if you have some specialization that they do,
they're most likely going to be acquired by larger vendors, the likes of IBM, Cisco, and some of the others. They would be more acquisitive at this space.
And analytics?
That's the one area I think that could become the promising area from an application point of view.
What we are starting to see is there's a lot of VC money going into machine-learning artificial intelligence for the past several years.
What we think is gonna happen next year is we're gonna start to see applications of that in software packages that come from,
let's say, you know, the companies like Microsoft, or Salesforce.com, or Workday.
When the software is updated,you have a lot more machine-learning and artificial intelligence embedded in that.


雲端將主宰 2016 (Here's Why the Cloud Will Dominate in 2016)

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