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Hey, everyone. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on
"Talking About Dress Shirts". So, here, I have a dress shirt.
It is being held up by my wonderful assistant,
Steve, the spider. Thank you very much for your help today, Steve. I'll take you out
to your favourite restaurant afterwards. And dress shirts are also known as button-up shirts.
So, today, what I would like to do is just go over some of the basic parts of a dress
shirt, as well as talking about some of the verbs that we associate with dress shirts,
and, well, lots of clothing in general. So this information can be used in a lot of different
situations when talking about clothing.
So, we'll start from the top, and we will work our way down. So, from the top, we have
the collar of the shirt. So this is called the collar. Now, two verbs that we often use
with collars are: "Fix your collar", or: "Pop your collar". Now, again, "to fix your collar"
this means that maybe your collar is up on one side, like this, or there's something
wrong with it. You can just use the verb "fix". Fix your collar. Okay? Now, "to pop your collar"
is to do this, to put it up, because it looks so cool and ridiculous. So maybe not in the
context of dress shirts would you pop your collar, but the verb is "pop". Do you like
this look, Steve? Yeah, I don't really like it either. So I'm going to fix my collar and
put it back to normal.
Now, here we have a pocket. So, simply put, you can put things in your pocket. And this
part of the shirt, these are called your sleeves. Now, again, shirts can have long sleeves or
short sleeves. So, again, it can have long sleeves or short sleeves. Here, you have two
expressions that I put: "Roll up" and "roll down". So if it's time to work hard, you can
say: "Time to roll up your sleeves." So to roll up your sleeves is to do this. To roll
them down is to put them back down. And again, you can think about many contexts where you
roll up your sleeves. So if you have to go to the doctor and donate blood, or if you
have to, you know, it's really hot, you need to roll up your sleeves. Or if you just say:
"You know what? It's time to work hard. Let's roll up our sleeves."
And here we have cuffs. So, this part of the shirt, these are called your cuffs. And finally,
we have the buttons. So your shirt has buttons everywhere here. Right? Buttons, buttons,
buttons, buttons, and more buttons.
Now, let's continue talking about buttons by talking about some of the verbs and actions
that you can do with buttons. It's very exciting. I promise. Here we go. Okay, you ready, Steve?
So, buttons. Exciting stuff. Now, you can see in this shirt, the top button is not buttoned.
So if someone's button is not buttoned, you can say: "Your button is undone." or: "Your
shirt is undone."
Now, in this situation, you can also give advice to, you know, put the button how it's
supposed to be. And we have a couple of phrases that we can use to do this. So, you can say:
"Button your shirt up." You can also say: "Button up your shirt." So, this is a phrasal
verb, to button up. And it's a separable phrasal verb, so you can put the object in the middle
or at the end. So you can say: "Button your shirt up.", "Button up your shirt." You can
also use the phrasal verb to do up. So you can do the buttons up, or do up the buttons.
"Do up your shirt." or: "Do your shirt up." Okay? So I'm going to do up or button up the
final button, here. It's very difficult when it's a loose shirt. Still got it, Steve? Okay.
He's building his muscles right now. He's a strong spider.
Now, if you want to unbutton, you can simply say: "Unbutton your shirt." And just like
we have the verb "do", you can also use the verb "undo" to remove the buttons. So undo
your shirt, or undo the buttons, unbutton your shirt. You can also unbutton one button,
unbutton the top button or the bottom button. Whatever it is.
Okay, so if you'd like to test your understanding of all of this exciting vocabulary, as always,
you can check out the quiz on www.engvid.com. And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube
channel. I'll see you guys later.
All right, Steve, we're going to that restaurant now. Let's do it. What is it? The arachnobar,
something like that? Okay, anyway, we'll figure it out. See you guys.


常見的衣著單字 (Talking about CLOTHES in English: Vocabulary about SHIRTS)

33838 分類 收藏
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