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  • According to reports, Neo-Nazism is becoming more popular and politically influential across

  • Europe, even gaining seats in some national parliaments.

  • Germany has one of the largest neo-Nazi parties, called the National Democratic Party,

  • or NPD. Just like the original Nazi party in the 1920s and 30s, the NPD labels itself

  • national

  • socialist” . A spokesperson for German Chancellor, Angela Merkel,

  • called the NPDanti-democratic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and ... a threat to the constitution.”

  • In

  • recent years, the NPD has gained a seat in two out of the sixteen regional German parliaments

  • .

  • And in 2014, Udo Voigt holocaust denier and former leader of the NPD,

  • joined the European Parliament as an elected member . Officials in Germany have launched

  • a legal attempt to ban the party, as theyve done successfully in the past with two other

  • Nazi- sympathizing political parties, but haven’t

  • found success yet.

  • Other European countries are also dealing with this problem. In Greece, in 2014, the

  • Golden

  • Dawnparty received over 9 percent of the vote, gaining 3 seats in the European parliament.

  • In

  • Slovakia, in 2013, the former leader of a banned neo-Nazi organization was elected governor

  • to

  • a large central region. And Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked in 2014, that open

  • neo- Nazism hasbecome commonplace in Latvia

  • and other Baltic states.”

  • So, what is causing the re-emergence of National Socialism? Some experts think the rise of

  • nazi values is caused by a sudden influx of immigrants. The New York Times notes that

  • ethnic

  • tensions have emerged in Germany because ofdemographic changes.” The International

  • Business Times finds that since 2013, a flood of Syrian refugees have entered Bulgaria and

  • sparked anti-immigrant protests and attacks there.

  • Others have linked the 2008 European recession and high youth unemployment with the rise

  • of neo-Nazism. With around 20 to 50 percent of young people unemployed in some nations,

  • the

  • neo-Nazi parties function as a gang or a cult that recruits the young and the poor.

  • World leaders are watching the re-kindling of neo-Nazism carefully and doing their best

  • to stem the tide. The fact is that Nazi salutes and paraphernalia have been made illegal in

  • some places like Germany, but Nazis values are unfortunately more difficult to regulate

  • than

  • paraphernalia. And as a result Nazism is still alive, just under different names.

  • You know what would be the ultimate way to troll this video? NOT putting pro Nazi

  • comments. Man would that show us. Thanks for watching.

  • If you’d like to know more about Germany, check out our video on the strength of the

  • German

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According to reports, Neo-Nazism is becoming more popular and politically influential across


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納粹在歐洲崛起了嗎? (Are Nazis On The Rise In Europe?)

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