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  • It's time for 'Food Adventure Program for Awesome People'

  • The inky edition

  • Because squids are inky and we get a squid on a stick

  • it makes sense

  • Clever :)

  • Ok let's go get some...ridiculous, delicious street food

  • Na na na na na na!

  • It makes sense!

  • Ok squid on a stick, squids are inky

  • My joke is good, it's legit and this is legit

  • DAMN!

  • We came here as nobody

  • Now there's a line

  • See we're trendsetters here in Korea

  • We dictate the tastes of the people

  • No we don't, we just got lucky

  • Thank you

  • Ohhhh yes

  • Spicy

  • *Giggling*

  • You gotta be careful when you eat though

  • You got two sticks here that could stab you in the eyehole

  • Murder you!

  • Be careful and why did I say eyeholes

  • Because Leigh says eyeholes all the time

  • And damn you for ruining my vocabulary Leigh

  • They just cover a giant wet squid in egg

  • Rolled in flour and just deep fried it for 2 and a half minutes

  • Oooohhhhh... mmmmm... oh yeaaahh

  • Alright I know some people back home are gonna be like "That's the grossest thing ever"

  • You really get used to eating the entire squid in Korea to begin with

  • And this is delicious!

  • It's like tender, perfectly cooked

  • I used to hate squid before I came to Korea but this is some of the

  • best squid I've ever had in my entire life

  • Forget about calamari with the squirted lemon and all that

  • That has nothing on this

  • This is glorious

  • You take a couple bites, your teeth go right through it easly

  • I don't like raw squid but this is I'll have in a heartbeat

  • You know what this actually tastes like?

  • What?

  • Getting KFC

  • Like that deep fried battered chicken except you just replaced it with squid

  • Squid tastes like chicken

  • Heeey Leigh...I know you wanna try some squid

  • I do

  • What is the name of Junsoo's new song?

  • For one squid leg

  • No

  • Ding ding ding ding ding! You got it! I pick my nose sometimes

  • Tell her that she's won a piece of yours

  • But that's mine!

  • Simon's licked his fingers a million times

  • Let me just say

  • This is not date food

  • There's nothing sexy about this

  • I'm dirty, I'm messy, this is falling all over the place

  • You cannot maintain your dignity

  • What are you talking about? So sexy

  • So that's it for this week's 'Food Adventure Program for awesome people'

  • If you wanna know how to get to this awesome place

  • Click on our blog link, right here, we're gonna give you a map about how to get here

  • You're gonna love it

  • I feel like there are so many new exchange students right now that just came to Korea

  • Now is the time of year to experience something new

  • And you know what? I bet you it won't be here in the summertime

  • Cause you never know, things always change, it'll probably be an ice-cream stand by then so..

  • Get your squid on people!

  • While you can

  • CC By MariposaNudrath

It's time for 'Food Adventure Program for Awesome People'


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韓國魷魚棒棒糖 (Korean Squid Lollipops)

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