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  • What is the easiest way to learn English grammar?

  • Pay attention in elementary school, and do not try to improve your language skills by

  • listening to rap.

  • It’s a little late on both accounts. How can I learn English grammar?

  • You could sit in on English Second Language or ESL classes. There are churches and libraries

  • that offer those sessions for free.

  • That’s a little too elementary for me.

  • Try reading true literature.

  • I’m not going to learn modern English grammar from Shakespeare.

  • Thou dost protest too much. If you want a truly modern solution, try one of the learn

  • English grammar apps on the Google or iTunes app store.

  • I’d prefer a free option.

  • Then hit Khan Academy.

  • I’ve seen their lessons on Common Core math, where they changed all the names and turned

  • classic multiplication into a weird matrix method.

  • If they can teach fourth graders two digit multiplication and middle schoolers JavaScript,

  • then I think its core and quirks of English grammar lessons are good enough for you.

  • At least the price is good enough for me. But I thought the site was mostly math and

  • science?

  • It was mostly math and science, but theyve added sections on art, economics, finance

  • and history. The English course I described is more of a one off, but the SAT reading

  • and writing practice is a strong English immersion program if you can read it.

  • If I can tolerate it. I hated the one of these things is not like the others SAT type questions.

  • So pick up an English grammar for stupid people’s books if not any other English grammar books

  • at the library. Those are free, too.

  • As long as it is not embarrassing.

  • No more embarrassing than the lack of grammar causes in daily conversation each day or for

  • a lifetime in the form of the permanent record your internet postings cause.

  • Do you have anything simpler?

  • Aleksandra Todorova has some simple infographics on common spelling and grammar mistakes, plus

  • one on 15 grammar goofs that make you look silly.

  • Can I find a good English tutor for free?

  • Youll be good as long as they do not talk like theyve swallowed a dictionary, or

  • use long rambling sentences to prove they can pack more ideas in a phrase than they

  • think you have in your head.

  • I’ll just go over to Starbucks and offer to pay the English majors a really nice tip

  • for a good grammar lesson with my latte.

What is the easiest way to learn English grammar?


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學習英語語法的最簡單方法 (Easiest Way to Learn English Grammar)

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