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Today, you're eating this.
I'm scared.
Oh my gosh!
That scared me when you pulled it off.
What is this?
Am I gonna be eating that whole thing?
It looks like something that happened when dinosaurs were around.
It looks like a pear, but then it's spiky like a pineapple.
It's a big, fat, pokey pineapple!
May I pick it up? Ow. Ow!
You'd have to slice to eat it
because that spikes would hurt.
It smells bad! Like in the bathroom.
It smells like ladies perfume.
I think this is a durian or something?
I'm scared 'cause I know a lot of people say it tastes bad,
but... I'll try it.
Okay, time to eat it.
The inside doesn't look quite as nice.
It looks like mac and cheese.
It's like chicken.
If I die tonight, I love my family and I love you.
Blah! Give me the water.
Mm, eh. Too sweet.
Oh, it tastes like mango, but bad.
This is disgusting.
It is totally a mixture of a cantaloupe and a fart!
This is actually sorta good.
It tastes like a vegetable and a fruit combined.
Mmm! It's like a bunch of different fruits,
all mixed together.
I like it because it's different.
I will have the little bit.
All the rotten things in the world blended together on my tongue.
This smells almost like a garbage can.
Can you just get this away from me?
You just ate durian.What's that?
Durian. I've heard of that before.
That just sounds wrong.
It sounds like I'm eating dirt.
Yay, I was right! It sucks!
Durian is a fruit native to Southeast Asia
and it's called "The King of Fruits."
'Cause that fruit is ginormous.
King of Fruits of Nasties.
What?! How would this be the King of Fruit?
There's many other fruits that are way better than this:
peaches, apples, nectarines, cantaloupes, pineapples.
I guess the people over there are weird about fruits.
So even though this fruit is really popular,
it is often banned from public places,
like public transportation or hotel rooms,
because of the smell. I guess that makes sense.
You don't want it stinking up the whole room.
It's too strong of a smell!
They shouldn't eat it.
They should live over here in California.
It's like bringing a jar of farts into a room
and then unleashing it into the world.
You wouldn't want that!
Final question: do you recommend people eat Durian?
No, I don't recommend it.
It makes me just want my nose to not exist.
No! It's horrible.
Ten out of ten, recommend to eat this.
It is really good.
I think it's a good fruit to eat.
No, I do not recommend people eat this.
It literally scratched me!
Never, ever in a billion, trillion, trillion, zillion years.
Oh, really? It's not that bad.
Then I wanna see you eat the whole thing.
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My nose will never be the same. Bye.


【爆笑經典】小孩對榴槤的反應?真的太有趣了(KIDS vs. FOOD - DURIAN)

24848 分類 收藏
Diana T. 發佈於 2015 年 10 月 24 日    Diana T. 翻譯    James 審核
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