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In 2014, an American porn star auctioned off a lead role in one of her films for several
thousand dollars. But since the part included sexual acts, some have asked how this situation
differs from prostitution. So, what is the difference? How is pornography legal?
Well, prostitution is defined as a sexual act that’s given or received for money,
or other payment. With a few exceptions in rural Nevada, prostitution is prohibited by
law in most of America. Both sellers and buyers of sex can be punished with fines and jail
time. According to the US government, prostitution “directly contributes to the modern-day
slave trade and is inherently demeaning."
Now technically, pornography is very similar to prostitution because porn actors ARE being paid to depict sexual acts.
However, porn is considered to fall under a form of artistic expression,
and is thus protected by the First Amendment, unlike prostitution.
At the heart of the matter is the fact that prostitution is viewed by the government as
being detrimental to society, while pornography is thought to have at least SOME kind of culturally
significant value.
Of course, there are forms of porn that overstep this boundary and ARE considered illegal.
In particular, the First Amendment does not apply to things that are considered obscene.
Obscenity in “extreme porn” is off limits, meaning there can be no pornos featuring animals,
corpses, urine or feces. And child pornography is also strictly forbidden.
In California court cases, there were also a few other distinguishing features of pornography
that helped confirm its difference from prostitution. In porn, the camera is the primary reason
and motivation for the sex act, whereas in prostitution, it’s completely unnecessary.
Also for porn, the main beneficiary is the porn-viewer, and not the client, as it is
in prostitution.
To prove a film company is really making pornography and not simply trying to justify prostitution,
they must confirm that they intend to distribute the films they shoot. There are also multiple
business filming licenses necessary, and the company must keep detailed records of their
performers. If a company isn’t careful, they could be susceptible to prostitution
Although the line between porn and prostitution seems thin, there are strict guidelines regulating
pornography which would be difficult to prove in a purely sexual transaction. Although porn
is considered legal, pornography producers are occasionally prosecuted for not following
the rules, and straying close to prostitution, or outside the bounds of the First Amendment.
Just because there’s a camera present, doesn’t make it legal.
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為何賣A片合法,但賣淫卻違法 (Why Is Porn Legal But Prostitution Isn't?)

2603 分類 收藏
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