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How we spend our days is how we spend our lives,
and we all spend it spending. We live to consume, we consume to live,
and our desire for more is unending.
Whenever I get paid, I just can’t wait to spend it,
it disappears so quickly and I’m left to mend it,
I pretend it will all be okay, to give a week’s wages away in one day.
But we try our best, still money seems to go,
we’ve been told many times that money doesn’t grow on trees,
But it’s a disease, the elephant in the room,
it’s the big bad wolf that’s making us consume.
They get more money, if we’re regular buyers, so they manipulate our needs,
and twist our desires. They are liars, a shady institution,
where they create a problem and sell us a solution.
They will use fear, so we buy things we don’t need,
say you’re dying, you’re ugly, it’s all out of greed.
They mislead, make you buy things that wont last,
planned obsolescence should be a thing of the past.
They’ll do anything to trick us, try and take our money captive.
Sell us happiness and sex appeal, and ways to be attractive,
so we go out and buy it, and fill our lives with clutter
only we still feel the same, but with money in the gutter.
It’s a cycle, of perpetual spending, a disposable culture with no sign of ending.
We’re pretending like they’re our own choices
and ignoring the fact that we can hear voices in our heads.
It’s Consumerism, banging at our door. Saying our lives should be better, that we
should have more.
But we’re just as bad, we shouldn’t pass blame,
we’re all part of the same money game, But they’re winning, and we always lose,
we’re giving them our money because we join the queues
of people, all keeping up with the Joneses, buying the latest and the newest, but what
no one shows is it’s difficult to make ends meet,
when all these temptations are thrown at our feet.
But I have a solution, which you’re welcome to ditch,
it’s hard but it’s worth it, Spend Less – Live Rich.
As simple as that, just tune out the noise, Take in what you have and appreciate the joys
of living, without being told what to buy, or else you’ll always want more, until the
day that you die.
It’s a struggle, living day to day, trying to stay afloat when your worries weigh
you down. You’re in your overdraft, you have been
for years, Everything you own is being paid in arrears.
And it’s tough, you don’t know what to do,
you cant control your money when money controls you.
You need help, but you have too much pride, you’ve used up all your credit and your
cards have been denied.
You could get a loan, but that’s not the way to wealth,
when you borrow money, you rob your future self.
Ask for help, think ahead, no one wants this stress,
you may need money now but later you’ll have less.
What you earn doesn’t matter, only what you save,
you can spend what you have, but don’t be a slave
to the system, they will find a new way, to numb the pain that you feel when it comes
time to pay.
We had cash and cheque, then onto chip and pin,
now you keep hold of your card when you buy anything.
You don’t feel it, when your funds go in a flash,
just try and go a week where you only pay cash.
Then you will notice, as your stash runs low, the wage you work hard for, how you just let
it go.
Think of those in the world without shirts on their back,
when you see clothes in your closet that are still in their pack.
Realise you have what you need, when your money runs low,
And the voices on the TV start telling you to throw,
Things away, to buy the new version. They only want your cash; they don’t care
about the person.
So take control of your money, and take control of your lives,
saving money isn’t boring when you start to realise
what it stands for, the choices and the freedom, the security of those pennies in the times
that you need them.
You see true wealth isn’t in the numbers to you name,
It’s in knowledge itself, and the experiences you gain,
It’s about the priceless, and the things you cant buy,
Like memories, and loved ones, and feeling that high
When you realise, that life’s full of free gifts,
When you live in the moment, and forget that money exists.
Now, I am not saying don't spend your money,
It's yours to do and do as you will.
But saving is rewarding, without giving your future self the bill
So spend less, live rich. Don't be defined by what you own
Make your life more memorable. They're queuing days for a phone.


活得充實 (Live Rich)

3149 分類 收藏
恒河沙數 發佈於 2015 年 11 月 17 日    Amy 翻譯    Kristi Yang 審核
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