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  • Talk me through what you're doing

  • Okay, this is a jacket worn by our suspect Hector Rivera. We believe he stabbed Gabriel Cervantes, so I'm going to run what's called a Luminol test

  • What's Luminol?

  • Luminol is a compound that when it interacts with the iron and hemoglobin...uh, ..Luminol is a compound that when it interacts with the iron and hemoglobin, it will luminesse

  • You mean the blood?

  • Yeah, nothing vanishes without a trace, especially blood. Stabbings are very bloody, so if there is blood on this jacket, Luminol will cause it to glow

  • Oh cool!

  • Another word for it is evidence

  • Any way you can get that to be even brighter? I just want it to really pop on film

  • Sure, just give me a second

  • That's the money shot

  • Yeah, it's mine too. So we just have to get this over to the DNA lab, have them confirm it is our victim's blood, closed

  • Hey Valera, what did you get from Hector's jacket?

  • Would you mind turning the camera off?

  • Come on, don't be shy. We're doing a pubic service

  • Seriously Ryan, turn it off

  • He's harmless. Don't worry about it

  • Okay, suit yourself. My results are zero, zip. There's no DNA on the jacket

  • I don't see how that's possible. The Luminol gave us significant blood spatter. It was actually more than significant

  • You should have seen it glow. It was amazing!

  • I bet it was. Problem is, the more Luminol you spray, the more you dilute the blood

  • Okay, alright, I get it. So what do we really got here?

  • Ryan....too much Luminol. There's no DNA!

  • If you want to get this guy, you're going to have to find some other way

  • You're going to have to get that thing out of my face...Get it out of my face!

Talk me through what you're doing


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CSI:邁阿密 (CSI: Miami)

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